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To Threaten, To Get Involved

“Didn't know that w.a.n.gye had arrived, and have failed to come welcome.” The few old madams were being supported by the arm, looking somewhat out of breath. Sweat could be faintly seen on their forehead. Evidently, they'd hastily rushed over.

Jing Wan saw Luo Old Madam's appearance, her complexion somewhat unwell. Although when they were at Qi An Fu, she'd also let her grandmother move around more and let out some sweats, the current situation was purely out of helplessness, so naturally she didn't feel happy on the inside.

Jing Wan's expression, Li Hong Yuan took to heart. In the past life, the things that happened before Jing Wan married was all unclear to him, but there was one thing that have always never changed. And that was Luo Old Madam's sincere love for Jing Wan. To have this old madam suffer hards.h.i.+p, Jing Wan would more or less hold a grudge against him in her heart. Seeing on Wan Wan's behalf, he didn't mind being a bit more respectful towards her. Just as he saw the few old madams about to kneel down, “Enough, just stand. A bunch of youngsters didn't kneel to this prince. If a bunch of old ones knelt down, do you want this prince's life shortened?”

Fine, it was clearly good intentions, but saying it like that, who would still know his good heart? And he even freaked out that bunch of youngsters, all hesitating whether or not they needed to make up this formal kowtow.

What the living Enma said, was naturally what it was, so naturally it wasn't good to perform the formal bow again with the purpose of asking for forgiveness. Sun Old Madam calmly stood there. They were already old with experience, and actually took it all to heart. Although Jin w.a.n.g was unruly, he still retained a bottom line. Those he shouldn't touch, he won't touch. Even if he acted out, it was usually just teaching them a lesson, very rarely did he kill them or ruin them.

“w.a.n.gye, why not come to the inner hall for a sit, drink some tea?” Sun Old Madam spoke.

“The flower garden is very good. This prince heard, Sun Old Madam wants to find a granddaughter-in-law. Why not let them nicely show off show off in the garden, so that this prince can also see what kind of young lady is worthy of our Qi Yuan dynasty's future pillar of support. Perhaps this prince can also help look. This prince might not have other talents, but choosing women, I believe I still somewhat have an eye for.”

Sun Old Madam sighed in her heart. A perfectly fine banquet was completely spoilt by this living Enma. Originally, she did have the intentions to use this to pick a granddaughter-in-law, but it wasn't just for Sun Yi Lin. She still had a few other grandsons of marriageable age. Although they can't be compared to Sun Yi Lin, she still hoped for them to be well. But now, it became a ‘wife selecting banquet' solely for Sun Yi Lin. Perhaps, her beloved grandson's lifelong matter can really be set today, alright…….

Because Sun Yi Lin was too outstanding, his mother would always want to give him the best. Yet his father worried that his influence would grow too strong, and his ambitions grow even bigger. He worried that he would covet the Ding Duke position and cause the brothers to quarrel, so he wanted to suppress him. And those seven paternal aunts and eight maternal aunts all also want to have him become their ideal son-in-law. All sides were in a deadlock, that's why no one has been decided till now. If this Jin w.a.n.g were to get involved, no matter who he chooses, everyone could only pinch their nose and admit to it.

“Naturally w.a.n.gye's eyes aren't bad, then just have to trouble w.a.n.gye.”

“Mother….” A somewhat sharp voice sounded. Following the voice and looking over, very good, the few w.a.n.gfeis and Jun w.a.n.gfeis[1], as well as Ding d.u.c.h.ess, followed by a group of n.o.ble madams, finally also rushed over. The scene was really getting more and more lively.

Li Hong Yuan's final words, Ding d.u.c.h.ess did hear, yet she could only suppress her anger and paid her respects first. Li Hong Yuan nodded. And towards the w.a.n.gfeis who were his elders, he also only half-heartedly cupped his hands in greeting. Yet no one, because of this, nitpicked him.

“Jing Qinw.a.n.g, marriage should be by the order of the parents and the words of the matchmaker. Even his Majesty can't recklessly decide on his subjects marriage either. Moreover you're just……” Ding d.u.c.h.ess really was exceptionally angered. She didn't understand why their own family's old madam would compromise with the other side too. Others were afraid of him, but even the Ding Duke Manor were afraid too?

Li Hong Yuan unconcernedly smiled. That smile that didn't contain any negative emotions really did have the feeling of being able to topple all living things. He didn't look to the Ding d.u.c.h.ess either, but instead beckoned his hand at Sun Yi Lin, “Come here.”

Sun Yi Lin let out a breath, calmed himself, and walked forward, “What matter does w.a.n.gye have to instruct?”

Li Hong Yuan reached his hand out and propped it against the back of Sun Yi Lin's neck, “Come stay at this prince's manor for seven days, how about it?”

“Jin Qinw.a.n.g—” Ding d.u.c.h.ess's sharp voice became somewhat ear piercing.

Speaking of seven days, of those who were aware, who didn't think of ‘seven day pampering'. He didn't ruin Sun Yi Lin, further didn't kill him, he just invited him to stay at his place for seven days only. Even if they went before his Majesty, at most, his Majesty would just scold him. Jin w.a.n.g loved beauties, regardless of male or female. These matters, as long as one was aware themselves, it was fine. If a ruckus really was made, then it really was completely losing all substance and face. His Majesty would definitely not allow it. Playing around privately, the old man wouldn't care. If a ruckus appeared, then it will certainly affect the imperial family's image. Even if it is the Ding Duke Manor, they're unable to bear the consequences of this crime either.

