Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1278

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Chapter 1278: Interacting Peacefully

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Lu Suyan was captivated by Han Mubai's aura and had completely forgotten how she looked now. She even tried to flash a smile to attract his attention.

After speaking to Yuan Shuangrui, Han Mubai looked at Lu Suyan, who had just been beaten up. He frowned.

Yuan Shuangrui noticed the look on Lu Suyan's face and knew that she was trying to seduce Han Mubai. Because of this, she immediately cast Lu Suyan aside in her heart.

Han Mubai didn't ask Yuan Shuangrui about it. Instead, he questioned Lu Suyan, “What happened?”

Lu Suyan looked at Han Mubai moving his s.e.xy lips, and she felt so enthralled by him. Pointing at Yun Bixue and her group, she answered, “It's them. They beat me up intentionally. Also, Yun Bixue fought Miss Yuan's guards and threw them to the ground. She refused to admit it and even tried to twist the truth. She also tried to make things difficult for Miss Yuan.”

At that moment, Lu Suyan was extremely pleased. With Young Master Han backing her up, there was nothing for her to be afraid of.

Han Mubai merely answered coldly, “Really?”

“Yes, Young Master Han!”

Although Yun Bixue was holding Tian Xiaojuan back, the latter still shouted angrily, “Young Master Han, you are the young master of Tian Jing City's Han family. You are the fairest person and can't be biased. Although Miss Yuan is your fiancée, you can't allow her to take advantage of others. What did Yun Bixue even do? She was protecting us and is also our G.o.ddess. She's really the best. If it weren't for her, Miss Yuan's guards would have beaten us up. That's bullying!”

Yuan Shuangrui's heart skipped a beat. She shouldn't have involved Han Mubai in this matter. What if Yun Bixue revealed everything about the Qin family to him? What should she do then?

She felt rather fl.u.s.tered inside.

Han Mubai said coolly, “Who's Yun Bixue?”

Yun Bixue used her hair to cover her hair and muttered to herself deep down. “It's not me… Not me… You cannot see me…”

Tan Xinxuan turned around, only to see Yun Bixue with her head lowered, as though searching for something.

“Yun Bixue, we…”

Yun Bixue purposely covered her stomach and coughed, then answered crudely, “I'm fine… I believe Young Master Han is fair and will handle this right.”

Yuan Shuangrui looked at Yun Bixue in shock, thinking, “What happened to her?”

However, she couldn't care about anything else now. She was afraid that Yun Bixue would say something wrong, so she pulled Han Mubai's elbow frantically and said, “Mubai, it's nothing much. I'm fine. I'll get something to bring our guards away. Let's go.”

Han Mubai glanced at Yuan Shuangrui and didn't say a single word. Instead, his eyes fell on Yun Bixue curiously.

He found this lady exceptionally weird but also felt a sense of familiarity with her.

Yun Bixue coughed several times then said, “Just leave. Don't ever bully others again.”

Han Mubai scoffed and asked, “How did they bully you?”

Yun Bixue really didn't want to speak to Han Mubai, afraid that he would recognize her, so she blurted out between coughs, “Qin… The Qin family…”

Hearing the mention of the Qin family, Yuan Shuangrui grew very anxious. “Mubai, I have something on. Go with me, will you?”

Han Mubai could only suppress his curiosity. Perhaps he had been overthinking. “Let things settle down for now. You didn't suffer much too. Okay?”

Yun Bixue pulled Tian Xiaojuan's hand and made her nod her head. “Okay, after all, we weren't beaten up too. However, if she bullies us when you're not around, I won't let it go.”

Han Mubai's eyes glinted, and he replied, “Then I a.s.sure you that this won't happen again. Let's interact peacefully.”

“Who are you to a.s.sure on their behalf?”

Han Mubai lowered his head and looked at Yuan Shuangrui. He said, “Shuangrui, I trust you. You must have been really anxious this time. You'll be nice in the future, won't you?”

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1278

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