Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1605 - Real God Tian Ming

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Chapter 1605: Real G.o.d Tian Ming

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The Power of Guidance guided Jian Wushuang to every picture scroll to comprehend them.

“Twenty-seven picture scrolls. I have already comprehended the first six picture scrolls completely and I am going to comprehend the seventh picture scroll now,” Jian Wushuang understood instantly.

The twenty-seven picture scrolls were placed according to the nine levels of the Doctrine Palace.

Every three picture scrolls represented one level.

In the aspect of the Reincarnation Doctrine, Jian Wushuang already possessed the ability to clear the second level of the Doctrine Palace. Hence, he had already comprehended the first six picture scrolls completely.

What he needed to comprehend at the very moment were the seventh to ninth picture scrolls. By comprehending the hidden secrets within the three picture scrolls, he would be able to clear the third level of the Doctrine Palace.

“Let’s begin.”

Jian Wushuang started to comprehend thoroughly at once.

He realized that within the Reincarnation Fairy Palace, his affinity toward the Reincarnation Doctrine had increased greatly and it was easier for him to comprehend compared to the outside world.

In addition, the shocking technique to make the twenty-seven picture scrolls in front of him easier to comprehend had caused Jian Wushuang’s comprehension speed to increase by countless times.

In just one month’s time, Jian Wushuang had completely comprehended the seventh picture scroll.

Of course, this was because of the fact that at the very start, Jian Wushuang’s level of comprehension of the Reincarnation Doctrine was already very close to being able to comprehend the seventh picture scroll completely.

Next, Jian Wushuang continued to comprehend the eighth picture scroll.

Time pa.s.sed by and one year’s time was up in no time.

Jian Wushuang who was in the Reincarnation Fairy Palace was pulled by a kind of power and his body was sent outside the Fairy Palace.

It was only after arriving outside the Fairy Palace that Jian Wushuang opened his eyes and regained his senses from the state of comprehension.

“It’s too engrossing. Even though I felt that I have only comprehended for a short while, one year’s time pa.s.sed by already,” Jian Wushuang smiled and he was extremely excited.

It must be known that during the short one year, his comprehension of the Reincarnation Doctrine improved greatly. He had comprehended the seventh picture scroll completely as well as a portion of the eighth picture scroll.

For such an improvement, if he were in the outside world comprehending by himself, he would need at least hundreds of years to achieve the same improvement.

“In just a short, one year’s time, I have improved so much. Moreover, I still have ninety-nine years,” Jian Wushuang smiled, “I shall not rush my comprehension in this Fairy Palace. Since this Thunderbolt Island is full of opportunities everywhere, I shall take a look around first.”

After Jian Wushuang made up his mind, he left the Fairy Palace immediately and started to walk around the Thunderbolt Island.

As for Real G.o.d Wu Liang, he had gone to start his own comprehension somewhere else and it was not possible for Jian Wushuang to follow him all the time.

On the island, there were many Real G.o.ds and most of them were making the best use of their time to immerse themselves in training.

When Jian Wushuang walked past them, most of the Real G.o.ds did not notice him. However, there were still a small portion of them who noticed him.

“A Universe G.o.d?”

Those Real G.o.d experts who realized the existence of Jian Wushuang then revealed a surprised expression. However, they understood in no time.

“In the Eternal Chaotic World, there is only one person who can come to the Thunderbolt Island as a Universe G.o.d. Thus, he must be Jian Wushuang of the Lineage of Star!”

“Yes, it’s him. Previously, I have seen him with Real G.o.d Wu Liang of the Lineage of Star. I also heard that he had gone to the Fairy Palace as well.”

“He is able to come to the Thunderbolt Island as a Universe G.o.d. Moreover, he also has the Token of the Fairy Palace’s Legacy. Hehe. I’m really envious of him.”

Those Real G.o.ds were all whispering.

Jian Wushuang ignored them and continued walking. After a short while, he appeared below a stone wall.

It was an extremely huge stone wall and it contained tens of ancient characters that had been carved flamboyantly.

Every ancient character was emitting an extremely special aura.

