Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 561 - Great Earth Black Bear

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Chapter 561: Great Earth Black Bear

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Don’t look at me. You even s.n.a.t.c.hed the Green Primordial Mirror. What more do you want?” Jin Ying said indifferently as she cast Mo Wen a side glance.

Mo Wen had taken the Green Primordial Mirror from her hands. Now that the Weapon Forging Sect was looking for trouble, he wanted her to risk her life and fight them to the death?

“Don’t forget the conditions you have with us,” Mo Wen said plainly.

“Don’t worry. If we encounter a monstrous beast, I will certainly spare no effort. But your personal grudges with other sects have nothing to do with me,” Jin Ying said expressionlessly.

“Be quiet, finding the treasure is more important.” Yin Banshuang frowned as she once again led the team flying down into the abyss.

The abyss appeared very deep, so deep that they almost could not see the bottom. However, that was an illusion. In reality, the abyss was not deep. The unique environment of the surroundings created an optical illusion to make it appear so.

Of course, the abyss was fraught with danger. Wanting to reach the bottom was no easy feat. Even though Yin Banshuang could guide everyone through a route that allowed them to avoid the gale, it was impossible for their path to keep heading downwards. Sometimes, in order to avoid the gale layer, they even had to fly upwards for a distance before continuing to head back down.

Moreover, inside the abyss, powerful monstrous beasts frequently appeared.

The group of seven people finally arrived at the bottom of the abyss after two hours. At the very bottom, the gale layer was completely gone. It was pitch black with strange craggy rocks, a thousand meters wide. The rocks were so long that they could not see the ends. Standing at the bottom and looking around made it seem as though they were standing in a stone forest. It would be almost impossible for such a large abyss to appear in the geography of the outside world.

Roar! The group had barely touched the ground when a frightening roar sounded. It was followed by strong vibrations that shook the ground. Huge boulders fell from the cliffs on both sides. Even the rocks on the ground shook non-stop.

Roar! Roar! The roar became more and more maniacal. It was soon followed by a huge shadow which shrouded everyone, as though a huge mountain peak had suddenly appeared in front of them. The shadow was like a cloud blocking out the sun.

“Great Earth Black Bear!” Chen Wuhui drew a cold breath, looking into the distance with a degree of shock.

There was a huge shadow, a thousand feet tall. Its body seemed to take up half of the width of the abyss. Even its roar could cause the earth and mountains to quake.

The skin on Chen Wuhui’s face shook a little, a feeling of horror welling up inside him. This Great Earth Black Bear had absolutely unimaginable power. Even if a Martial Arts Grandmaster encountered one, they would not necessarily win against it.

They had just reached the bottom of the abyss and had already encountered such a frightening monstrous beast. The abyss was even more frightening than the legends made it out to be.

Mo Wen and Jin Ying, as well as the rest, had stiff expressions. This level of mythical beast was not an existence that they could contend with.

However, luckily the mythical beast was not after them. More likely, it had not noticed them at all. If it had, the results would have been unthinkable.

Boulders rolled, and the Great Earth Black Bear furiously slammed its palm on a cliff on one side of the abyss. A huge bang sounded and a large gaping hole appeared in the cliff wall. When the bear claw was drawn out from the rubble, a monstrous beast resembling an elephant, but with large wings, could be seen in its huge palm.

The monstrous beast frantically struggled and roared constantly, but it was useless. It could not break free from the palm of the frightening Great Earth Black Bear.

Nom! Nom! A chewing sound resounded as the Great Earth Black Bear stuffed the monstrous beast straight into its mouth, eating it alive. Fresh blood flowed out from the two corners of the Great Earth Black Bear’s mouth, giving it a savage and b.l.o.o.d.y look.

After eating one monstrous beast, the Great Earth Black Bear started looking for another target. Wherever it went, it ate, as if it would never be content.

Then, just as everyone thought that the Great Earth Black Bear would sweep away everything in its path, another white light lit up the cliff wall in the distance. The white light was gentle, but it appeared in front of the Great Earth Black Bear in an instant.

It was a bizarre monstrous beast that resembled a lion but had scales and horns. It did not look big, but it dared to appear blatantly in front of the Great Earth Black Bear.

With a flash of white light, the tail of the monstrous beast suddenly reared up. Then, at a frightening speed, it extended. In an instant, it was more than a hundred meters long and furiously lashed at the Great Earth Black Bear.

Roar! The Great Earth Black Bear roared in anger. A bear claw furiously reached out to grab the long tail.

Rumble! The strength of the tail las.h.i.+ng out was shocking. Such a huge living creature like the Great Earth Black Bear was forcefully sent reeling backward, traveling four to five steps.

Roar! Roar! Roar! The white scaled lion-like monstrous beast roared but did not attack again. It seemed to be warning the Great Earth Black Bear, telling it not to cross the line and come trespa.s.sing on its territory.

Roar! The Great Earth Black Bear raised its face to the sky and roared. Then its blood-red eyes stared at the white scaled monstrous beast for a long time before it finally turned to leave somewhat reluctantly. Every time its huge figure took a step, it made the ground shake.

“How frightening!” Yin Banshuang took a deep breath. Those two monstrous beasts were probably among the kings of the abyss and were clearly existences that they could not afford to offend at all.

Luckily, this type of monstrous beasts mostly liked to sleep in their caves. Otherwise, at least 80% of the ancient martial art pract.i.tioners that had descended into the bottom of the abyss would never make it out again.

