Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1334 - One Win And One Defeat!

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Chapter 1334: One Win And One Defeat!Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

When those Universe G.o.d in the Third Heaven entered the Wormhole –


In the void in the middle of the training field, there was a huge mirror image that appeared in the air.

The mirror image contained countless frames that showed every corner of the Mountain Rock World where the ranking battle would take place.

No matter where the battle was going to take place in Mountain Rock World, they would be able to watch clearly through the mirror image.

“It’s starting.”

Many experts in the training field were getting excited.

Jian Wushuang, too, lifted his head to watch the mirror image. He noticed that after the Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven from both parties entered the Wormhole, they were scattered in various corner in Mountain Rock World.

The rule of the ranking battle was simple, which was for the two parties to fight against each other in Mountain Rock World.

Because the Mountain Rock World itself was a gnosis treasure. Even if one were to be killed within Mountain Rock World, he wouldn’t be dead but only be sent out from Mountain Rock World. Hence, the geniuses from both parties could fight without inhibition. They could fight until all the geniuses from the opposite party were eliminated.

Besides, Mountain Rock World was a s.p.a.cious world. With only twenty geniuses fighting in it, it would require a few days time to determine the victory and defeat.

However, the geniuses from both parties would choose a meeting place ahead of time so that they could gather all scattered geniuses together and kill the geniuses from the other party who was alone. In turn, they would gain an advantageous position.

In the image, Jian Wushuang saw the geniuses in the Third Heaven from both parties were taking action.

“Listen up. When the third ranking battle begins after we enter Mountain Rock World, no matter where you are, you must rush to the Blood Fire Pinnacle straightaway with the fastest speed. Understand?” Long Hao pointed at a lofty pinnacle in the image and exhorted.

“Understood,” the surrounding Universe G.o.ds in the First Heaven nodded simultaneously.

“Blood Fire Pinnacle??” Jian Wushuang memorized it.

At the beginning, the geniuses were scattered further away in Mountain Rock World and it was rather calm. However, the tranquillity was only sustained for a while until the fight began.

The geniuses from both parties started fighting without hesitation the moment they met.

“Look, it’s Senior Chen Feng!”

“He killed an enemy all by himself. The one he killed from Universe G.o.d Palace is quite famous, but he couldn’t even run away from Senior Chen Feng!”

“He lives up to his reputation as the strongest among Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven in Snow Dojo. He is really impressive!”

Jian Wushuang stayed among the geniuses from Snow Dojo as he listened to the discussion and exclamation of the surrounding geniuses.

“Chen Feng?”

Jian Wushuang looked at another image. In the image, Chen Feng killed and eliminated a Universe G.o.d in the Third Heaven from Universe G.o.d Palace.

It was the first time Jian Wushuang saw Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven fight and they were all real geniuses. Hence, he was all excited too.

“Lord Wu Cang said that Snow Dojo has a high chance of winning in the ranking battle amongst Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven. The reason it was highly likely was because of Chen Feng. He seemed to be the top person amongst the Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven in Snow Dojo,” Jian Wushuang complemented.

Then, the fight between the two parties became even more ferocious.

Jian Wushuang paid full attention as he watched.

The time flew past. Three days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

The ranking battle was finally over.


“We won!”

“Haha, three ranking battles and we, Snow Dojo took first!”

The disciples from Snow Dojo were extremely happy.

The final winner for the first ranking battle was Snow Dojo.

Although it was rather complicated and tough, Snow Dojo won in the end.

Of course, Jian Wushuang could tell that they won the ranking battle most likely because of Chen Feng. He was too powerful. In the final battle, he held back two major Universe G.o.ds in the Third Heaven from Universe G.o.d Palace.

The Master of Silence Gloriette revealed a hearty smile on the stand, “Luckily there wasn’t any incidents in the first ranking battle.”

“Chen Feng from your Snow Dojo is really powerful. No one from my Universe G.o.d Palace could be evenly matched with him. It’s well within expectation that you would win this battle,” The red-haired elderly smiled faintly. He looked like he was unconcerned.

Before the ranking battle started, both Snow Dojo and Universe G.o.d Palace gathered news silently. Hence, both parties were well informed.

Universe G.o.d Palace knew long ago that they didn’t have a high chance of winning for the first ranking battle. Hence, the red-haired elderly naturally didn’t care.

However, your Snow Dojo could only do well in the first ranking battle. For the following second and third ranking battle, I reckon you wouldn’t stand a chance,” the red-haired elderly smiled as he added.

“Is that so? We shall see,” the Master of Silence Gloriette snorted.

Soon after the first ranking battle ended, the second ranking battle started.

The second ranking battle was among the Universe G.o.ds in the Second Heaven.

Similar to the first battle, ten Universe G.o.ds in the Second Heaven from both parties entered into Mountain Rock World directly and started fighting against each other.

Just as the red-haired elderly had predicted, because of Chen Feng’s existence in the first ranking battle, the geniuses from Universe G.o.d Palace lost in the end even though they were indomitable.

However, in the second ranking battle, none of the ten representatives from Snow Dojo was an expert like Chen Feng. On the contrary, there were three among the representatives from Universe G.o.d Palace who possessed the power of a Universe G.o.d in the Third Heaven. Their overall power was far stronger than Snow Dojo.

Hence, for that round of ranking battle, from the beginning till the end, the situation was one-sided. It only took two days for the battle to end and there was no s.p.a.ce for struggle either.

When the ranking battle ended, Universe G.o.d Palace had eight Universe G.o.ds left standing. Only two were eliminated.


“A bunch of rubbis.h.!.+”

On the stand, there was rage burning in the Master of Silence Gloriette’s eyes. His rage spilled over to a group of golden-dressed deacons behind him.

The golden-dressed deacons, including Wu Cang, were all trembling in fear.

They knew that they lost the second ranking battle and both parties were tied. So, they definitely couldn’t lose the third ranking battle.

The Master of Silence Gloriette would definitely be in a violent rage if they were to lose. By then, all of them would be suffering.

“Luckily, in the final battle, there’s Jian Wushuang. We shouldn’t lose,” Wu Cang mumbled to comfort himself.

He had seen Jian Wushuang’s power with his own eyes. Hence, he was naturally confident in Jian Wushuang.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1334 - One Win And One Defeat!

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