For Ding d.u.c.h.ess, there was nothing more threatening than this.

“Choosing a wife for my son, I'll have to trouble w.a.n.gye.” Ding d.u.c.h.ess said through gritted teeth.

“No problem.” Li Hong Yuan retracted his hand and said, neither stingily nor indifferently.

Rui w.a.n.g to the side nearly clapped his hands and cheered. As far as he was concerned, Sun Yi Lin didn't have an official post nor a n.o.bility t.i.tle, but unfortunately, imperial father liked him, so his threat level doubled. But now, his marriage was controlled by his people. He really wanted to go up and pat Li Hong Yuan's shoulders, and call him ‘good sixth brother' for once. Honestly, although Li Hong Yuan was hateful, when he got things done, it was indeed satisfying to the heart.

The efficiency of the Ding Duke Manor's servants in handling thing was also first rate. This side just put down the order, by the time everyone headed over, that area by the lakeside was already completely put in order.

During this course of event, the various families' children, for the most part, all found the adults of their respective families, no longer daring to be playful like before.

When Luo Old Madam came, she saw that Jing Wan was situated at the innermost area. To say she wasn't worried was a lie. However, at the moment, it wasn't the time to inquire either, so she just comfortingly patted her hand and stroked her slightly messy hair.

Jing Wan also shook her head at Luo Old Madam, indicating that she was fine. And when no one was paying attention, she whispered the phrases ‘Sun Yi Lin, flower, Li Ru Yu' next to Luo Old Madam's ears, all in all just two words—-innocent disaster.

These few words were already enough for Luo Old Madam to understand most of it. Her eyes faintly flashed, remaining motionless and silent.

Just then, w.a.n.g-s.h.i.+ brought over her own already married eldest daughter.

This eldest granddaughter, Luo Old Madam also hadn't seen in many years. She attentively looked her over. Seeing that her complexion was rosy and clothing all very proper, proving that she didn't suffer any grievances in her husband's family, Luo Old Madam finally felt rea.s.sured and had her remain at her side.

After Jing Wan nodded, Qing Ju followed the Ding Duke Manor's servants to take care of the injury on her hand. Luckily, it just looked very serious, the actual conditions were much better.

On the other side, Kang w.a.n.g and the other Sun family members slightly remained in the back some.

“w.a.n.gye, why did Jin w.a.n.g suddenly come to our Ding Duke Manor?” Sun Old Madam opened her mouth and asked.

Kang w.a.n.g also had pent up anger towards Li Hong Yuan, sometimes wis.h.i.+ng he could just swallow him whole. But the truth of the matter, he really could only just think about. Before coming, he'd also tried to dissuade him, but that b.a.s.t.a.r.d just likes to go against him. Forget forcibly obstructing him, even if he just hardened his att.i.tude by a bit, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d will begin making a fuss right outside the imperial study. He was a broken jar unafraid of breaking, completely not caring whether imperial father will chastise him or not. But Kang w.a.n.g can't, and further didn't dare to. Facing his own maternal grandmother's questioning, he could only forcibly force down the anger. “He entered the palace today to see n.o.ble Consort Su, and also went to pay his respects to imperial mother. Yet he didn't go pay his respects to imperial father. Imperial father angrily chastised him for being unfilial, had him called to the imperial study, and thoroughly reprimanded in front of a few officials. When he came out he said to this prince that he'd heard there was a banquet at the Ding Duke Manor today, and thus came. As for Li Hong Ming…..” Kang w.a.n.g coldly laughed, the meaning within was self-evident.

Very good, their Ding Duke Manor purely got involved because of his Majesty. Jing Qinw.a.n.g suffered anger from his own old man, just happened to run into Kang w.a.n.g, and then got brought to the Ding Duke Manor. Thus, if you're not unlucky, then who's unlucky?! But the root of the trouble was on his Majesty, can't even take revenge in secret if they wanted. That's why they could only endure, just poor Sun Yi Lin.

Sun Old Madam looked to her own beloved grandson and lightly sighed. And Ding d.u.c.h.ess, who was usually a very strong-headed woman, at this moment, looked to her own son, nearly about to cry out. If she'd known, she wouldn't have been that picky and would've settled on the daughter-in-law candidate long ago. Then, there wouldn't be today's tragedy. In any case, in their eyes, Li Hong Yuan definitely won't chose a good girl for Sun Yi Lin. Fortunately, of the young ladies present today, even the worst still had some acceptable aspects.

“Grandmother, mother, don't worry. For me, since I haven't encountered a girl I admire, then there's no difference to who I marry.” Sun Yi Lin actually had a strange feeling in his heart. He kept feeling that Li Hong Yuan might not really be targeting him. Even that seemingly intimate action just now. In actuality, Li Hong Yuan's hand didn't really touch him. Instead, there was even a faint repulsive feeling.

[1] Jun w.a.n.gfei – The main wife, or princess consort, to a junw.a.n.g, a w.a.n.g of the second rank.

Tyrannical Wang's Beloved Wife Chapter 26

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