Invincible Kungfu Healer 560 Escaping

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The Green Primordial Mirror had two sides. One of them was red in color while the other side was blue. The side that had been facing Jiang Gujian was blue, but Mo Wen turned it so that the red side was facing him instead. As he did so, a colorful ray of light immediately shone into the air, directly falling upon Jiang Gujian.

Roar! The frightening power swirled and it shockingly caused Chen Zikuang and Yuan Chaoguang, who were both still battling, to fly backward. Yin Banshuang and Jin Ying, who were watching the battle, had also been forced to retreat. The overwhelming strength had caused the chaotic battle to temporarily pause for a moment.

Puff! Jiang Gujian had been thrown straight back and he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. One of his legs and one of his hands had been shattered by the explosion. The frightening power simply could not be stopped. Even their own bodies had sustained such scary injuries.

Just like a kite that had its string cut, Jiang Gujian could no longer maintain his initial demeanor. He simply fell straight into the deep abyss.

Mo Wen's body trembled and he was also thrown back hundreds of meters. After the frightening force had collided with his body, he could not help but cough up a mouthful of blood as well.

The strength of the Green Primordial Mirror was so strong that he could not even control it. It had caused a backlash of the force and ended up injuring him as well.

However, in comparison to Jiang Gujian, Mo Wen was in a much better state. At the moment, Jiang Gujian was already rendered completely disabled. His internal injuries were extremely serious. Even with his medical techniques, such injuries could not be healed. They could only be healed if he had those panaceas that could help regrow limbs.

"Jian'er!" Yan Tao shouted loudly. Everything around him became a blur as he pounced towards Jiang Gujian like a madman. At the moment, he no longer cared about the Green Primordial Mirror, much less the three hundred rounds of battles with Chen Wuhui. There was only one thought in his head – he definitely could not leave Jiang Gujian to die in this place.

Jiang Gujian was the only son of the Sect Leader of Weapon Forging Sect. Not only did he have a distinguished status, but he was also the most talented person in the past 200 years of Weapon Forging Sect's history. He was both the pride and hope of Weapon Forging Sect.

Jiang Gujian's talent meant it was very possible for him to become the top master of the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension in the future, leading Weapon Forging Sect to its peak.

Hence, if anything untoward happened to Jiang Gujian, it would be an unbelievable blow to Weapon Forging Sect.

However, when Yan Tao's entire face immediately turned pale when he caught up with Jiang Gujian's body, his. One of his hands and one leg had been totally destroyed. 80% of his bones had been shattered. Moreover, he had sustained unthinkable internal injuries. With such severe injuries, even if the Sect Leader of Medical Sect was around, he may be able to save his life but would not manage to preserve his cultivation and talent. In other words, even if Jiang Gujian was lucky and survived, he would be rendered permanently disabled.

Jiang Gujian's mouth was wide open as he looked dazedly at the sky. There were still traces of blood flowing out the corners of his mouth. He had never imagined that he would end up like that. He had only exposed himself to the youth for a short while and he had ended up in such a bad state!

It felt like a hallucination but even more like a nightmare. A respectable top talent of the Ancient Green Mystery Dimension could actually be defeated at the hands of a youth. Moreover, it had been such a horrible defeat. At the moment, even Jiang Gujian himself felt as though everything was surreal.

Yin Banshuang and Jin Ying were both flabbergasted. The scene before them had been extremely shocking. n.o.body had expected such an outcome.

Yin Banshuang knew that Mo Wen was very strong. She had basically regarded him as being on a par with Jiang Gujian. However, she had never imagined that the battle between them would be so one-sided. It had been no challenge at all for Mo Wen.

"That is absolutely not the power of a top grade spiritual weapon. How could it be!" Jin Ying said in slight disbelief. That blow from the Green Primordial Mirror was simply a little too frightening. Even a top grade spiritual weapon could not possibly unleash such terrifying power when used by a youth in the Golden Elixir realm. Jin Ying also had a top grade spiritual weapon. Yet, even she could not use it to such frightening effect. Could it be that the Green Primordial Mirror was actually a profound level weapon and not a spiritual weapon?!

Jin Ying felt a little bewildered. The Green Primordial Mirror should only be a top grade spiritual weapon. She was definite about that fact. If it was a profound level weapon, she would have definitely recognized it. However, the odd thing about it was the fact that a top grade spiritual weapon could have such strong powers.

If she were the one faced with that blow, even she would find it difficult to escape.

The difference between a spiritual weapon and a profound level weapon was that spiritual weapons could only be used by ancient martial art pract.i.tioners of the Golden Elixir realm. However, the profound level weapon could be used by ancient martial art pract.i.tioners of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Previously, in the Nanling Mountains, Pei Fengwu, who was only of the Embryonic Breathing realm had used a profound level weapon to take on two ancient martial art pract.i.tioners of the Golden Elixir realm on her own. It was clear just how strong a profound level weapon was.

However, Jin Ying did not know that Mo Wen had cultivated the techniques of the Immortal Cultivators. Hence, his use of spiritual weapons would naturally differ.

The scene had fallen calm for a moment. Part of the crowd was in a daze while others were furious. However, n.o.body launched into a rash attack.

"I want to kill you; you're a beast!" Yan Tao roared loudly. His eyes were bright red and he dashed towards Mo Wen as though as he had gone insane. He simply wanted to smash this person who had ruined Jiang Gujian into a million pieces.

Mo Wen furrowed his eyebrows. Right now, his Qi and blood were fluctuating. The attack that he had just performed had caused him to feel awry as well. In reality, he himself had not expected that the Green Primordial Mirror would be so strong. It had almost gone out of his control and he had sustained rather serious injuries from the backlash of the spiritual power.

