Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1595

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Chapter 1595: A Rainy Day

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Since Old Master Duan was in a good mood, his face was full of smiles.

 He came to the living room and sat down. He watched the TV for a while and heard the reports from the servants. He knew that his daughter, Duan Xinya, had always been his greatest worry. However, that child's personality was stubborn, and he was not able to persuade her, that was why he let her do things her way.

 As long as his daughter was happy, his Duan family would not fear not being able to provide for them.

 However, he did not expect that it was actually a misunderstanding. Xinya met the person she loved back then. According to the servants, that man was pretty devoted too.

 He had just returned in the afternoon and heard the news then, which made him very happy.

Old Master Duan suddenly felt that ever since Bai Yaoyao came to the Duan family, good things kept happening. Looks like this doll was really a lucky star.

 As he thought of that, Old Master Duan instructed the female servants again. “Take good care of Miss Bai at home. She will become your First Lady in future. You cannot neglect your duties.”

 “Yes, sir.”

 At this moment, it started pouring and thundering outside, and strong winds howled in the sky.

 It looked like it was about to rain at any moment.

 “Old Master, Sixth Miss is still in the hospital. It's about to rain now, should we send someone to fetch her?”

 Old Master Duan waved his hand. “Yanhao has already sent his men to keep watch over there. Just let her stay there. Send someone to fetch her only when she wants to come back.” His daughter was already an adult, but she was still the apple of his eye. He also hoped that she would find her happiness. Both sides were his territory now, so nothing would go wrong.

 Since she and that man only had a misunderstanding, it was best that they could patch up as long as that man treated his dear daughter well. However, if he treated her unkindly, he would not let him off either.

In the bedroom, Bai Yaoyao heard the sound of thunder and quickly walked to the window. She stared at the trees that were swaying at the mercy of the strong winds and breathed in the scent of the dewy air. She muttered as she stared at the raindrops falling on the ground, “It's raining outside now.”

 Duan Yanhao walked over and wanted to close the windows.

 Bai Yaoyao stopped him and said, “Why are you closing the windows? It feels really nice to see the sky pouring with the strong winds.”

 Duan Yanhao glanced at her and said resignedly, “Did you forget about your physical condition? Rainy weather isn't good for your health.”

 “It's not like we're out in the battlefield right now. There's aircon in the house, and the temperature is just right. I'm fine. Also, looking at the rain while I'm indoors makes me feel very relaxed.”

 Duan Yanhao knew that she liked rainy days, because rainy days could always make one calm down and be at peace. In the past, he liked such rainy days too. However, ever since Yaoyao got injured and her physical condition got worse, he hoped for good weather every day.

“No, you can't. Listen to me. If you want to look, you can still look at it with the windows closed.”

 “That's different. I can't feel the rainy atmosphere then.”

 Duan Yanhao seriously could not understand what Bai Yaoyao was thinking. If she could see the rain with the windows closed, why did she insist on leaving it open?

 Actually, Bai Yaoyao simply liked the feeling of the wind caressing her face as she breathed in the damp air. It gave a person a piece of mind to think and it made the heart especially calm.

 Bai Yaoyao turned and saw the helplessness and worry in Duan Yanhao's eyes. She stretched out her hands to hug him and gave him a kiss as she said, “Don't worry, I understand my body best. If I feel uncomfortable, I will close the windows immediately, alright?”

 “If you wait till you feel it, will your body still feel well?”

 Although he said that, Duan Yanhao's tone still softened considerably. Recently, he offered a reward to renowned doctors from various countries to come and treat Yaoyao. She had recovered a lot now. Although she would no longer cough and be in pain on rainy days, his heart was still not at ease. He wanted her to be healthy and live until a ripe old age with him.

Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1595

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