Legend of Swordsman Chapter 458 - Black Yuan Lord

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Chapter 458: Black Yuan Lord

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“This fella has inflicted heavy damage on two intermediate lords working together. His battle strength is stronger than mine.” Silver Wing Lord heaved a sigh.

“Swordsman.” Iron Saber Lord appeared beside Jian Wushuang and looked at him. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Jian Wushuang laughed indifferently before he then said in an announcing voice, “Everyone, feel free to go fight against the enemies. I’ll do my best to help you with my Realms.”

Upon hearing this, the lords of Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp revealed expressions of pleasant surprise.

“Haha, let’s go kill!”

“Under such strong suppression by the Realms, it’s rather impressive that Pale Moon Marquis’ lords can still exert seven-tenths of their battle strength, and aren’t too afraid.”

“Hmph. The Realms of this swordsman, who is from our camp, is a notch stronger than Myriad Islands Lord’s two Formations!”


The fighting began anew immediately. Because of the presence of Jian Wushuang’s Realms, the advantage which Drifting-blood Marquis’s camp had was completely turned around this time.

After all, when the full suppressive force of those Realms was in effect, even advanced lords would have their strength reduced by more than three-tenths, while the restrictions imposed on intermediate and novice lords was even greater than that. It could thus be said that the strength of the entire Pale Moon Marquis’ camp was greatly diminished.

As for Myriad Islands Lord, the two Formations which he set up were, due to a lack of time, simpler and less powerful than usual. The boost which they provided to Pale Moon Marquis’ camp was far less than the suppression which Jian Wushuang’s Realms was causing to the lords.

As a result, Pale Moon Marquis’ camp not only lost the advantage they previously had but now found themselves in a disadvantageous position.

Take Demon Soul Lord, who was standing in the centermost of the battlefield, for instance. Previously, she was so close to defeating and killing Loftiness Lord, but because of Jian Wushuang’s Realms, her strength was restrained considerably, giving Loftiness Lord the chance to catch his breath. Moreover, an advanced lord from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp came to partner Loftiness Lord, and she was thus no longer feared by the latter.

“Dammit, it’s all because of that Saint Realm expert!”

Every one of the lords from Pale Moon Marquis’ camp was incensed like never before.

They had never imagined that their originally comfortable advantage would be nullified by a small Saint Realm Expert from the enemy side.

They had never taken him seriously before.

But now, Jian Wushuang had become key to the entire situation. Pale Moon Marquis’ camp had thought several times about killing him, but because he was being protected by Iron Saber Lord and another advanced lord from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp, as well as because of his own exceptional battle strength, their attempts ended in failure each time.

Right then, a black-robed figure emerged from a side channel and appeared on the battlefield. It sped immediately toward the centermost of the battlefield.

There, Demon Soul Lord and Loftiness Lord were intensely engaged in a fight. They suddenly felt a shrill and powerful wind blowing at them.

“Who’s this?”

Demon Soul Lord immediately turned and looked, only to find a fist filled with Purple Thunderbolts punching its way through the air directly toward her head.

Although the terrifying fist had not struck her yet, its momentum alone caused palpitations in her, a superior lord’s, heart. Without hesitation, she transformed into a ghost and quickly s.h.i.+fted backward.


The giant fist struck powerfully on to the Void, causing the latter to shake violently and forming a Blast Wave which swept out forcibly.

The Blast Wave forced back two intermediate lords who were busy fighting by the side.

Hummm… when the gaseous wave dissipated, a black-robed figure gradually appeared on the battlefield.

The entire battlefield quietened down upon the appearance of the black-robed figure. Many lords looked toward the new arriver.

He dressed fully in black, had a head of messy purple hair, and kept an uneven mustache. His jet black eyes were incomparably profound, and in the deepest region of his pupils circulated a streak of purple thunderbolt.

“Black Yuan Lord!”

Demon Soul Lord’s countenance changed upon recognizing the arriver.

Similarly, the expressions of the lords from Pale Moon Marquis’ camp turned unsightly.

In contrast, the lords from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp revealed joyful expressions upon seeing the man.

Among the many lords from Drifting-blood Marquis’ camp, Black Yuan Lord was, in terms of strength, rated as one of the top three superior lords!

It should be known that there were hundreds of lords under the command of Drifting-blood Marquis. Only a portion of them had come to seize back the cave mansion, and many were still on their way. There were thus only one or two superior lords of the Six-cloud Realm in attendance from either camp.

And among the superior lords who were present, Demon Soul Lord, who was from Pale Moon Marquis’ camp, was considered extremely powerful already. However, she was clearly a notch inferior to Black Yuan Lord.

The latter possessed a matchlessly terrifying body which was recognized as the most powerful one in both camps combined.

Even the bodies of Drifting-blood Marquis and Pale Moon Marquis themselves could probably not compare to his.

And it was because of his powerful body that his battle strength was exceptionally terrifying.

“That’s none other than Black Yuan Lord.” Jian Wushuang was currently staring fixedly at him too.

The former had heard of the latter while in Bei Mo Marquis’ cave mansion. The latter had, before that, collected 15 streaks of Purple Heaven Thunderbolt from the Universal Thunderbolt Pool in said cave mansion, and thereby developed his terrifying body.

“Rumor has it that Black Yuan Lord, who is considered to have the strongest body among the two large camps, had taken in 15 streaks of Purple Heaven Thunderbolt from the Universal Thunderbolt Pool, after which his body became comparable in power to a second-grade magic weapon. Subsequently, he was said to have obtained several opportunities which enhanced his body’s strength to an entirely new level. I wonder whose body is stronger between him and me.” Jian Wushuang muttered to himself.

He had absolute confidence in his own body.

His body was already comparable to a superior second-grade magic weapon. This was why, even as a Saint Realm expert, his power was on par with that of an intermediate lord.

A powerful aura swept forth from Black Yuan Lord’s body after he appeared.

“Loftiness Lord.” He opened his mouth and spoke in a chilly voice.

“Black Yuan Lord.” Loftiness Lord walked up to him donning a slightly respectful expression.

“Hand the Dao Weapon to me,” Black Yuan Lord said.

Loftiness Lord nodded and, without hesitation, handed the blood-red spear he was holding to Black Yuan Lord.

After he had received the weapon and while using it to fight against experts from Pale Moon Marquis’ camp, he was sent a message from Spirit Lord informing him to hand the Dao Weapon to Black Yuan Lord upon the latter’s arrival.

“Dao Weapon.”

Clutching the blood-red spear in his hand, Black Yuan Lord weighed it and nodded to himself. Then, with a wave of his hand, he kept the blood-red spear into an Interspatial Ring.

Legend of Swordsman Chapter 458 - Black Yuan Lord

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