Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 408 - The Mysterious Sisters

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Chapter 408: The Mysterious Sisters

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Right after Mo Wen flew out from the cave, there was a girl das.h.i.+ng into it. It was Feihong, who had come back to rescue him after sending out the distress signal.

“What are you doing?” Mo Wen stared at her quizzically.

After all, she had escaped, so he couldn’t understand why she would come back!

Feihong didn’t respond to Mo Wen as she entered the cave. But not long after, she immediately walked back out, bringing Shangguan Qingyou with her.

Feihong glanced at Mo Wen curiously. This youth had killed four black-robed men on his own, while saving Shangguan Qingyou. Otherwise, the consequences would have been unimaginable!

As Mo Wen and the two were das.h.i.+ng out from the cave, other figures were emerging from some of the other caves. These figures were being led by Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan.

The two of them were apparently in charge of clearing a path to bring everyone out. Mo Qingtian was surprisingly among the crowd, too.

“Sister Fengwu, what happened exactly?” Shangguan Qingyou asked.

She didn’t quite understand how Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan could have escaped too. After all, she thought that they were facing three Golden Elixir realm pract.i.tioners! Then, in the blink of an eye, everyone had escaped safely!

“The three black-robed men have been killed. Even though we didn’t achieve the target for this mission, the information from the Huatian Palace was wrong, so it was not our fault. Also, we have killed everyone, so this is not a small achievement,” Pei Fengwu said plainly.

They actually had received false information from the Huatian Palace. In fact, they had almost been killed as a result of the faulty intel!

“The three Golden Elixir realm’s black-robed men were…” Shangguan Qingyou broke off her sentence, while staring at Pei Fengwu.

How could the three absolute strong pract.i.tioners die? By right, Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan would not have the ability to kill them!

Not only Shangguan Qingyou, but almost all of the girls in the Fengwu team stared at Cai Yan and Pei Fengwu incredulously. They knew that their team leaders were strong, but the thought of them killing three Golden Elixir realm absolute strong pract.i.tioners was just too shocking.

“Since the Huatian Palace sent us out for a mission, they naturally equipped us beforehand. No matter how strong those three old b*stards were, do you actually think that they would be stronger than the Huatian Palace?” Cai Yan said.

The reason why she had given all of the credit to the Huatian Palace was so that she would not reveal Mo Wen’s secret of possessing many treasures. They had come to an agreement on this plan on the way here.

Upon hearing her words, the people all wore an enlightened expressions on their faces. They were well aware of the mysteries of the Huatian Palace. If the Palace had really given Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan some astonis.h.i.+ng items, their killing a few Golden Elixir realm old farts would make more sense.

Right now, everyone credited their success to the treasures that had been a.s.signed to them by the Huatian Palace. After their escaping death, the few younger girls were joyous, each commenting amongst themselves…

“Sister Fengwu, we should celebrate later. I almost thought I would die in this d*mn cave.”

“Yes! Yes! Tonight, we will not leave till we are drunk. Who said girls can’t drink? I am a much better drinker than most men.”

“The people in Ghost Lair are really treacherous. We almost fell for their wicked schemes. If we encounter them again, I will surely not let them off.”

The women then relaxed after escaping the unpleasant event.

“Set aside other business. We will go back to the Huatian Palace first, as this is not a trivial matter. The Ghost Lair has actually taken the initiative to set up a trap to harm us. Moreover, I’m certain that they have other goals in mind,” Pei Fengwu said with a serious expression, interrupting everyone’s joyous moment.

After all, this matter was definitely not targeting them but the Huatian Palace, and if it could occur once, it could occur a second or third time. Before this, it had always been the people from the Huatian Palace who were hunting down the people from the heretic forces. But now, they could quite possibly be ready to retaliate!

“That’s right. We will go back to report to the Huatian Palace first,” one of the girls said, while nodding.

Mo Wen did not return with them to the Huatian Palace, but directly bid Pei Fengwu farewell and prepared to return to the school. He did not want to get too deeply involved in any grudges between the Huatian Palace and the heretic forces.

Pei Fengwu watched Mo Wen’s silhouette disappear into the night. Only after he had completely left did she turn back.

She slightly raised her eyebrows. From the beginning, Mo Wen had given her a very mysterious feeling. Now, she noticed even more how mysterious he was. Unreasonable and unusual things always seemed to happen when he was around.

