Legend Of Swordsman 1237 Combine Three Strongest Sword Principles!

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Just as the Jin Kingdom turned around, he saw the SamsarTemple-Master-turned "black fierce beast" going at him. He squinted and drew the longspear and penetrated the Void easily.


A fierce roar sounded, he felt a huge force coming through the spear. He looked slightly surprised and immediately took a few steps back.

After a while, he managed to get back on his feet again.

Then, the Jin Kingdom monarch immediately looked at Samsara Temple Master.

"A Universe Master has actually forced me back? Interesting." The Jin Kingdom monarch smirked, "I wonder what kind of elixir you swallowed or what Secret Skill you used."

Samsara Temple Master fixed his red eyes upon the Jin Kingdom monarch but did not answer the question. Instead, he shouted coolly. "The Jin Kingdom monarch, go to h.e.l.l!! "


Samsara Temple Master once again rushed forward, this time he turned into a huge black mountain.

Terrifying power burst out again.

"Well, the power is not bad, but tell me, how long can you last in this state?" The Jin Kingdom monarch smirked, and then rushed toward him.


The Jin Kingdom monarch once again confronted Samsara Temple Master, but this time Samsara Temple Master was knocked around.

Although Samsara Temple Master had swallowed the Blood Fire Elixir and greatly increased his power. But he was still only a Universe Master who could not compare to the Jin Kingdom monarch. At most, he could only take a few blows from the latter.

However, his armor was really endurable. Therefore, he managed to have taken a few more blows from the Jin Kingdom monarch.

In that way, at the very least, the Jin Kingdom monarch could not fight as freely as he wanted. Moreover, with help from the Green Fire World experts, he could gain more time by holding up the Jin Kingdom monarch.

When the two camps fought, in the Battle Fortress, Jian Wushuang still sat there, eyes closed.

He was still meditating on the Enduring Samsara Formation.

During the meditation, he resolved many doubts and started to see clearly how the Swordplay of Yin-Yang evolved.

At last...

"Balance, this is the balance!"

"Yin and Yang combine to form an endless circulation!"

"I've devised the Samsara Sword Principle!"


A horrible Sword Essence rose from him. Similar to the Enduring Samsara Formation, they both contained two extreme forces.

These two extreme forces had been perfectly combined to form a complete circulation.

And this circulation built the endless Samsara!

Since then, after the Coalescence Sword Principle and s.p.a.cetime Sword Principle, Jian Wushuang had finally created the third strongest Sword Principle, the Samsara Sword Principle!

Just after inventing the Samsara Sword Principle, he immediately discovered that the three most powerful Sword Principles had already begun to merge!

Yes, they were merging!

Back then, Jian Wushaung spent a lot of time and energy trying to find a way to integrate them, but in vain.

Now, when he finally devised the Samsara Sword Principle, these three strongest Sword Principles automatically begin to merge!

Merge the Sword Principles and acquire the Immortal Dharma Body. This is... the road to be a Celestial Master!

"They just integrate?"

Gu King who was in Jian Wushuang's body also noticed the change, and could not help but secretly exclaim.

He just devised the third strongest Sword Principle, and they immediately began to merge?

This was too coincidental.

"No, this is no coincidence!" Gu King shook his head. "Back then, when the ultimate war was about to start, he has already begun to try to integrate them. He must have wanted to break through before the final battle, but he didn't!

"Not that he didn't want to, but he couldn't have done it!

"He used to be at a loss because it seemed impossible to make the Coalescence Sword Principle and the s.p.a.cetime Sword Principle integrate.

"But now, when he devised the Samsara Sword Principle, the three strongest Sword Principles immediately began to merge... This is no coincidence, this is the characteristics of the Samsara Sword Principle itself!

"Samsara... is about integrating two extreme forces and maintaining a balanced circulation. This principle is consistent with the integration of the three strongest Sword Principles!"

Gu King immediately understood.

The Samsara Sword Principle was supposed to blend two extreme forces into a perfectly balanced circulation.

The three Sword Principles would be perfectly balanced as well.

Their nature was exactly the same.

Jian Wushuang devised the Samsara Sword Principle, and at the same time realized the combination law of Sword Principle.

Therefore, his three strongest Sword Principles naturally began to merge because everything had fallen into place!

"Combine three strongest Sword Principles and acquire the Immortal Dharma Body. How strong would the Immortal Dharma Body be? He's actually an Inverse Cultivator!" Gu King clasped his hands firmly, and his heart was filled with wild expectations. He couldn't help but look at the mysterious Xuan Yi above and became more shocked.

In his eyes, Jian Wushuang was a 100% monster with enormous potential. Now he had merged the three strongest Sword Principles, his future would be more promising.

Gu King had witnessed Jian Wushuang's growth all the way and had expected the fusion of the three strongest Sword Principles. However, Xuan Yi was different.

He was greatly shocked by Xuan Yi's skill today.

"Xuan Yi... he is really in defiance of the natural order!

"It seems that he simply wanted to pull the Enduring Samsara Formation into the map.

"However, in fact, he has killed three birds with one stone!

"First, he saved the Green Fire World from the Enduring Samsara Formation!

"Second, he has repaired the Mountain River Map for Jian Wushuang!

"Last, he also created a great Creation, a rare opportunity, for Jian Wushuang!

"These three results are all part of his plan!

"If Jian Wushuang manages to save the Green Fire World in the end, it will be the fourth bird of his plan!

"I used to follow King Luo Zhen in the Eternal Chaotic World, and have seen a lot of great powerhouses display many skills, but it was rare to see skills like Xuan Yi's.

"He's really great!

"Jian Wushuang's master is really great!"

Gu King thought and could not help but admire Xuan Yi in his heart!

At this moment, his three strongest Sword Principles had begun to merge because of the invention of the Samsara Sword Principle. In a short period of time, they had been completely integrated, and then... his transformation began!

Legend Of Swordsman 1237 Combine Three Strongest Sword Principles!

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