Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1115 - Birth

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Chapter 1115: Birth

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“I’ve received news that Celestial Master Yin Tong of the Green Fire World is now somewhere near the sinkhole,” Celestial Master Yi suddenly said.

“Celestial Master Yin Tong? He’s here too?” Celestial Master Meng Long’s eyes widened.

“Celestial Master Yin Tong is an expert in the Exceptional Realm! Coupled with the arrival of Celestial Master Qing Lang and Celestial Master An, there are three experts in the Exceptional Realm from the Green Fire Palace who have rushed here!” Celestial Master Jin Qu exclaimed in awe.

Experts in the Exceptional Realm were the most powerful out of all Celestial Masters.

The possibility for these experts reaching the level of Holy Master was very low.

For example, there were not even ten of such experts among all the Celestial Masters in the Green Fire Palace. Yet, three of them have now come here.

“Since the Green Fire Palace has sent so many experts here, the Jin Kingdom won’t be losing out either. I’m sure it’ll be a ma.s.sive chaos once the treasure is born and the fight begins!” Yi said.

Jian Wushuang looked exceptionally grim after hearing those words.

He could already see the pandemonium when experts from both sides began battling for the treasure.

“Didn’t this battle come just at the right timing for you, Jian Wushuang?” Gu King suddenly said.

“The right timing? What do you mean?” Jian Wushuang replied, flabbergasted.

“Weren’t you discriminated against in the Green Fire Palace? Most experts of the palace reject you. If you want them to sincerely accept you the way they accept Yi and Meng Long, you need to prove your worth through earth-shattering success on the battlefield or even a b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre!”

“The upcoming battle will be your best chance to prove yourself!” Gu King said.

Jian Wushuang’s pupils shrank after hearing Gu King’s words.

He was indeed suffering discrimination in the Green Fire Palace because of his mother.

Even Yi and Meng Long didn’t like him before. It was only after his display of absolute strength that both of them gained a new found respect for him.

Evidently, power spoke the loudest no matter where one was in the world.

It was the same for Yi and Meng Long, as were the other Celestial Masters in the Green Fire Palace.

“You’re right. This upcoming battle is a golden opportunity to prove myself!” Jian Wushuang clasped his hands tightly.

“That’s the spirit! You’re now much stronger now that your three Sword Principles are now in the Creation Level. Your swordsmans.h.i.+p is so strange and unpredictable too. If you try your best to kill your enemies, you’ll definitely be a terrifying force. The paralyzing effect you’ll have on your opponent will be significant too, enough to make those Celestial Masters of the Green Fire Palace look at you in a new light,” Gu King said with a laugh.

“I understand.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes turned razor-sharp.

The two groups of experts from the Green Fire Palace and the Jing Kingdom were both quietly waiting near the sinkhole.

Out of nowhere… “Boom!”

The aura that filled the air was already boundless and majestic in the first place, but at this moment, it once again increased sharply.

The golden light at the bottom of the sinkhole became increasingly dazzling.

“Kaboom!” The ground shook uncontrollably and the intensity only increased as time pa.s.sed.

“The treasure is about to born!”

The numerous experts who were waiting near the sinkhole became agitated, their intense gazes focused on the inside of the sinkhole.

While the ground was still shaking, a towering golden palace slowly rose from within the bottom of the sinkhole until it left the sinkhole altogether to go up to the Void above.

There were two golden words hanging above the main entrance of the majestic golden palace.

“Loyalty Palace!”

The rich cinnabar fragrance, as well as the aura that pervaded the atmosphere, originated from this palace!

The experts’ eyes turned heated the moment they saw the palace and all of them rushed toward it at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed in the following second.

The whole world erupted into a chaos.

“Hurry! We should go over there as well!” Yi cried as he immediately ran.

“Stay calm.” Jian Wushuang waved his hand to stop Yi.

“What’s wrong?” Yi, Meng Long, and Jin Qu frowned at him.

“This Loyalty Palace isn’t to be trifled with. Look,” Jian Wushuang said.

The three of them turned to look at the palace and saw a layer of pale golden Restriction stopping the experts from entering.

One of the experts tried to hack the layer of Restriction open. However, the Restriction showed no sign of budging no matter if he tried alone or went at it with other experts.

There was nothing they could do but helplessly wait outside the palace.

“What’s going on?”

“The treasure is already born. Why is there still a layer of Restriction?”

“We can’t break open the Restriction!”

The experts all felt vexed.

Gu King who resided inside Jian Wushuang chuckled. “There’s a spirit inside the palace as expected and it’s controlling the layer of Restriction. I’m sure that no one can enter without its permission.”

“No one can enter? Does that mean all our workwill bein vain?” Jian Wushuang frowned.

“Don’t worry, now that the spirit shows up atthis point and caused much stir, it mustbear its own intentions. Just wait and see what happens.” Gu King said.

“Alright.” Jian Wushuang gave a small nod before glancing at the three Celestial Masters next to him. “Let’s go.”

The four of them immediately went up to the palace.

The majestic and towering Loyalty Palace suspended quietly in the Void with its pale golden layer of Restriction stretching around it for a hundred miles, barricading against the numerous experts from both camps.

The experts from both camps looked at each other in dismay.

Just then…


The main entrance of the palace opened.

The expressions of the experts barricaded outside changed as they stared into the interior of the palace through its open doors.

Their pupils rapidly shrunk when they saw what was inside.

Pellets of red-colored elixir were hovering in the air in the pitch-black darkness inside the palace These pellets emanated a faint scent of blood. These were none other than the Life Elixirs.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1115 - Birth

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