As soon as Jian Wushuang saw those ancient characters, his eyes brightened up.

“Sword Principles? Moreover, it’s Sword Principles that are swift, fierce and tough,” Jian Wushuang exclaimed with admiration.

He could feel that every one of the tens of ancient characters was actually a Sword Principle. The only difference was in terms of their power.

Jian Wushuang sat down below the stone wall with his legs crossed. After that, he closed his eyes and immersed himself in the ancient characters.

Those ancient characters were most probably left behind by a first-rate Real G.o.d who was proficient in Sword Principles. Although it would not be of much help to Jian Wushuang, it could still give him some inspiration.

At the same time that Jian Wushuang was comprehending below the stone wall.

On the Thunderbolt Island, there was a purple-armored, handsome man sitting atop a giant rock which was filled with secret patterns with his legs crossed.

“Real G.o.d Tian Ming.”

When the sound was heard, a seductive and beautiful married woman appeared beside the giant rock.

The purple-armored handsome man opened his eyes slowly and looked over, “Do you have something for me?”

“Nothing. I am only here to tell you that the Lineage of Star’s Inverse Cultivator has come to the Thunderbolt Island,” the seductive and beautiful married woman said.

“Jian Wushuang?” the eyes of Real G.o.d Tian Ming, the purple-armored handsome man, shrank immediately, “Where is he now?”

“He’s before the stone wall that has been left behind by Real G.o.d Hei Jue and it seems like he is comprehending at this very moment. If you go over there, you should be able to find him,” the seductive and beautiful woman said.

“Thank you,” after Real G.o.d Tian Ming had thanked her, he headed in the direction that Jian Wushuang was in straight away.

After seeing that, the seductive and beautiful married woman laughed indifferently.

She knew that Real G.o.d Tian Ming would be interested in Jian Wushuang.

Below the stone wall with tens of ancient characters, Jian Wushuang opened his eyes slowly after comprehending for more than one hour.

“The Sword Principles within the ancient characters are not of much help to me. However, after comprehending them once, it has allowed me to have some new knowledge of Sword Principles,” Jian Wushuang laughed and he was about to leave.


All of a sudden, a purple, glittering light flew over and landed below the stone wall in front of Jian Wushuang.

“Eh?” Jian Wushuang raised his head and looked toward the person who had come.

A few Real G.o.ds who were comprehending below the stone wall were alarmed as well and they looked over.

“It’s Real G.o.d Tian Ming?”

Those people recognized the ident.i.ty of the person who had just arrived. After that, they had a puzzled expression.

“Jian Wushuang,” the handsome man who wore purple armor was staring at Jian Wushuang.

“You are?” Jian Wushuang revealed an uncertain expression.

“Tian Ming of the Four Symbol Mansion!” Real G.o.d Tian Ming spoke.

“Four Symbol Mansion?” Jian Wushuang was extremely surprised.

There was a considerable amount of hatred between him and the Four Symbol Mansion. However, the Four Symbol Mansion could not find an opportunity. Otherwise, they would have killed him without hesitation.

“Do you have something for me?” Jian Wushuang laughed apathetically as he looked at Real G.o.d Tian Ming, who was in front of him.

If he were to come across experts of the Four Symbol Mansion somewhere else, he would probably be a bit fearful.

However, he was at Thunderbolt Island at that very moment. Not mentioning the fact that Real G.o.d Tian Ming who was in front of him was merely a Void Real G.o.d, even if a Chaotic Real G.o.d were to come personally, Jian Wushuang would not be concerned at all.

“I heard about you a long time ago. Today, since we have come across each other by chance, do you have the guts to have a duel with me?” Real G.o.d Tian Ming said.

“Have a duel with you?” Jian Wushuang’s eyes could not help but squint, “Is it only a normal duel?”

“Of course not. Since it’s a duel, we have to make it interesting. I know that the Lineage of Star has given you a Token of the Fairy Palace’s Legacy. I have one with me as well, and I still have fifty years’ time left to comprehend. Hence, how about we bet on the time for comprehension?” Real G.o.d Tian Ming said.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1605 - Real God Tian Ming

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