Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1018 - Someone from Samsara Temple

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Chapter 1018: Someone from Samsara Temple

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“Do you mean that we’ll pa.s.s on the dirty work to Samsara Temple?” Mo Lin looked over at Di Yan.

“Exactly.” Di Yan smirked. “As far as I know, Samsara Temple has learnt that Jian Wushuang killed one of their Gold-clothed Deacon. They must be searching for him all these years. Once we inform them of Jian Wushuang’s whereabouts, they will certainly send their experts over.”

“Is that so?” Mo Lin replied. “I happened to be acquainted with another Gold-clothed Deacon. I’ll send a message for him right now so that he can report on Jian Wushuang.”

“Good.” Di Yan nodded. “In your message, describe Jian Wushuang’s strength and defensive power in detail, so that they can send a well-matched opponent.”

“Right.” Mo Lin sent the message at once.

It didn’t take long for a reply.

“The Gold-clothed Deacon I contacted has filed a report, we’ll receive news soon.” Mo Lin rejoiced.

“Then we’ll just wait patiently. In the meanwhile, we’d better watch over Rock Demon Clan and what they are up to,” Di Yan added.

“Alright.” Mo Lin nodded, and gave instructions for the arrangement.

Peace was soon restored to the city of Black Python Clan.

But it was short-lived, and lasted only for one day.

“Good news! The Gold-Clothed Deacon told me that Samsara Temple has dispatched their expert.” Mo Lin cried out with excitement.

“Samsara Temple is rather efficient. We’ve just reported it and their expert set off in less than a day.” Di Yan was elated. “By the way, who did they send?”

“A Dao Master called Dreamless. I heard he’s a Rank Eight Reincarnator.” Mo Lin replied.

“Dao Master Dreamless?” Di Yan squinted as he searched through his memory. His eyes lit up as he recalled the Dao Master. “I remember him!” he cried.

“Lord Di Yan, do you know him?” Mo Lin asked.

Rank Eight Reincarnators were rare in the entire Samsara Continent. Although he was a leader of a strong population, Mo Lin was still not in a position to meet the Reincarnators.

“I’ve only heard of him. He’s indeed a Rank Eight Reincarnator, as well as a Heaven-level Law Executor. He’s one of the well-known top experts in Samsara Continent.” Di Yan said with a serious look. “Although he’s only at Rank Three Peak, he’s the best among his peers.”

“Most importantly, he excels at attacking. His offensive power would easily make him the third most powerful Celestial Master in Green Fire World!”

“He’s that good?” Mo Lin asked, eyes wide.

He could hold the third place among Green Fire World’s Celestial Masters? when it comes to offensive power?

There were many experts, such as Emperor Xiao and Emperor Yun, who were almost at the level of a Celestial Master. These experts were much stronger than normal Dao Masters at Rank Three Peak. But even Emperor Xiao dared not to claim the third place with his offensive power.

Which meant that Dao Master Dreamless was better skilled at offensive power than Emperor Xiao and Emperor Yun!

“Jian Wushuang is known for his defensive skill, mediocre Dao Masters of Rank Three Peak don’t stand a chance in front of him. But Dao Master Dreamless might succeed.”

“I can’t ask for anything better. Once Jian Wushuang is killed, Rock Demon Clan will vanish too!” Mo Lin cried out with excitement.

“Let’s wait for Dao Master Dreamless, he should be arriving in a few days’ time.” Di Yan chuckled.

Like Void Temple, Samsara Temple had set up numerous wormholes on Samsara Continent.

However, their wormholes were not accessible by just anyone, no matter the price offered to grant access.

Which is why while normal people walked on foot, Samsara Temple experts are able to make use of the wormholes for a faster journey.

Three days later, in the Void above the city of Black Python Clan.

Mo Lin, Di Yan and other experts from Black Python Clan all waited in silence. Before long, a bright golden light appeared, making its way towards the crowd. It came to a stop before the crowd, and a figure dressed in a golden robe came into view.

A dignified, handsome young man appeared with his magic weapons, which were two long spears, behind his back.

Mo Lin, Di Yan and the others greeted the golden-robed man at once.

“Leader of Black Python Clan, at your service.” Mo Lin bowed respectfully.

“Black Python Clan?” Barely paying any attention to Mo Lin, the Dao Master looked over to Di Yan instead.

He noticed that among these experts, only Di Yan was at Rank Three Peak.

“Who is this?” Dao Master Dreamless asked.

“I’m Di Yan, at your service.” Di Yan replied modestly.

“Di Yan?” The Dao Master narrowed his eyes. “Sky-devouring Bat Di Yan?”

“Dao Master Dreamless has actually heard of me. What an honour.” Di Yan smiled faintly.

“Well, there are only two Sky-devouring members on Samsara Continent. One of them is you and the other is your father Empyrean Patriarch.” Dao Master Dreamless continued, “Your father Empyrean Patriarch is rather brutal, many great populations and clans, including Samsara Temple are all afraid of him. As his only son, you’ll naturally be noticed by the Samsara Temple.”

“But why are you involved in this matter?”

“I wouldn’t dare to interfere with Samsara Temple’s affairs. But this time is a coincidence. Mo Lin has asked me to deal with Rock Demon Clan, but alas, Jian Wushuang came along. To be honest, he’s rather capable. Although I’m at Rank Three Peak, I am no match for him.” Di Yan looked ashamed.

“Even you can’t defeat him?” The Dao Master could not help but gave a look of astonishment.

He had no idea just how strong Di Yan really was.

But he was aware of how destructive his father Empyrean Patriarch was.

Di yan, a descendant of Sky-devouring Clan and an expert of Rank Three Peak, surely would not be lacking in power.

But Di Yan could not defeat Jian Wushuang, which adequately shows how capable the latter was.

“I heard that he’s only at Eternal Realm level. I’d like to meet a man at Eternal Realm level with such battle strength.” Dao Master Dreamless’ eyes flashed with antic.i.p.ation.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1018 - Someone from Samsara Temple

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