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Mo Wen now finally understood why, after he gave Dongfang Yi a Vigor Consolidating Pill, the look he gave Mo Wen was as though he had seen a naked beauty and couldn't wait to gobble her up…

With his Two stars Executor standard, even if he worked himself to the bone for the next few years, he would probably still not be able to ama.s.s 60,000 Contribution Credits.

In reality, Mo Wen's mentality had entered an erroneous zone. He used his own mentality to evaluate an object's worth, so naturally there would be a bias. Especially for a person like Mo Wen, the bias that appeared would be too great.

He did not know that one pill, which could raise one's cultivation, for an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner, was too precious. They could not get one, even if they wanted to.

The way of Practice was not an easy thing. Too many people spent all their efforts, but ended up at a bottleneck, stuck and unable to advance. If there was a pill that could help them break through to the next realm, they could take the next step to the realm that, under normal circ.u.mstances, they could never reach.

The advantages that the Huatian Palace Executor possessed made countless people in the ancient martial arts world envious. Things that they thought they could not obtain, the Huatian Palace Executor could obtain easily. It seemed that, for the Huatian Palace Executor, with enough resources, everything was possible.

Before, A's cultivation wasn't as high as B. After joining the Huatian Palace, A's cultivation immediately exceeded that of B's.

Before this, their practice was slow, needing ten times the effort to compare with others. After joining the Huatian Palace, their practice speed improved leaps and bounds, far exceeding the geniuses that they had recognized before.

Such incidents were not uncommon in the Huatian Palace. In Hua Xia's ancient martial arts world, it was also very normal, because they were people of the Huatian Palace and had the Huatian Palace cultivating them.

As for why Mo Wen looked down on the Huatian Palace's Redemption main hall, it was because it did not help him. He looked down on the Huatian Palace's pills because he believed that the pills' prices and actual effects were not as good as some cheaper items.

But, what he had not noticed was that the real problem was that his starting point was too high. So high, it far exceeded the normal standards of the Huatian Palace. 

Mo Wen, with the immortal alchemy arts, figured that, if he had enough medicinal herbs, he could concoct large amounts of precious pills, even possibly concocting panacea. So, he would naturally not bother with the Huatian Palace's pills.

But, he wondered how the normal ancient martial art pract.i.tioners could work in such conditions. They usually could only rely on their own efforts and keep practicing. To obtain a pill, even if it had a small effect, would be very fortuitous for them.

Mo Wen uninterestedly walked one round around the Redemption main hall. Then, without redeeming anything, he left empty-handed.

It was as he expected, the Huatian Palace did not bring out spiritual herbs and other precious medicinal herbs to be redeemed. The things that could be redeemed were only some finished products, like martial arts methods, martial arts teachings, pills and weapons.

There were quite a few things that could be redeemed, but none of them were things that Mo Wen needed. Of course, in his heart, Mo Wen did not take the Huatian Palace's Redemption main hall lightly. Although the stuff it had was useless to him, in the ancient martial arts world, these were all rare items.

For instance, many martial arts methods and martial arts teachings that could be redeemed in the Four stars Redemption main hall were ranked martial arts teachings. Although their prices were high, almost all of them being above 80,000 Contribution Credits, a ranked martial arts teachings in the ancient martial arts world outside was something that money could not buy.

Also, the weapons were no ordinary weapons. Mo Wen discovered that, in these weapons, there was a spiritual power pulsating. Occasionally, spiritual markings could even be seen, with special powers being imbued on them. 

That was clearly not the work of ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, but the manufacturing methods of immortal cultivators. Although these weapons couldn't be called refined weapons, these sort of weapons were surely un.o.btainable outside and were far stronger than normal weapons.

It was a pity that Mo Wen had the Sacred Fire Sword, so he naturally would not look at these weapons. This was because the Sacred Fire Sword was a true immortal cultivator magical treasure. Although Mo Wen had never owned a magical treasure, with the knowledge of his past life, he was able to recognize such things.

Regrettably, Mo Wen's current authority could only qualify him for the Four stars Redemption main hall. He could not enter the other higher ranked Redemption main halls. Otherwise, with the Huatian Palace's immortal cultivator's background, there should be items that Mo Wen needed. To put it bluntly, it was not that the Huatian Palace did not have good stuff, but that Mo Wen's rank was too low to see all of the good stuff.

Helpless, he walked out of the Redemption main hall. As he was preparing to leave, Mo Wen suddenly met a familiar face.

"Mo Wen, you are also here?"

A rather surprised voice could be heard nearby. When Mo Wen noticed her, she naturally noticed Mo Wen immediately.

A purple silhouette ran over. The person was none other than Chen Zi, whom he had met in the Challenge main hall the other day.

"Come over and take a look."

