Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1382

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Chapter 1382: Finding Someone to Flex On

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Yun Bilu tilted her chin up as she gestured by curling her finger, “Come here.”

The thief leaned against the wall, shaking his head vehemently. He had a nagging feeling that the lady before him felt and looked more like a hooligan than him.

Of course, he would not go over. If he did, who knew what this crazy lady would do?

Yun Bilu got impatient, so she shouted, “I told you to come over. Didn't you hear that?”

Seeing that Yun Bilu rolled up her sleeves and placed her hands on her chest, ready to fight, the thief felt his heart weakening by the minute.

If he had the strength, he would totally run, but he had run out of energy completely. He did not even have the strength to run, let alone fight.

“Chivalrous lady, please spare me. I was blind and failed to see how strong you are. The next time I see you, chivalrous lady, I will definitely walk the other way, no matter how much farther that path will be… My respect and admiration for you are overflowing…”

Yun Bilu paused for a moment before she waved her hand and said, “Alright, shut up. I didn't ask you to sing praises and suck up to me. Tell me, do you know wushu? Do you know how to fight? Tell me the truth!”

Even as Yun Bilu was standing like this, she was exuding an intimidating aura. Furthermore, this time, she also showed off some moves excitedly, making her even more imposing.

The thief was so shocked and scared by her moves. He hated that he could not just disappear through the wall.

Once she was done with her moves, Yun Bilu curled her finger at him and gestured again, saying, “So, are you going to tell me or not?”

“Chivalrous lady, please spare my life. I really have no idea how strong you are. I can fight, and I know some kung fu, but I am really no match for you!”

Right now, his only wish was for this crazy lady to let him off.

Yun Bilu looked at his pathetic figure and asked, “Do you have underlings? Are you part of a gang?”

He hesitated a little. Why was this young lady asking this?

Seeing that the thief was hesitating, Yun Bilu knew that he definitely had some other hooligan brothers.

“Call them all out to practice martial arts with me.”

Sensing the nonchalant tone in Yun Bilu's voice, Zhao Xiaohan was confused and depressed at the same time. How was this possible?

“Call all your men over. Quick, I'll catch you if you don't.”

Zhao Xiaohan could only take out his phone and call his other hooligan brothers to come over.

Not long after, more than ten young men wearing slipshod clothes walked over. “I say, Xiaohan, who bullied you? Your brothers and I will take care of that person for you.”

“Boss, boo hoo… Boss…” Zhao Xiaohan hugged his Boss and started crying immediately. His 'strange encounter' today was really too much of a scare.

“What are you crying for? Spill it. No one has dared to bully any of us in our turf.”

Zhao Xiaohan stretched out his finger weakly and pointed at Yun Bilu. “It's her!”

More than ten pairs of eyes landed on Yun Bilu at once. What a beautiful young lady!

“Haha! I say, Xiaohan, you're actually scared of a girl? You're really a disgrace to us brothers.”

“No, you guys should take a closer look.”

Everyone looked at her carefully. They felt that this lady was beautiful, but why was her aura so imposing?

She was like a lady boss from the streets. This lady seemed quite young, and her aura was really unusual. Could it be that she had hidden talents? Was she someone who could not be touched?

Yun Bilu crossed her arms over her chest. “Since you're all here, then let's do a gang fight. Your brother, Xiaohan, stole my bag. Did you see that? That's my bag, and I am very angry. I want to catch him and bring him to the police. However, if more than ten of you will fight with me and win against me, I will let him off. If you lose, tsk tsk, then I will have to catch all of you.”

The moment the ten or so people heard that, they felt as if they were going to explode. Their expressions turned dark, and one of them said nonchalantly, “Young lady, if you dare to brag, don't blame us for accidentally killing you!”

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1382

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