“Sect Leader Chen, Miss Banshuang and I still have matters to attend to. We will head off first. Later, if you find the Luofeng Sect’s treasure and need a.s.sistance, you can call me.”

Mo Wen took out a jade pendant and pa.s.sed it to Chen Wuhui.

“Sound Resonating Talisman?” A look of astonishment flashed in Chen Wuhui’s eyes. He knew of the Sound Resonating Talisman. It could be traded with Huatian Palace and could be used to communicate over long distances. In places like the Inner worlds, there were no wireless signals at all. If one wanted to communicate over long distances, they could only use the Sound Resonating Talisman.

However, the Sound Resonating Talisman was too precious. There weren’t many in the Intentionless Sect. They would only use a Sound Resonating Talismans if they encountered a major issue. Chen Wuhui would never have thought that Mo Wen would actually have something like that on him.

Mo Wen’s Sound Resonating Talisman was one that he had concocted himself. Among all the spell talismans, the Sound Resonating Talisman was the best type to make and immortal cultivators would almost always concoct them. Originally, Mo Wen did not have spiritual power and also did not have the materials to make a Sound Resonating Talisman. But the resources of Intentionless Sect had allowed him to solve all these problems.

Mo Wen had not wasted the time he had spent in Intentionless Sect. He had taken a portion of all the materials that he could use to manufacture items.

“Sure. If we find any treasure, we will contact you.” Chen Wuhui nodded his head and accepted the Sound Resonating Talisman. He did not say anything, not even asking what matters Yin Banshuang and Mo Wen had to attend to.

Two unrelated people like Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang heading out together was already strange. He knew there must be a good reason for them to do so. Some things though were better not to ask about.

“Farewell.” Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang glanced at one another and then both their silhouettes flashed as they gradually disappeared into the stone forest.

“Lady Jin, are you intending to travel with our Intentionless Sector on your own?” Chen Wuhui said plainly looking at Jin Ying.

They had come to the bottom of the abyss not just to find the Luofeng Sect’s treasure. It was hard to say whether or not they could find the treasure but there were still countless other treasures at the bottom of the abyss. This was the real reason that drew them here.

“Sect Leader Chen is being too polite. Most likely if I wanted to stay, you would not welcome me. Since that is the case, I naturally will not continue to bother you.” Jin Ying lifted her chin and laughed softly. She ignored the members of the Intentionless Sect, turning and walking off into the stone forest.

What she said was correct. Chen Wuhui would not welcome a person of unknown background and such astonis.h.i.+ng cultivation by their side.

Chen Wuhui looked at Jin Ying’s silhouette. A look of contemplation flashed in his eyes flashed past a look of contemplation which swiftly turned into a frown.

“Father, why are Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang working together?” Chen Zikuang looked incredulously at Chen Wuhui. Mo Wen should have no connection with the Five Beasts Sect. He was most likely with Yin Banshuang for another reason.

“Don’t worry about such things. Although the bottom of the abyss is dangerous, it is still a rich treasure trove. We had better try to find the Luofeng Sect’s treasure. Even if we can’t find it, maybe we can have other rewards.”

Chen Wuhui shook his head. He could not bother with Mo Wen’s matters right now. In their current situation, it was better to prioritize the Intentionless Sect’s benefits. Being able to enter the abyss was a huge opportunity. If they could obtain large amounts of precious treasures, maybe they could raise the Intentionless Sect’s ability to a new level.

Meanwhile, Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang had traversed in between the rocks of the stone forest. Occasionally, they had to avoid the boulders dropping down from the cliff walls on both sides. Of course, there were also monstrous beasts everywhere.

At the bottom of the abyss, without mastery of presence hiding and concealment techniques, it would be absolutely difficult to even move an inch.

The monstrous beasts were particularly sensitive to the scent of human ancient martial art pract.i.tioners. They could smell their scent from afar. Once an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner’s scent was exposed, causing the monstrous beast to lock on to their scent, it would be very difficult to escape the monstrous beast’s hunt. However, luckily Mo Wen and Yin Banshuang were proficient in concealment techniques. Hence, they did not attract a pack of monstrous beasts.

“Can you find this place or not?” Mo Wen frowned. He and Yin Banshuang had been circling the surroundings for half a day, encountering a few life-threatening dangers along the way. He had not come all this way to take a stroll. Following Yin Banshuang like this would sooner or later lead to trouble. The reason why such a situation would occur was very simple. Yin Banshuang could not find the specific location of the treasured place that gestated Vital Qi.

“What’s the rush? I definitely can find it. Don’t you know that the geography of the underground abyss changes every day? After such a long time, the environment that I saw last time I was here has already undergone a huge change. However, no matter how big the change, I can still find it,” Yin Banshuang said with certainty.

For the Vital Qi, she had already made sufficient preparations for coming to the abyss for a second time. It was impossible for her not to be able to find the place. As long as there were clues, she could discover it.

Mo Wen was helpless. He could only continue to follow Yin Banshuang. Right now it was impossible to back out.

“I’ve found it!” Fifteen minutes later, Yin Banshuang’s expression lit up with joy. She looked at a cliff wall, her eyes releasing a sparkling glow. Mo Wen looked over. The cliff wall was no different from any other cliff wall, but in Yin Banshuang’s eyes, it was completely different.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 561 - Great Earth Black Bear

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