Legend of Swordsman Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Nature Residence

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This was a quiet bamboo forest.

There was a lake deep in the forest. A delicate bamboo house stood by the lake.

Jian Wushuang was lying on a bamboo bed in the house, while Leng Rushuang and Leng Ruxue stood by his side.

Leng Rushuang glanced at Jian Wushuang. Then she slightly waved her hand. Instantly, a blast of white fog emerged and entered the young man’s body through his pores.

However, shortly after, the white fog was devoured by a great power in his body.

“What?” Leng Rushuang said, a hint of shock flas.h.i.+ng through her beautiful eyes.

She was just a bit surprised at What Jian Wushuang did to save himself.

Few things could make her surprised in the whole Nanyang Continent.

But now Leng Rushuang was stunned.

“Elder Sister, what’s wrong?” Leng Ruxue looked toward her elder sister and asked.

“My Icy Heart Force was devoured by him,” Leng Rushuang replied seriously.

“How is it possible?” Leng Ruxue was petrified. She knew Icy Heart Force was very powerful, so she could not believe it was devoured by someone.

“I originally wanted to heal him using my Icy Heart Force. I didn’t expect that his Spiritual Power was so strong that it could suppress my Icy Heart Force,” Leng Rushuang said in a low voice, “it’s his Cultivation Method, which is very special and powerful.”

“Powerful? Is your Icy Heart Manual weaker than it?” Leng Ruxue asked in surprise.

“I don’t know.” Leng Rushuang stared at Jian Wushuang.

She had never cared about Jian Wushuang before, but now, she was somewhat curious about him.

“His Cultivation Method could devour my Icy Heart Force. Then Isn’t he able to remove my Icy Heart Poison…” Leng Rushuang thought. Now she looked at Jian Wushuang with some expectation.

Leng Rushuang said, “He is unusual. When we brought him back, he was dying. We didn’t give him any elixir on the way home. Now he’s much better than before. His healing ability is far superior to an ordinary warrior.

“He doesn’t need any external a.s.sistance and should wake up soon.”

“Big Brother is so strong?” Leng Ruxue said with a surprised look.

Leng Rushuang glanced at her sister and said, “You stay here to look after him.”

Then Leng Rushuang left the house.

Three days pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Jian Wushuang eventually regained consciousness.

He opened his eyes. The first person he saw was a red-robed girl.

The girl was extremely beautiful and somewhat mischievous. She was looking at him with her sparkling big black eyes.

“Big Brother, are you OK?” the red-robed girl was worried and asked him.

“You are… Leng Ruxue?” Jian Wushuang looked at the red-robed girl in surprise.

The red-robed girl was Leng Ruxue indeed.

Previously, Leng Ruxue was scruffy and looked like a little beggar, but now… she was pretty.

“Where am I?” Jian Wushuang looked around. He found himself in a bamboo room, with pieces of simple furniture made of bamboo.

“This is Nature Residence, where my elder sister lives. You’re lucky. After my sister built this house, you’re the first one that has come here, except for me and my father,” Leng Ruxue replied with a big smile.

“Nature Residence?” Jian Wushuang slowly sat up. The moment he moved, he immediately felt a sharp pain. His face was distorted.


Jian Wushuang breathed out deeply. “I’m seriously injured this time.”

He suffered a lot indeed. If he had been an ordinary warrior, he would have died already. He was stronger than an ordinary warrior, because his body was remolded with Heavenly Creation Skill. The nature-defying Cultivation Method also helped him recover.

“Big Brother, let me take you for a walk,” Leng Ruxue said.

“My name is Jian Wushuang. You can call me Big Brother Wushuang,” Jian Wushuang said gently.

“OK, Big Brother Wushuang.” Leng Ruxue smiled and supported him to walk outside.

After stepping outside, Jian Wushuang looked around. Everything came into view.


A sound of nature came out from the bamboo forest ahead.

Jian Wushuang was surprised and immediately looked toward the source of the sound.

He saw a beautiful white-clothed woman sitting under a curved tree by the lake. A Chinese zither carved with a dragon-phoenix pattern was placed in front of her. She was plucking at the strings of it with her fair fingers. The mellow melody spread out.

It sounded fantastic.

It was as melodious as the sound of waterdrops falling into a pool in the deep mountain, and as pure as the bright moon which was not covered by clouds.

It was wonderful!

Jian Wushuang heard the melody. He stood there like a fool, but he felt a sense of calm as if the whole world was tranquil.

A flow of invisible Origin Energy emanated from his body.

Origin Energy could shake the heaven and earth. In an instant, the whole area was full of Origin Energy.

The Origin Energy was considered World Origin.

Jian Wushuang was absorbed in the melody, so he did not know what happened around him. He did not perceive that a large amount of World Origin appeared and slowly spread out at this moment.

After a while, World Origin covered an area over a radius of 1000 meters, including the whole bamboo forest. The World Origin slowly combined with each other, forming a complete, powerful Domain.

Jian Wushuang quietly reached the second level of Origin enlightenment, Domain!

The wonderful melody went on. Jian Wushuang lost his sense of time.

It seemed transient, but he felt as if he had been there his whole life.

Eventually, as the last note was heard, the beautiful melody stopped, but Jian Wushuang was still immersed in it. After a long period of time, he finally came to his senses and opened his eyes.

When he found himself surrounded by Domain, he immediately froze with shock.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 309

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