Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 593 - Dwarf Puppet

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Chapter 593: Dwarf Puppet

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

At the same time, a small and exquisite mountain peak appeared in front of Mo Wen. He opened his mouth to spray out a blast of spiritual power. After absorbing the spiritual power, the mountain peak immediately grew larger. In a moment, it had grown to over 30 meters and looked like a little mountain.

A grey light was emitted from the top of the mountain. It engulfed the bunch of Purple Qi that was going backward.

n.o.body knew what that grey light was. It could actually temporarily restrain the Purple Qi that was stemming from the Purple Bottle Gourd. Although the grey light was radiating continuously and hence could not last for long, the Dwarf Puppet that was encased in the Purple Qi was already floating in mid-air.

With a flash of his figure, Mo Wen appeared in front of the bunch of Purple Qi. A golden flame appeared from his palm and directly hit the bunch of Purple Qi Mo Wen needing put much effort in at all. With a single grab, he had captured the puppet in his hand.

“It indeed is the treasure left behind by Luofeng Sect. Such a strong power.”

Pavilion Leader Ye Rong felt the shock in her heart. She was the person with the most knowledge about just how strong the Purple Bottle Gourd was. Although the bunch of Purple Qi had only represented a small proportion of the power the Purple Bottle Gourd had, it was still a power that could not easily be compared to an average top grade spiritual weapon. However, that mountain peak forming spiritual weapon had actually restrained the Purple Bottle Gourd successfully.

The mountain peak that was emitting the grey light was one of the treasures that Mo Wen had just obtained. For a spiritual weapon like that, Mo Wen simply had to use his Soul power to scan it and he would know its purpose.

The mountain peak forming spiritual weapon was very strong indeed. It did not seem any weaker than the Green Primordial Mirror.

When Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao noticed that the treasure Mo Wen had obtained was so amazing, they grew even more jealous. That was a top grade spiritual weapon. There were not many top weapons in the whole of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. Even Medical Sect and Weapon Forging Sect did not have more than two pieces of top-grade spiritual weapons. Anyone of the new treasures would have easily become the sect’s most prized possession.

“Little b*stard, are you not afraid of getting into trouble by having that? I will make you hand it over sooner or later.” Jiang Pingzhou looked over at Mo Wen coldly. Then, with a long cry, his interest in Mo Wen seemed to end. He turned in the other direction and directly flew up towards the stone pillar closest to him.

There were eight stone pillars in total, and hence eight treasures as well. Mo Wen had already obtained three of them. There were still five treasures on the stone pillars that were untouched.

Bu Zhangkun from Five Beasts Sect had been troubled by Mo Wen from the start. He had wholeheartedly flown up towards one of the stone pillars. The distance between him and the top of the stone pillar was already less than ten meters. n.o.body could fight with him for the treasure on the stone pillar anymore.

Realizing that the Purple Bottle Gourd was ineffective, Pavilion Leader Ye Rong looked deep into Mo Wen’s eyes. Her attention also switched from him as she gave it her all in flying towards another stone pillar.

She knew that if she continued to battle it out with Mo Wen, not only she be unlikely to be able to steal the treasures in Mo Wen’s hands, she would also lose the other remaining treasures that were still on the stone pillars. That was a loss that was too great to bear.

Jiang Jingtao did the same as well. He kept the Gigantic Copper Coin and chose an untargeted stone pillar to fly towards.

Mo Wen glanced across at those few people and did not try to stop them. With his current abilities, he could not restrain them either. He simply turned around and flew towards the last remaining stone pillar.

Those four top masters had been focusing on the other treasures. Hence, at the moment, no one had the energy to restrain him. Mo Wen easily appeared in front of the fifth stone pillar. With a stride, he stepped onto the stone pillar and waved his hand slightly. The treasure on the stone pillar then began to fly up and landed softly on his palm.

It was a scroll of a drawing. At a glance, Mo Wen knew that it was not an average scroll. Instead, it was a talisman technique. Inside it was a very frightening power.

Although the talisman technique could not last as long as the average spiritual weapon, sometimes, the power that a talisman technique emitted was far greater than that of a spiritual weapon.

Mo Wen had not expected that he could even gain a talisman technique. This item actually had a very scary power.

Because of the mysterious protection around the stone pillars, standing too far away from the stone pillars would mean that one was unable to see just what was on it. They could only gauge the rough level based on the waves of spiritual power.

Hence, he was not very sure about all the previous treasures he had obtained. Everything was based purely on luck.

After carefully putting the talisman technique away, Mo Wen stood on the top of the stone pillar and raised the black little puppet in his hand. If an average ancient martial art pract.i.tioner got this item, they would probably not know how to use it. However, Mo Wen had read books related to the puppets. Although he had never owned one before, he had some foundational knowledge of them.

“A wholesome puppet indeed. There is not a single trace of its soul.” Mo Wen’s mouth curled up into a smile. This puppet was very suitable for him to use. It must never have been used by an Immortal Cultivator before. If it had ever been used by an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner, the effect on the puppet would not be too great anyway.

If an Immortal Cultivator had used the puppet before, the puppet would have some traces or markings of Immortal Cultivators. In other words, it would be an item with an owner. If anyone else wanted to use this puppet, they would have to remove all traces of any soul on the puppet and change it to their own divine soul marking.

With Mo Wen’s current abilities, he was still not equipped to clear out the divine soul marking of an Immortal Cultivator. Hence, a puppet that had been used by an Immortal Cultivator would essentially be useless to him.

However, this particular puppet did not have a divine soul marking. This was a big surprise to him.

