Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1768 - Versus Emperor God Tian Xiao

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Chapter 1768: Versus Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao

An Emperor G.o.d’s attack was earth-shattering.

The cultivators on the scene firmly believed that Jian Wushuang stood no chance of living.

When Jian Wushuang saw the unrivaled Thor swung his hammer, he smirked while his eyes gave out a battle intention.

“Back in Buddhist Demon Sea, I flashed all my trump cards when I was fighting with Emperor G.o.d Xue Gu but I still couldn’t be evenly matched. But now, I am different from before. An Emperor G.o.d does not strike fear in me anymore!” Jian Wushuang clenched his fists, “Today, let me see just how strong an Emperor G.o.d is.”


Jian Wushuang spat the word and a terrifying aura soared from his body. Jian Wushuang’s Ancient G.o.d body changed again. His muscular Ancient G.o.d arm wielded Blood Mountain Sword.

The boundless sword intention swept out.

“Reincarnation Sword Principle, the second move!”


He slashed and the earth shook as though he was going to break the sky.


There was a loud thud and Jian Wushuang’s body quivered. He took three steps back and every single step was about ten thousand apart. The boundless divine power dispersed and countless palaces and pavilions shattered into dust.

Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao took one step back as well. That one step was sonorous and vigorous. He stomped and the void below broke.


Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao let out a cold humph. His body was covered in green lightning that crackled. Then, there was a Thor shadow that soared from his body and roared. His roar shook the earth and a thousand mile wide black hole instantly appeared from nowhere. In the black hole, the thunderous, huge hand extended its grip toward Jian Wushuang like lightning.

The thunderous, huge hand contained terrifying power that could burst any Sir G.o.d’s body with its grip.

Jian Wushuang smirked in disdain and pointed with his index finger. Then, a boundless divine power revolved.

It tore another huge hole in the void. From the hole, there was a huge, ancient hand that extended out. The hand concentrated all its power on one finger and the point was terrifying. It was the Sixth Finger of Ancient G.o.d, Sun Corrosion.

The thunderous hand and the ancient finger collided. The two bolts of terrifying power pushed against one another but the thunder hand was shaking vigorously and looked like it was going to break


There was a loud bang and the thunderous, huge hand broke apart.

“Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao, I already took two of your attacks. Now, it’s your turn to take my own palm,” Jian Wushuang let out a hearty laugh and took a huge stride forward.

His huge stride brought about terrifying power that could destroy the universe. On Jian Wushuang’s right palm, boundless divine power crystalized and he slammed.

Reincarnation Palm!

The palm brought along boundless reincarnation power.

This palm derived from Jian Wushuang mimicking the terrifying palm that One-star Man sealed in his head the other days. In terms of power, Reincarnation Palm was actually stronger than the other two moves of Reincarnation Sword Principle.

Back in Sea Continent, Jian Wushuang had killed Sir G.o.d Chi Xing with this palm.

Jian Wushuang didn’t go all-out back then.

He never once let his divine power explode entirely until then… His divine power of Sir G.o.d level had exploded and he performed the palm with all his strength.

The huge palm pressed down. Everywhere that it pa.s.sed turned into ashes. The people who were watching the battle couldn’t help but gulp.

Even Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao was shocked at the sight.


Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao roared. Then, there were s.p.a.ce cracks in the void under his feet and they spread across like a spiderweb. The green hammer in his hand was covered in green lightning. The hammer was instantly magnified by a few folds and in the end swung out in attack brutally.


The low thud resounded across the vast universe and fell into a divine power storm. Suddenly, a figure plunged out from the divine power storm and stood in the void.

Although Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao was still carrying murderous intention, his gaze grew extremely solemn, Jian Wushuang, I belittled you. I never thought that you would already have the requisite to fight with an Emperor G.o.d!”

The surrounding cultivators were shocked at the comment.

Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao spoke himself. He said that Jian Wushuang had the power to fight with an Emperor G.o.d.

A Real G.o.d, could he really fight with an Emperor G.o.d?

“Hehe, Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao, an Emperor G.o.d expert, your power shouldn’t be just this level, right?” Jian Wushuang smiled.

He had once fought with Emperor G.o.d Xue Gu and Emperor G.o.d Xue Gu was extremely powerful. Even if he fought with Emperor G.o.d Xue Gu again, he would feel pressured.

Although Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao couldn’t compare to Emperor G.o.d Xue Gu, their powers would be extremely close. Hence, his power definitely wouldn’t just be at that level.

“Humph, you’re smart. I shall show you what an Emperor G.o.d is today!” Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao voice shook the earth.

Just as he spoke…

Rumble. Heaven and earth shook as boundless thunderous power swept out and formed an ocean of lightning.

In the ocean of lightning, large amount of green sacred lightning crackled and filled a range of ten thousand miles.

Everyone at the scene could feel the power that could destroy the universe from the ocean of lightning.

The strength of the power could make any Sir G.o.d feel hopeless!

Fighting power of an Emperor G.o.d was on full display then.

“Now, this is interesting,” Jian Wushuang smiled as he beamed with excitement.

“Secret skill of Da Leiyuan, Eternal Ocean of Lightning!”

There was green lighting that burst out of Emperor G.o.d Tian Xiao’s eye too. Suddenly, the terrifying ocean of lightning that covered an expanse of ten thousand miles covered Jian Wushuang.

Even if over ten Sir G.o.ds teamed up in the ocean of lightning, they would instantly melt into nothingness as well.

“Sacred lightning secret skill, I happen to know of them too. I wonder whose is stronger?” Jian Wushuang smiled and instigated with his right hand.

“Come on, lightning…”


In the sky above, there was suddenly a huge crack.

The huge crack parted the universe into two. From the crack, hualala!!! A terrifying Life Destroying Sacred Thunder suddenly descended.

Every single strike of Life Destroying Sacred Thunder was as thick as the mountain. Every single strike contained terrifying power that struck fear into a Sir G.o.d.

At that moment there were about a hundred strikes of Life Destroying Sacred Thunder that descend simultaneously.

After about a hundred strikes of Life Destroying Sacred Thunder descended, it immediately merged together at terrifying speed and became a huge Life Destroying Sacred Dragon that stretched over ten thousand miles.

The Life Destroying Sacred Dragon bellowed. Suddenly, the green ocean of lightning flooded in.

One of the three Ancient G.o.d secret skills, Thunder Attracting Skill!

To fight sacred lightning with sacred lightning!

Both collided.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 1768 - Versus Emperor God Tian Xiao

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