Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 481 - Never Provoke a Woman

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Chapter 481: Never Provoke a Woman

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A fair-looking young man who was dressed in white and had a jade hair ornament on his head was walking on the opposite street. He took long strides and headed towards Mo Wen’s and Chen Zi’s direction, while holding a folding fan that had a delicate golden frame and plum blossom prints on it.

There were seven to eight people surrounding this young man, like myriad stars that were orbiting around the moon. This group of people directly blocked Mo Wen and Chen Zi on the street.

“What do you want?” Chen Zi’s brows raised slightly as she shouted coldly.

As the Young Mistress of the Intentionless Sect, Chen Zi’s status in the Qingzhen District was unusual. As such, it was surprising that someone would dare to block her on the street. Furthermore, it was done in such a rude way!

“It was indeed the Phantom Wolf Cat. Excellent!” The eyes of the fair young man with the jade hair ornament were constantly fixed on the Phantom Wolf Cat, as if he didn’t see Chen Zi at all.

His eyes were full of surprise and delight, like he had just seen a precious treasure. When the Phantom Wolf Cat was being nurtured to adulthood, it became a very frightening Sixth level monstrous beast, which was able to threaten any martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

It was a rare top-level existence among the Sixth level monstrous beasts. Even the martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Golden Elixir realm would be very careful when encountering the Phantom Wolf Cat that had finally attained the adult stage!

Moreover, once the Phantom Wolf Cat was tamed, it would be extremely faithful. So, it was almost impossible for it to go against its owner, thus making it the most loyal partner.

Besides this, the Phantom Wolf Cat’s size was small, so it was portable and easily hidden. This made it perfect to utilize as a secret weapon in an

It was simply the perfect guardian beast! As such, countless people in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension wanted to have a Phantom Wolf Cat as their combat pet.

However, the Phantom Wolf Cat was scarce and was very difficult to catch and tame. Because of these factors, there was only a handful of Phantom Wolf Cats in the entire Green Ancient Mystery Dimension that had actually been tamed. Hence, it was impossible for most normal people to obtain them.

Liu Jiang had always wished that he could have a Phantom Wolf Cat as his combat pet, but this dream had never been realized. Hence, when he had encountered a tamed Phantom Wolf Cat today, he couldn’t control his emotions and surrounded them straightaway!

“Young lady, I am the Jianyou Sect’s Young Sect Leader, Liu Jiang. I always wished to have a Phantom Wolf Cat as a combat pet, so can you sell this Phantom Wolf Cat to me?” He took a look at the Phantom Wolf Cat for a while before turning around to look at Chen Zi and making his request.

As his eyes gazed upon Chen Zi’s beauty, a sense of amazement flashed in them.

“No…I’m not selling…” Chen Zi furrowed her brows.

She couldn’t believe that this guy actually had the nerve to make such an unreasonable request! After all, Mo Wen had given her this Phantom Wolf Cat. If she was to sell it, it would bring shame upon him!

“Young lady, I believe that the Jianyou Sect has the ability to buy anything. You can state any conditions, and I will definitely be able to fulfill them.” Liu Jiang was not agitated as he calmly opened his folding fan with a “shush” sound and smiled.

The Jianyou Sect was the second strongest influence after the Intentionless Sect in the Qingzhen District. As its reputation and abilities were strong, they were not afraid of others.

Looking at this young lady, he a.s.sumed that she was definitely not of a high status. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gone into the perilous forest to kill the monstrous beasts personally, thus leaving herself in such a sorry state!

Moreover, he figured that she must have had some luck, as she was able to tame a Phantom Wolf Cat! He believed that, since she was kind of a country hick and was without knowledge, she would surely compromise after he tempted her with some good benefits.

“Why are you spouting so much nonsense? Is the Jianyou Sect that powerful?” Chen Zi cast a cold look at Liu Jiang, while she thought to herself…

Does this person think I’m an idiot?