If Yan Tao pounced at him now, Mo Wen would definitely not be able to hold out against him. After all, Yan Tao was an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner with the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm. His skills were no lower than those of Chen Wuhui. He was an opponent of a much higher level than Jiang Gujian.

However, Mo Wen did not have to worry. Chen Wuhui had no intention of allowing Yan Tao to attack him. He placed himself directly in between them to defend Mo Wen from Yan Tao.

"Old man Chen Wuhui, our Weapon Forging Sect has become your sworn enemy!" Yan Tao exclaimed loudly, bristling with anger. If not for Intentionless Sect's meddling in this situation, not only would they have obtained the Green Primordial Mirror, Jiang Gujian would also have been alive and well.

"Yan Tao, in the beast lair, someone is bound to die," Chen Wuhui said calmly. "What is the point in saying all this? Why? Now that you have aged so much, do you not even know the most basic law of the ancient martial arts world?"

Although they had offended Weapon Forging Sect this time, Intentionless Sect was not afraid of offending anyone. Moreover, even if one did not offend anyone, would others really leave you alone? In the world of ancient martial arts, it had always been the survival of the fittest.

Similarly, it was not the first time such a thing had happened in the ancient martial arts world. In order to fight for their interests, it was very common to see people of the same sect turn against each other, as well as battles between those from different influences.

Even if Weapon Forging Sect wanted to take revenge against Intentionless Sect in the future, they had to weigh up the pros and cons of doing so. Sacred Flame Sect served as a good example. Once a powerful person falls, so will the The moment they were defeated or suffered great losses, the consequences would be dire.

"I want to kill you!" However, no matter what Chen Wuhui said and whether or not he made sense, the only thing that Yan Tao could think of at the moment was to unleash his fury. He was simply unable to handle such a loss and simply wanted to destroy everything in his path.

Roar! The two ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, Chen Wuhui and Yan Tao, collided into each other once again. The intensity of the battle was far greater than before. Yan Tao was acting just like a madman as he gave it his all. In such a state, even Chen Wuhui found him a little difficult to handle.

With a cold humph, Mo Wen eyes flashed with a gold light. Yan Tao, who had been acting in an insane manner while attacking Chen Wuhui, suddenly stiffened all over. His palm had been about to descend onto Chen Wuhui but paused for a moment.

It was only for a very short moment. However, to a master, it was enough to alter the entire outcome of a battle. Chen Wuhui immediately managed to a.n.a.lyze the situation, understanding at once what had happened. He simply took a step forward and gave a roaring punch to Yan Tao.

"You…" Of course, Yan Tao was a Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art pract.i.tioner and he sobered up after a moment. However, he was too late. Chen Wuhui's punch was extremely vicious and it had already made contact with his body, sending him flying backward.

The entire process had taken just a moment. It was just enough time for Chen Wuhui to deliver one punch. However, that one punch was enough to give Yan Tao frighteningly bad injuries. After all, Chen Wuhui was also an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner with the intermediate stage of the Golden Elixir realm.

Yan Tao was knocked directly onto a cliff. The ground started to crack and a huge rock began to roll down from above. On the cliff, cracks as big as a person's arms appeared.

The scariest thing was that the force from the punch had already thrown Yan Tao out of the safe zone. There were very strong winds in the abyss. Before Yan Tao could even pick himself up, strong winds begin to engulf his body. In the blink of an eye, the strong winds dismembered his body and sent the pieces disappearing into the abyss.

"Deputy Sect Leader Yan…" Yuan Chaoguang felt a cold s.h.i.+ver run through his body. His face became even more twisted. He had not expected there would be such a sudden and devastating outcome.

It was as though they had been cursed. Jiang Gujian had absurdly lost to that youth of unknown origin. Now, the Deputy Sect Leader of Weapon Forging Sect had also died nonsensically at the hands of Chen Wuhui.

As the Sect Great Elder of Weapon Forging Sect, Yuan Chaoguang knew Yan Tao's abilities all too well. He could not possibly have lost so easily to Chen Wuhui.

"Sect Great Elder…" The face of another Weapon Forging Sect Elder turned pale. He looked at Yuan Chaoguang a little helplessly. There had been four people from Weapon Forging Sect. Now that Yan Tao was dead and Jiang Gujian had been rendered disabled, just two of them were left. Hence, they were no match for Intentionless Sect.

"As long as there are still remnants of life, there is still hope. Weapon Forging Sect will take our revenge sooner or later." Yuan Chaoguang looked at Mo Wen and Chen Wuhui viciously. Then, he carried Jiang Gujian and turned around to escape. If they continued to fight with the people of Intentionless Sect, it was possible that they would actually be wiped out.

The Sect Elder of Weapon Forging Sect was also very astute. He followed right behind, also making his escape. Everyone valued their own lives and only a fool would choose to stay.

Mo Wen and Chen Wuhui shared a glance. They both furrowed their brows. Normally, they would not allow anyone to escape. However, this time, they could not do anything about it. That was because in the abyss if they gave chase, they would very possibly be caught in the gale region. It was simply not worth the risk just to kill Yuan Chaoguang and the other person. After all, in such a place, it was highly possible to lose a life if one was not careful.

"Forget it. Yan Tao is dead and Jiang Gujian has become disabled. Weapon Forging Sect would have to think twice even if they wanted to find Intentionless Sect for revenge." Chen Wuhui shook his head. At such a time, it was not easy to go after people. After all, the most dangerous things in the abyss were the gale and monstrous beasts.

"Let's continue on then." Mo Wen looked at Yin Banshuang and Jin Ying as he spoke expressionlessly. Neither of them had made any contribution to the previous battle. He could understand why in Yin Banshuang's case. However, it was not very seemly for Jin Ying to keep out of it as well.

Invincible Kungfu Healer 560 Escaping

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