The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 56

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Louise was worried. What kind of letter should she write to Ian? She understood that the words "Happy Birthday" should be written in the first sentence, but she couldn't think of other words to follow. She wondered why it was so difficult. Her white sheet of paper loomed blankly before her.


Maybe she should write her letter without thinking of the other person's reaction? The paper didn't have the look or eyes of Ian.

‘I didn't think this would be much more difficult than a test.'

Louise pressed the tip of her pen against her lips, then jotted down a few words. 

You're an adult now. How does that feel? Of course, you didn't feel it did you? Even if you divide yesterday from today, you didn't change from a child to an adult in one day.

Ugh, what was this? She was stringing out useless sentences. From the next one on, she would wake up and write straightforwardly. 

You know, I've always wanted to tell you

Louise hesitated again. She wondered if she was being too frank. However, it was impossible to erase the words so she kept writing.  

thank you for listening to my stubbornness. I mean, when I asked you to keep our relations.h.i.+p silent.

Ah. She shouldn't have used this. She didn't think it was very polite to say thank you for breaking their engagement on his birthday. But it wasn't a real breakup, and the engagement was like a childhood prank, so it didn't matter, right?

At this point Louise felt the need to clarify her relations.h.i.+p with him more clearly. 

I hope you will remain a good friend in the future. And I don't know if this is possible but

Listening to the smooth scratch of the pen on paper, Louise finished writing her letter. She could already imagine Ian's reaction to it.

"Where on are those sweet and pretty words? Do you see anything like that? My eyes are bleeding at every spot."

Sorry. Stella was the sweet and pretty one. Just allow Louise Sweeney to have the top grades and a fair tax rate. 

After finis.h.i.+ng the letter, Louise stretched her arms for a long time. She turned in her seat to look out the window and saw students heading to the library early in the morning. Including Louise, they were the pitiable ones who had not yet completed their exams. Everyone's exam schedule was different. Ian, for example, had already completed his. Louise's two exams today were her last, and Simon still had three more. Louise envied Ian's freedom.

“There's nothing good about finis.h.i.+ng early. It means that I have to start my royal duties earlier. Besides. “

Yesterday the two of them were alone in the student council room. He had sighed, leaning against the comfortable chair reserved for the president. He went on complaining.

“I received a letter telling me to come home for my birthday at this age…I'm not sure you understand the indignity of having to write 'home birthday party' on a permission slip."

His ears were a little red as spoke. He really must have been embarra.s.sed. Louise paused her studying, laughing at the brilliant mystery of the administrative term that changed the royal prince's birthday banquet into a cute phrase.

“Anyway, Louise Sweeney."


"Your last exams are tomorrow?"

“That's right, so I can go ask the dean too. It's the president's home birthday party."

Ian grimaced lightly at her answer.

“Make sure you show up looking perfect. I won't forgive you if you appear looking like a ghost after the exams."

“One of the exams is my favorite subject, so it's okay. I studied ahead of time when I prepared for the entrance exam. And if there is a problem…"

“A problem?”

The last afternoon exam was Professor Juliana La.s.sen's cla.s.s… 

Anyway, Louise couldn't tell Ian what Professor Hill said about Professor La.s.sen.

“I still haven't finished writing your letter."

"Then stop studying right now and write the letter. This is an order."

“Do you really want my letter that bad?"

Ian didn't answer Louise's question, but he looked over and gave her a soft smile. Pretty, so very pretty. Really, what should she do with that man? Such a bewitching smile made the original Louise have a crush on him.

‘But I'll never be caught! I will never fall for it!'

Presently, Louise finished writing the letter as she promised. She gazed down at her words dried in ink, folded the paper and placed it in her bag.




She couldn't say for sure, but she thought she performed pretty well on her morning exam. Her good mood lasted well until the beginning of her afternoon exam. She arrived to the cla.s.sroom a little earlier than usual to reserve her favorite window seat. Several other students had arrived early for some last-minute studying. Among them was Stella.


Louise called to her in a soft voice. Stella's condition seemed a little different today. She was a traditional aristocratic young lady who always studied in a dignified manner, but today she lay flat on her desk, looking as worn out as Louise felt. It was not like her.

“Stella, what's wrong?”

Louise ran to her, forgetting to take her seat.


Stella's voice was horribly cracked and her face, which she could barely lift, was pale. Louise quickly touched Stella's forehead. It was very hot. Maybe her body was in pain.

“Have you taken any medicine?”

Louise looked at her in concern, but Stella shook her head.

“Not yet…I'm going to the infirmary after the exam.”

“But you can't take a test like this.”

“It's okay, I was just lying down for a little bit.."

“Tell me the symptoms so I can go to the infirmary and get some medicine.”

Louise quickly pulled out a small notebook. It didn't make sense for Stella to be sick on Ian's birthday. If she couldn't go to the party, then Louise will not be able to see the main characters' wonderful scenes. Ian would also be disappointed to not receive a kind and beautiful letter.

And most of all, Stella was working so hard to live up to her professors' expectations, not to mention trying to take an exam while sick on top of that. Given her genuine pa.s.sion, it was natural that Louise wanted to help. Besides, Louise was feeling good today.

“I can't be any trouble to you.”

“Cut it. You'll feel better if you take the medicine. Besides, the infirmary isn't that far away.”

“But you have to take an exam too…"

“Don't worry. I'm perfectly prepared. I'm pretty confident.”


“Ah, I'm not trying to be conceited. But if I don't say this, you won't feel better.”

"…So you're confident?”

"Just tell me, when did your fever start?”

At Louise's urging, Stella reluctantly described her symptoms. After taking careful note of Stella's words, Louise rushed to the doctor's office. She soon arrived there, panting, but there was no healer in the room. She waited fifteen minutes, nervously kicking her feet before the healer came back.

“Tell her to drink this bottle at once.”

The bottle was fairly large, so Louise asked about it more carefully.

“Does she have to drink it all at once?”

“It doesn't matter, but once you take your mouth off, don't drink it again.”

“Will this make Stella completely better? Until late evening if possible, or until dawn.”

"Oh, well, somehow. If she has the will.”

Thank goodness. Magic really was amazing. 

Louise dashed out of the infirmary, her knees aching and her lungs out of breath from the lack of exercise. When she returned to the cla.s.sroom, she found that there were more students in the room than before. Louise's favorite window seat was already taken, but she couldn't do anything about that anymore. Protecting Stella was more important than having a seat she wanted.

“Take this, Stella.”

Louise sat behind Stella and handed her medicine.

“You have to drink it all at once. Just one time!”

Louise gave her a worried look, concerned that Stella might not be able to drink it all. The medicine must be really bitter, but Stella grimaced as she quickly downed the liquid. She was kind of cute. Louise smiled. At that moment the professor walked in, sadly signaling the beginning of the exam. Louise and Stella hastily put away their sheets and notebooks that were on their desks.

Now, the final exam. 

Louise wished herself and Stella the best. That way, it would be more satisfying to beat Stella.

…Was she being too much of a villainess?

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The Male Lead's Villainess Fiancée Chapter 56

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