She had no doubt that the Jianyou Set had the ability to afford to buy a Sixth level Phantom Wolf Cat, but she wondered what kind of price the Jianyou Sect was really willing to pay. Moreover, she had to considered the possibility that such a young Sect Leader may not have the deciding power. But, the bottom lines was that, at the moment, this guy was obviously treating her like an idiot and intending to take advantage of her!

“Young lady, you better do as I ask before I force you to accept my offer.” Liu Jiang’s face turned gloomy as he spoke to her coldly.

He then added, “Since the Jianyou Sect is going to become the strongest influence in the Qingzhen District and will soon be in control of it all, you better think twice of the consequences if you intend to continue to stay in the Qingzhen District in the future.”

He had already decided that he absolutely must get the Phantom Wolf Cat. He had never before in his life encountered one, so as he had finally done so now, he naturally wouldn’t let this chance slip by!

Although he was the Young Sect Leader of the Jianyou Sect, his talent in the martial arts left much to be desired. However, thanks to the great amount of resources that the sect had showered upon him, he was able to attain the beginning stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. Yet, it was still too difficult to say whether or not he could attain the Embryonic Breathing realm in the future.

If he could have a Phantom Wolf Cat as his combat pet, regardless of the situation that he might face in the future, his safety would be greatly a.s.sured, as it could be considered as a great protective talisman for him.

“The Jianyou Sect will be controlling Qingzhen District soon? You are provoking the Intentionless Sect!” Chen Zi’s eyes squinted slightly as she figured out their intentions!

“Hmph, the Intentionless Sect! Ha ha, very soon, the Intentionless Sect will be history.” Liu Jiang laughed wickedly.

Chen Zi’s face changed a little. Liu Jiang’s speech made her realize that something really wrong must have happened to the Intentionless Sect. The Jianyou Sect was second in terms of influences when compared to the Intentionless Sect in the Qingzhen District. They had always been extremely ambitious and had attempted to overtake the Intentionless Sect and control the Qingzhen District.

However, the Jianyou Sect being ambitious was one thing. Before they had the definite confidence, it was basically impossible for them to say such a thing in public. Moreover, Liu Jiang was the Jianyou Sect’s Young Sect Leader…

“Okay, enough talk, now give your young master the Phantom Wolf Cat obediently. Then, perhaps your young master will give you some benefits when he is pleased.” Liu Jiang sneered.

As he had never seen Chen Zi except in her tattered clothes at this moment, he would never have connected her as being the Young Mistress of the Intentionless Sect. Hence, he naturally perceived the change in Chen Zi’s expression as mere fear. At this moment, he didn’t even talk about making a deal anymore, he straightaway asked to simply be given the Phantom Wolf Cat!

“Go away. I still have something to attend to! Don’t block my way!” Chen Zi said.

At this moment, Chen Zi was like a cat on hot bricks. She wished that she could get to the Intentionless Sect immediately. Hence, she pushed Liu Jiang aside, as she intended to leave.

“You are courting death. Since you don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for being merciless and malicious. Go, capture that young lady! Your Young Master not only wants her Phantom Wolf Cat, but he also wants to ‘treat’ her well.” Liu Jiang ordered.

But, as his cultivation was merely in the Qi Nucleation realm and he was merely pleasant to the eyes, but was completely useless, Chen Zi simply had to give him a push, and he ended up stumbling and nearly fell to the ground! Liu Jiang was in rage, as he felt that he was being shamed. At this moment, he used his full force!

If it had been in the past, he wouldn’t have had such courage to do so. After all, the Qingzhen District had its own rules. If there weren’t any rules in the city, the city would become very chaotic, with everyone killing and plundering according to their whims.

Even if he intended to obtain the Phantom Wolf Cat by force, under normal circ.u.mstances, he would have chosen a more tactful way. However, now that the Intentionless Sect was going to be destroyed and the Jianyou Sect was going to be the new ruler of the Qingzhen District, there was nothing that he had to be afraid of anymore!

