The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 48

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Louise was worried. How far could she allow him? What were the right boundaries for a friend? 

Louise stared at his s.h.i.+rt b.u.t.ton directly in front of her for a moment, then slowly drew her gaze upwards. She saw a neat collar and a cleanly shaved jawline. 


It was a little strange that her childhood friend was old enough to shave.


Louise reached for his face.

“Maybe I was embarra.s.sed by the change.”

Then she carefully swept her fingertips across his chin.


Louise nodded.

“The president's chin wasn't like this before.”

“You've changed too.”

“Me? What do you mean me?”

Louise exclaimed, her hand flying to her chin, and Ian chuckled. He wasn't talking about the jaw, he was talking about something else. You blind girl.

“Does that mean it's okay to touch each other's chins?”

“It's almost beyond the limit, but I think it should be okay?”

“All right. Let's move on.”

Louise pouted.

“We have to do more?”

“I don't want to walk down the hallway holding Louise Sweeney's chin.”

Of course it seemed like fun, so he'd try probably try it out someday.

“You shouldn't do such a terrible thing!”

“So, tell me where else.”

“You can hold my hand. You seem to have an interest in dragging me by the chin.”

“Of course I'm interested. Dragging Louise by the chin, isn't that funny? Whatever you want.”

Ian took one of Louise's hands. He always thought her hands were small, but held with another the difference was even more p.r.o.nounced. Such a slender hand lifted heavy sacks in the garden. It was a very hardworking, dependable hand. Of course, he decided to omit the modifier “cute”.

"…Like this. “

He fastened their fingers together one by one, each one he held dear.

“We can do this, right? “

Louise looked at their hands that had come in perfect contact.

“I-isn't it a bit too much?”

“Too much?”

He tilted his head as if he were unsure, but he could feel Louise's pulse pounding on against his wrist.

“Then how about we correct it like this?”

He loosened his fingers and held his hand in a more natural form. It was much better when relaxed. Louise nodded her head.

“I think that's okay.”

“Good. So what's next?”


“If there's nowhere else you will allow me to touch, you can stop.”

Not really. Besides her hands and chin, she was certain she could allow him more. Louise thought of each of her body part, one by one, and imagined how he would touch her there.

…That was a little weird, though.

“Uh, my…face.”


“With your hands, of course! Everything but your hands are forbidden!”

"…I see.”

Somehow he looked disappointed. Ugh, he was getting her confused!

“I'm glad anyway.”

He smiled lightly as he touched Louise's cheek. His other hand was still holding Louise's. Both were already approved by her, but he was pus.h.i.+ng it since he was touching them at the same time.

“I like your face.”

The soft tips of his fingers slowly swept over her cheeks. Like he was relieved to still be able to touch her this way.

"…I know.”

“You do?”

He had a look of surprise, Louise answered back with a sullen expression.

“You've always been so rude as to touch a lady's face.”

“Yes, I always want to touch it. It's hard to keep it secret from other people. You are the precious princess of the greenhouse. And the feel of your skin is so lovely.”

“Please don't talk like pervert! If I think that I pay taxes to a pervert it'll make me unhappy!”

“Is it okay if it's a pervert who likes you?”

“The Sweeney family aren't the only ones who pays taxes!”

“It's all right. I'm not a pervert to anyone but Sweeney.”

“Don't lie! Because–"

Because she had read it, about the all-powerful male lead! It was incredible. He was a pa.s.sionate lover in public places, too!

“Your face is red.”

Because she was remembering the breathtaking ill.u.s.trations.

"…I get hot after talking about taxes. It makes me feel worried.”

“Well, don't worry, if you go back to the palace later, I'll fight for a review of the Sweeney's income taxes.”

That was good thing to hear. She was building friends.h.i.+ps with those in power. In fact, the Sweeney family had been subject to an unfair tax rate because of the n.o.bles.

“Thank…thank you for being dependable.”


“We should allow each other to pet each other's hair in order so I can support the president.”

“A beautiful friends.h.i.+p.”

He lowered his posture slightly as if to ask for a pat on the head. Louise ruffled his silver hair a couple of times with the other hand that wasn't holding his. Silver was very mysterious. It had could accept all the colors of the world, but eventually it shone with its own light.

“You have nice hair.”

“Right? It's thanks to my mother.”

“I'm thankful to her.”

“You're always thankful.”

Louise dropped her hand from his head, and he straightened himself upwards. But he didn't let go of Louise's hand or face. It felt like he was making a territorial claim, but…

Anyway, he couldn't resist Louise. 

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The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 48

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