The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 29

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Lord Simon Hillard was enjoying his elegant dormitory life. Louise and Ian felt an unapproachable glow in the morning scene of him serenely drinking tea and reading a book. He had willingly allowed in his two talkative friends who had arrived saying, "Please fix her hair."

Simon pulled out a chair, and Louise sat down. His broad hands swept through her hair.

he murmured. He loved Louise's hair since childhood. He had done her hair many times with his dexterous fingers. Of course, it was a small secret that the son of a Grand Duke had such a delicate touch.

Ian stepped in and gave Louise a cup of tea.

Ian said, imitating a butler.

Ian laughed and sat on the table opposite of her. Louise gently sipped the tea. The warmth that touched her lips soon spread throughout her body and the gentle tug of the brush against her hair calmed her as well.

Simon asked suddenly. Ian responded before Louise could say anything.

For some reason, Simon added his own opinion.

What they both said was true, and all Louise could do was smile. Both of them were very compatible cousins.

Louise looked between the two young men. Of course when she turned back to look at Simon he warned her to stay still or her hair would be ruined. Either way, both young men made an expression that seemed to say "Why am I with that guy?"

At Louise's advice Simon answered first.

Of course Ian had to contradict him right away.

Louise was surprised to see Simon telling such an aggressive joke. He also seemed to have changed a little under the influence of the Academy. It was very welcome. Louise used to think Simon needed to be more aggressive.

he said as he wound a ribbon through her hair.

Louise carefully touched her head.

Simon finally finished tying up her hair. Judging by the small braids, he must have done something intricate and extraordinary.

Louise smiled as she swung her head from side to side, flicking the ribbon in her hair.

It was difficult to explain. Right now everything was perfect and was is deeply embedded in her mind. The sweet fragrance of the tea that filled the room. The fresh morning sun s.h.i.+ning through the windows. Friends who have not changed at all since childhood

Of course it would be difficult.

Ian gave a positive answer. Maybe he's was being considerate as to not ruin Louise's mood.

Simon said at Ian.

Simon looked at Louise for her permission. Could Ian wear of the same color on his hair? 

Of course not! 

Louise shook her head vigorously, so Simon simply brushed Ian's hair. The time they would laugh together lasted a little bit longer. It was comfortable being like this. She was happy and relieved that it was the three of them. 

But Louise knew it couldn't stay like this forever. 

Those two…

Ian and Simon will soon realize their true devotion. All Louise has to do is try not to be hated by two people in love, and to never be jealous of Stella. She could keep the beautiful memories of their childhood.




Louise's flower care visits were a great success. This would be the last visit, and she would free from her joyful obligation. She made many new friends and received many gifts as a result of the flowers. Louise, however, was a little surprised at some of the disasters like this one.

The girl's eyes s.h.i.+mmered. Louise quit trying to ask, “Did you not listen in biology cla.s.s?”

Perhaps the Academy should make Professor Wayne Hill's “Plants, Insects and Soil" cla.s.s mandatory. It was a large issue if students weren't interested in living things and their environment. In the future the ozone layer, glaciers, and cute polar bears would be in danger. Of course there was such a thing in this story.

At Louise's formal grat.i.tude the girl quickly waved her arm.

She turned red. Louise easily guessed what had happened. Some boy must have bid on the flowers instead and given them to her together with some magnificent speech.

A radical progression in relations.h.i.+p seems to have been made, from friends to lovers. It was already the fifth time that Louise had heard this story. At this point, it wasn't a new semester party, but a big confession party.

The girl giggled for a moment. She had heard the rumor that this year's top student was being bullied by the student council president.

That was a very reliable future.

And she clapped her hands as though something had come to her.

She had a curious, playful expression on her face. A little ominous, but Louise nodded.

She lowered her voice even though it was her room.

Louise pulled an awkward face for a moment. The president had danced in the greenhouse with Louise that night. Did anyone see it from the outside? His silver hair did stand out from a distance. She hoped someone wasn't mistaken. The moment was…it was nothing. They were just reminiscing on old ballroom lessons. That's all.

Louise shrugged her shoulders and pretended not to know.

She looked at Louise with her eyes s.h.i.+ning.

Stella? Why were they talking about Stella while they were still talking about the president? Stella wasn't even on the list.

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The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 29

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