“This Mo Wen is such a maverick. Why do I feel as though he is not a member of our Fengwu team at all? Today, he seemed to follow along, but yet did nothing!” a woman from the Fengwu team seemed really unhappily.

“That’s right. How can he behave like this? At least he could return together with us.”

“This person is too despicable! He followed along to earn large amounts of Contribution Credits, then left once the mission ended.”

Many members of the Fengwu team displayed their displeasures towards Mo Wen leaving alone and not concerning himself with them. He clearly did not consider himself to be a real member of the team at all.

“I’ve already said that he isn’t a good person,” Shangguan Qingyou uttered quietly with her head lowered.

Pei Fengwu and Cai Yan gave each other a glance and smiled bitterly. This time, if it wasn’t for Mo Wen, they would most likely have suffered terrible losses. However, they could not reveal this matter in front of everyone here, so they could only sit in silence.

As the dark primeval forest couldn’t stop these women, who each had deep and profound cultivations, they waited for a short while, then disappeared completely. They came and left as they pleased, without leaving a trace.

On the top of a nearby peak, two men stood silently. They seemed like two formless ghosts, neither emitting a sound or breath. They seemed to have no auras at all. Hence, n.o.body noticed them.

“Another fake altar. This has been the third one. After this, who knows how many more will appear? These people from the Ghost Lair are surely cautious,” an old man in white robes said plainly, while staring at the peak.

Even though he was speaking in a normal voice, only the old man in black robes who was standing beside him could hear him.

“I am rather curious. The Ghost Lair is acting abnormally. They are deceiving us again and again. Exactly what is this about?” The old man in black robes lamented, his expression was serious.

“It’s hard to say. The Ghost Lair is the most ancient of the heretic forces. You and I both know who is behind it. Now, I can only pray that the matter is not more serious than we realize. Otherwise, the world will once again descend into chaos.” Fear flashed in the eyes of the old man in white robes.

“Well, there is no use in saying too much now. We can only let everything takes its course. The Huatian Palace has ruled for hundreds of years, and it’s impossible to have peace forever. Some crisis will come, sooner or later. After all, no one will possibly give up on the fight over the primeval ancestral lands. If our generation encounters it, we can only say that we are unlucky. However, it might be an opportunity, as heroes are born in troubled times. If we can persist, we may have a chance to enter that place!” A glint of light flashed in the eyes of the old man in black robes.

“We will be very fortunate if we can survive the chaos. As for achieving something greater, that would be a tough task.” The old man in white robes sighed. Compared to the old man in black robes, his fighting will was much weaker.

“Let’s not talk about that now. n.o.body knows exactly what will happen in the future. I am rather curious about the youth named Mo Wen. He has a treasured talisman that was left behind from the ancient times with him, which would have a huge research value for us. He even went so far as to use it directly! He was totally wasting good things recklessly!” The old man in black robes switched topics and mentioned Mo Wen directly.

It was obvious that everything that happened couldn’t escape their eyes. Even though they were a mountain away, they had observed with their eagle eyes. As of yet, their existences in this place were relatively unknown!

Actually, Pei Fengwu and the rest didn’t know that these two old men were the true main forces of the mission! In fact, the Fengwu team didn’t know that before this, the Ghost Lair had deceived the Huatian Palace’s intelligence system so many times, it had caused the Huatian Palace to lose many Executors. So, for this mission, these two mysterious old men had been hidden in the dark!

The old men didn’t make their presence known yet because originally, they had wanted to toughen the Executors up a little more. They hadn’t expected that, in the end, Mo Wen would appear and settle everything!

“The youth is most likely very familiar with the immortal cultivators, as he doesn’t have spiritual power and is not an immortal cultivator. He isn’t even equipped with spiritual stones! But, the white pill that he swallowed does contain pure spiritual energy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to unleash the power of the ancient treasured talisman,” the man in the white robes said.

He then added, “The Huatian Palace is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. Both of us are well aware of that fact. There are many things which we can’t comprehend. It is naturally common for some strange people to appear, especially the mysterious sisters. Until now, we have yet to figure out their origins and background. They are most likely related to that place, and their statuses are not low…”

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 408 - The Mysterious Sisters

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