Perhaps, this puppet had always been left in Luofeng Sect. Hence, its user must have always been an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner. Because an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner did not have divine soul marking, there would be no issue with divine soul marking in the first place.

Mo Wen’s face grew solemn and he became focused. A gold light arose from the depths of his eyes. It looked just like two golden suns which became more and more radiant. Finally, all the golden light congregated to become a single ray of light, drilling into the metal puppet in his palm.

He was currently performing a soul marking on the puppet. He was not an Immortal Cultivator and could not perform the divine soul marking. Hence, he could only perform a simple soul marking.

However, even the average soul marking was much stronger than the marking the puppet would have received if it had been marked by an average ancient martial art pract.i.tioner. Although Mo Wen was not an Immortal Cultivator, ever since he had cultivated the Divine Soul Trillion Layers he was no longer any worse off than a lower level Immortal Cultivator when it came to the use of his Soul power.

With his soul marking on the puppet, even if other ancient martial art pract.i.tioners were to obtain it, they would not be able to use the puppet. Of course, if an Immortal Cultivator got it, he would simply have to perform a divine soul marking to overwrite Mo Wen’s soul marking, simply taking it away.

“Little b*stard, you’re really too arrogant. You have taken half of all the treasures. Why are you so greedy?”

A figure gradually made its way to Mo Wen’s side. It was none other than the Sect Leader of Medical Sect, Jiang Pingzhou. His aged face was incredibly cold and looked as though it had been brushed by an arctic wind.

He thought that it would be enough for Mo Wen to take three of the treasures all for himself. Yet, he had actually taken the chance to claim a fourth one!

“The respectable Sect Leader of Medical Sect is actually full of crudeness. It’s so laughable.” Mo Wen laughed coldly. Although this old thing was ancient, he did not know how to behave. As a person of Medical Sect, he could be considered medical personnel. Yet, he did not have the morals that should come along with the position.

“If you don’t wish to die, you had better hand over all those treasures. If not, you will not be able to walk out the door today.” Jiang Pingzhou no longer cared about Mo Wen mocking him. He was filled with jealousy and his entire mind was flooded with thoughts of Mo Wen taking away all the treasures. Any single one of the treasures was a rare item.

Mo Wen was just a youth without any capabilities or morals. What right did he have to own them?

Jiang Jingtao, who had already obtained one of the treasures, began to edge closer to Mo Wen. He did not have any excitement on his face from obtaining the treasure. Instead, his face was exceptionally dark.

Nothing was scarier than comparisons.

Normally, if he had obtained such a treasure, he would even smile in his sleep. However, at this time, since he was comparing his achievements to that of Mo Wen, he immediately felt conflicted internally.

“Haha, young man, you are being really greedy. You are actually hogging a whole half of the treasures all by yourself. That’s not very good, right? Even an old man like me is getting jealous.” Bu Zhangkun, who had stayed silent all this while, now also stepped out to speak. His expression was not as dark as that of Jiang Jingtao and Jiang Pingzhou. He was actually rather radiant, Clearly, he had obtained quite a good treasure.

However, he was looking at Mo Wen with a very weird gaze. It seemed like he was very unstable inside. He could not seem to suppress the jealousy he was feeling towards Mo Wen.

“Young friend Mo Wen, the things are simply too precious. I have no choice but to offend you.” Pavilion Leader Ye Rong sighed. If it had been any other usual treasure, she would not have minded letting Mo Wen keep it. Purple Qi Pavilion did not have to be petty with a small lad. After all, Mo Wen had been a benefactor of Purple Qi Pavilion. However, the treasures on the stone pillars were simply too precious. Any of them was enough to raise the sect’s level entirely. As one of the Pavilion Leaders of Purple Qi Pavilion, she simply had no reason to give up at that point.

“Why? Are you all preparing to steal it with brute force?” Mo Wen calmly looked at the four people surrounding him.

“Humph, what do you mean by stealing with brute force? Nothing in this palace hall has an owner. You stole them as well. What’s stopping us from fighting over them? As long as we are still in this hall, you can’t possibly claim that the items belong to you.” Jiang Jingtao smiled coldly. He was not trying to be reasonable when talking it out with Mo Wen. He simply wanted to be more convincing. After all, he was the Sect Leader of Weapon Forging Sect. If word got out that the top masters had ganged up in an attack against Mo Wen, it would not be very good for them.

“Strip this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d of all the treasures in his possession. We will then split them equally amongst the four of us. What do you guys think?” Jiang Pingzhou looked at Mo Wen darkly. His tone was cold and he was actually prepared to attack Mo Wen, with the intention of taking away everything he had obtained.

The treasures in Mo Wen’s possession were not limited to the four that he had taken from the stone pillars. With his abilities, he definitely had an abundance of other treasures as well. The Green Primordial Mirror was one of the rare top grade spiritual weapons. However, the thing that attracted Jiang Pingzhou the most was the long sword in Mo Wen’s hands. Its origin was unknown but his intuition told him that the long sword with flames surrounding it was not as simple as it appeared to be.

“That is good. You must always pay a price for being too greedy. Take anything that shouldn’t belong to him.” Jiang Jingtao smiled darkly and nodded his head. He was unexpectedly now on the same side as Jiang Pingzhou. It seemed as though the ten years of enmity between Medical Sect and Weapon Forging Sect had faded away.

In order to benefit, they could put anything behind them. Medical Sect and Weapon Forging Sect had been at odds for so many years purely because of their personal interests. The treasures in Mo Wen’s possession was currently coveted by everyone. In the face of such benefits, any enmity would naturally fade to nothing.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 593 - Dwarf Puppet

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