Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1236 - Fight to the Death!

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Chapter 1236: Fight to the Death!

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With bursts of screaming, the Green Fire World experts ran out through the Portal.

The Palace Masters led the way, a number of Celestial Masters were in the middle of the parade, and finally, numerous Dao Masters in back formed tactical formations.

Like a group of wasps, they flocked to the army of the Jin Kingdom.

“Oh? They actually came out?”

Hovering in the Void, the Jin Kingdom monarch watched all this with a hint of a smile on his lips.

He had been trying to find ways to kill all the Green Fire World experts inside the Battle Fortress. He wanted to get rid of any possible future trouble when he searched for treasure on this battlefield. However, now, they came out on their own.

“Well, it that’s the case, I would’ve saved a lot of troubles.” He smirked, and immediately ordered, “Kill them all!”

The Jin Kingdom army shouted receiving this order. They all looked very excited and bloodthirsty. They had been going in the direction of the Green Fire World. Now they immediately changed the direction and rushed toward the Green Fire World experts who just came out of the Battle Fortress.

The two unmatched armies confronted in moments.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The thunder of roars sounded in the sky.

The s.p.a.ce shattered directly, and a large number of Blast Wave formed a horrible storm, rampant in the world.

In the first round of confrontation, numerous experts from both parties died. Even four Universe Masters were killed on the spot.


Samsara Temple Master was covered under a black armor, his body expanded and transformed into an ancient fierce beast. He snorted and slammed his giant hand, splash… A lightning-fast claw cracked the world and torn a Universe Master apart in its way.

“All the Jin Kingdom b.a.s.t.a.r.ds should die!”

Covered in his black armor and overwhelming killing intent, Samsara Temple Master led the troops. He stormed through the Jin Kingdom troops and had been unstoppable everywhere!

Beside Samsara Temple Master, Void Temple Master bore the same overwhelming killing intent. He held two gold wheels and had turned them into two flashes of lightning, sailing in the Void and targeting at two Universe Masters.

The two Universe Masters panicked and immediately tried their best to ward off the flashes of lightning, but still, one of them was seriously injured and even lost an arm.

In a green robe, the indifferent and serious Jian Nantian stared coldly at a Jin Kingdom Universe Master in his way and raised his longsword.

“Dream(Ji Wumeng)-chasing!”

Jian Nantian murmured.

An explicable dreamy atmosphere spread out. It felt sorrowful, ethereal, but at the same time, it was so sharp that no one could stop it.

Jian Nantian used to use the Dream-chasing to crush every obstacle in his way and reach the Heaven-ceasing Peak to find Ji Wumeng when the Ancient Demon Clan were chasing after him!

Now, he played the swordplay once again.


An icy sword light shot out, without any trace of strong power.

It silently appeared in front of the Jin Kingdom opponent, and then glided over him.

With a streak of red color, the body of the Jin Kingdom Universe Master, quietly fell down.


A huge blood river pervaded the entire battlefield.

Red Lotus Palace Master’s eyes flashed fiercely. He was burning Spiritual Power to support the entire Jiu You Realm, trying to put any much pressure as possible on the Jin Kingdom experts.

Of course, they were not alone.

The Green Fire World experts had all tried their best by now.

One by one, they rushed forward and fought the enemy fiercely.

They were all trying their best! All of them!

But at this moment, the Jin Kingdom monarch in the distance glanced at the huge battlefield in front of him. He slightly tilted his mouth and suddenly sprang out.

He was extremely good at hiding himself. In the entire Green Fire World, nothing could detect him except Jian Wushuang’s Strength of Soul. But now Jian Wushuang was meditating, thus no one was watching him anymore.


He showed up on the battlefield out of thin air and happened to appear behind a Green Fire World Palace Master.

It was Palace Master Su Qian.

He was the Upper Elder of the Blood Asura Clan on Samsara Continent and was also Su Rou’s master.

He used to be a Celestial Master in Exceptional Realm. Later, he got a Nirvana Elixir and became a Universe Master.

At this moment on the battlefield, Su Qian’s long hair scattered and his eyes were scarlet. He was fighting fiercely against the Jin Kingdom enemies.

However, the Jin Kingdom monarch showed up so suddenly that Su Qian did not have the time to react. The monarch stabbed him in the chest. Before he made any sound, his life vanished.

“Palace Master Su Qian!”

The surrounding Green Fire World experts noticed him and became terrified!

“Be careful, it is the Jin Kingdom monarch!”

“He came, run quickly!”

Roars sounded on the battlefield. Samsara Temple Master and Void Temple Master witnessed the killing as well.

“Samsara!” Void Temple Master groaned.

“Leave him to me!”

Samsara Temple Master grunted. His eyes were the only things that were not covered under his armor; now they turn red. He opened his mouth and slammed the Blood Fire Elixir into his stomach.

He shook and doubled his body in size. Under the black armor, his face was completely distorted. His veins on the forehead, the arms, all bulged viciously.

His pupils turned into blood-red like a blood sea.

At this moment, Samsara Temple Master had completely transformed into an ancient fierce beast.

He fixed his blood-sea-like eyes upon the Jin Kingdom monarch in the distance, and at the next moment he dashed out overwhelmingly.

“The Jin Kingdom monarch!!! ”

Teeth gritted, Samsara Temple Master’s endless resentment sounded throughout the battlefield.

After the Jin Kingdom monarch casually killed Palace Master Su Qian, he looked at the nearby Red Lotus Palace Master.

Red Lotus Palace could control the Jiu You Realm and put great Realm pressure on the Jin Kingdom. At that moment, the Jin Kingdom monarch was about to kill Red Lotus Palace Master as he killed Palace Master Su Qian.

But at this time, the resentful voice arrived.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1236 - Fight to the Death!

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