Mo Wen nodded his head slightly. He felt that it was unexpected to meet Chen Zi again. After all, the Redemption main hall constantly had so many people coming and going. With his social circle, the probability of meeting a familiar face was too slim.

"What do you want to redeem? Have you already redeemed it?"

Chen Zi asked curiously. For him to be in the Redemption main hall, it would naturally be to redeem items.

"There aren't many things that interest me here." 

Mo Wen shook his head slightly. In the Four stars Redemption main hall, not many things could interest him. Also, the things that interested him were expensive. With only a few hundred thousand Contribution Credits in his hand, he did not think it was worth it to buy these things.

"Not many things that interest you!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Zi was somewhat stupefied. It was the first time she had heard someone give such an evaluation of the Huatian Palace Redemption main hall. She did not know how to respond.

After all, the people who came to the Redemption main hall all already had a goal in mind. Usually, those who came asked whether they had redeemed the item they had their eyes on, or whether they could afford the expensive amount of Contribution Credits.

It was her first time hearing someone else say that the Redemption main hall did not have many things that interested them, and that that was the reason that they had not redeemed anything.

What did his words mean?

Could he be saying that, in the Redemption main hall, almost nothing caught his eye, so he had just come over for nothing!?

Chen Zi herself felt that such a thing was unbelievable, as almost all of the items in the Huatian Palace were considered to be rare treasures in the outside world. Some of the items were even exclusive to the Huatian Palace and could not be found in the outside world at all. Any one of these items were deemed precious!

It could be said that there had never been a time when a Huatian Palace Executor did not redeem an item from the Redemption main hall. Many of them couldn't wait to have more Contribution Credits to redeem more treasures.

But now, someone was telling her that nothing in the Redemption main hall caught his eye. She was amazed that there was actually such a person in the world!

"Uh, what do you want?"

Chen Zi asked, somewhat embarra.s.sed. She did not know what else to say. Most of the time, the Huatian Palace should have anything that Mo Wen wanted.

"Are there things like flowers or and types of medicinal herbs?"

Mo Wen immediately asked the question he had inside. Chen Zi would be more familiar with the Huatian Palace. Maybe she could get him something that would be of use to him.

"Flowers and! Medicinal herbs!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Zi nearly fainted. The Redemption main hall had so much good stuff, yet nothing had caught his eye. Instead, he liked flowers and! If she didn't know that Mo Wen was highly intelligent, she would have suspected this person of being ill.

However, although Mo Wen's question was unorthodox, Chen Zi still thought about it carefully.

"You want to purchase medicinal herbs?"

Chen Zi thought for a moment, then looked at Mo Wen and asked.

"That's right."

Mo Wen nodded his head, his eyes fixed on Chen Zi.

Could she have any good suggestions?

"In the conventional Redemption main hall, usually there are no medicinal herbs to be redeemed. But, there is a place that may have them. If I remember correctly, I have seen them there once before."

Chen Zi slightly frowned, struggling to recall in her memories. She usually wouldn't notice things like flowers,, and medicinal herbs. So, even if she happened to see them, she would not have a deep impression of it.

"What place is this?" Mo Wen's eyes flashed, his interest sparking.

Could there really be such a place in the Huatian Palace?

"The Free Trade Zone! I remember seeing it there once," Chen ZI said.

"Free Trade Zone?" Mo Wen looked incredulously at Chen Zi. He seemed to have never heard of such a place.

"Yes, the Free Trade Zone! Follow me, I'll explain along the way."

As she said this, Chen Zi pulled Mo Wen's sleeve, changed direction, then headed down a long corridor. Along the way, Chen Zi told Mo Wen about the Free Trade Zone.

The so-called Free Trade Zone was like a free trade marketplace. However, the people who did business there were all Huatian Palace Executors. So, the currency used for business in the Free Trade Zone was also Contribution Credits.

Based on what Chen Zi told him, the Executors in the Huatian Palace had complicated personal relations.h.i.+ps and intricate backgrounds, covering almost all of the factions in the entire ancient martial arts world. Aside from being a Huatian Palace Executor, everyone had another ident.i.ty. 

With such complicated personal relations.h.i.+ps and intricate backgrounds, came the trade of special interests and, gradually over time, a market was formed. For instance, a Huatian Palace Executor, who was previously a direct disciple of the Medicine King Valley, could obtain many pills and medicinal herbs from the Medicine King Valley.

Then, he could use his connections to s.h.i.+p the Medicine King Valley's resources to the Huatian Palace and trade with other Executors in the Huatian Palace. There were many methods of trade. Some bartered goods directly, some directly traded Contribution Credits. Some could even directly trade with a promise, while some could trade with a.s.sets from the outside world.

Hence, regardless of what the item was, if it had value, then it could be traded in the Free Trade Zone.

Invincible Kungfu Healer 280 Free Trade Zone

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