“Don’t worry, Young Master, this young lady can’t run anywhere.” One of the few lackeys, who was following behind Liu Jiang, said.

He had a short stature and wore a lewd facial expression as he laughed lasciviously. He then moved his body to block in front of Chen Zi.

In the meantime, his hand gripped Chen Zi’s shoulders. His Inner Qi was fluctuating, revealing that he actually had a cultivation that was in the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Chen Zi’s face paled as she flashed her figure to avoid him. Her figure then transformed into a purple shadow, and although it was a close call, she managed to escape from his grip.

The Phantom Wolf Cat had been originally lying lazily on her shoulder, but at this moment, it stood up immediately with its hairs on end. The next instant, its small body disappeared from Chen Zi’s shoulder, as if it had vanished into thin air!


A low deep sound resounded throughout the s.p.a.ce at that moment. That short guy who had attacked Chen Zi just now moved backwards two to three steps. It could be clearly seen that he a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his palm, and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out of it and dying the floor red!

A streak of purple light flashed as the Phantom Wolf Cat returned to Chen Zi’s shoulder. However, it was clearly not feeling well, as it brandished its claws and growled constantly, like it was screaming in pain. After all, the Phantom Wolf Cat was not an adult yet, so it was quite tough for it to handle a martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm.

“Good!” Liu Jiang exclaimed.

He was elated to see this. He was not worried about his subordinate being injured, but instead was clapping and applauding it!

The stronger the Phantom Wolf Cat was, the happier he was. At this moment, he had already treated that Phantom Wolf Cat as his personal belonging.

He could see that the Phantom Wolf Cat was merely a young beast, yet it was already strong enough to harm a martial arts pract.i.tioner in the Embryonic Breathing realm!

How terrifying will it be when it is an adult? The Phantom Wolf Cat has indeed lived up to its reputation of having the ability of threatening the martial arts pract.i.tioners in the Golden Elixir realm!

“Go! All of you go together and capture the young lady and the Phantom Wolf Cat. Remember, though, do not to hurt them.” Liu Jiang waved his hand as he ordered his subordinates to attack them together.

At this time, he wanted to possess the Phantom Wolf Cat badly. As for the young lady, she was quite pretty, so he figured that he could use her for some of his carnal pleasures.

Chen Zi saw five to six opponents coming her way and could tell that all of their cultivations were quite strong. She immediately flashed her figure to retreat, then hid behind Mo Wen.

“What are you doing?” Mo Wen looked amused and had his hands folded on his chest.

“At this time, aren’t you supposed protect me, like a real man would? You are actually just going to watch while and do nothing while they bully me?” Chen Zi glared at Mo Wen.

Just now, he could have gotten rid of these people, but he simply watched the scene unfold, looking like the matter had nothing to do with him!

“They are not looking for me, so what does it have to do with me?” Mo Wen remained indifferent, looking like the matter was none of his concern whatsoever.

“Hubby, they are actually plundering our Phantom Wolf Cat. I will hold them back, and you better run away with the Phantom Wolf Cat!” Chen Zi shoved the Phantom Wolf Cat into Mo Wen’s arms before bellowing at him exaggeratedly.

“What? He is actually your husband? Hmph, this guy is very lucky indeed. But… Escape? Can you really escape? Never! Hey, go and kill that guy!” Liu Jiang ordered.

He was treating Mo Wen as a stranger previously, so he basically didn’t think too much of him. But now, he finally noticed Mo Wen, and he had killing intent in his eyes.

This guy is actually this young lady’s husband! That means that I am taking his hand-me-downs!

Suddenly, an evil intent surged in his chest as he glared at Mo Wen with rage. He wished he could go up to him and kill him right then and there!

The corners of Mo Wen’s lips twitched, while he glanced at Chen Zi. He was completely speechless as he thought to himself…

That’s why they always say that one should never provoke a woman…

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 481 - Never Provoke a Woman

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