Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 602 - Motive of the Two Sects

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Chapter 602: Motive of the Two Sects

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Bu Zhangkun laughed bitterly. There was no lack of talent in Five Beasts Sect. Based on the number of top masters alone, Five Beasts Sect surpa.s.sed Purple Qi Pavilion. That was also a reason why Five Beasts Sect had always been able to handle Purple Qi Pavilion given their long history and rich experiences.

But now, he was afraid that their advantage in talent was about to be completely destroyed in an instant. That was because Grandmother Hui Ling alone was enough to match up to all the top talents in Five Beasts Sect. Even Old He could be compared to her.

The Corpse Puppet let the victim loose once again and looked in front of it. Once again though, the monster was stunned: there was n.o.body there!. It seemed as though it could not react in time. There had definitely been a victim in its hand; how had it gone missing?

Grandmother Hu Ling spoke in a cold voice. “Those two lads from Medical Sect and Weapon Forging Sect, the things happening here are none of your business. Leave now. If not you will have no choice but to die.” Her gaze was fixed on Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao who were both standing in the corner. Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao were both more than a hundred years old. Yet, Grandmother Hui Ling had called them lads in front of everyone. That caused an odd feeling to surface within the two of them.

However, neither dared to talk back. Based on seniority, Grandmother Hui Ling indeed had the right to call them that. Moreover, the two of them clearly knew just how powerful and terrifying an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner with the peak of the Golden Elixir realm could be. They did not wish to cross her.

Smiling bitterly after sharing a glance, Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao did not even dare to reveal a trace of unhappiness. They weaved past the Corpse Puppet and quietly stepped out of the great hall.

Apparently, the two of them had planned to blend in with everyone in the great hall and lie low so as not to attract the attention of the Corpse Puppet. Then, they would get the chance to pick up any remnants. If their luck was good, they may even get their hands on a piece of treasure. Neither of them had the slightest intention of battling the Corpse Puppet. They did not want to die.

Evidently, Grandmother Hui Ling had seen through their motives and did not want them to be a hindrance in the great hall. They would not be of any help even if they stayed behind. She did not care for their meager cultivation. The two of them had also gotten hurt in the previous battle and so their powers were compromised.

Grandmother Hui Ling gave Mo Wen a look. She did not chase him out. It was as though she had given silent approval for Mo Wen to remain in the great hall.

Jiang Pingzhou, who had already retreated to the door of the great hall, saw that Mo Wen was being allowed to remain. “How can that youth be allowed to remain in the great hall? He is a jinx. Senior Hui Ling, you have to be careful.” Jiang Pingzhou was extremely upset and could not help himself.

A cold look flashed through Jiang Jingtao’s eyes as he fixed them onto Mo Wen. “That’s right, this youth is very sly and he doesn’t do anything good. Senior, you definitely cannot allow him to come in your way of success.”

The two of them were on the same wavelength. They wanted to take the chance to oust Mo Wen. Then, the two of them could gang up to steal all the treasures in his possession.

Although they would not be able to obtain the Dark Soul Pearl and Cries of Hades Bell, the treasures Mo Wen had were already sufficient for them to raise their level significantly. It would be a dream for them to be able to obtain Mo Wen’s treasures.

“Do I need to be lectured by you?” Grandmother Hui Ling let out a cold humph. A cold and frightening aura exuded from her, traveling hundreds of meters before reaching Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao. Even though the two of them had a rather high cultivation and were well-respected later stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, their expressions still turned pale and they took a step back subconsciously.

Neither of them dared to say another word. They simply looked at Mo Wen with eyes full of hatred before they leaving the great hall with a flash.

The outside of the underground palace was above the underground river. The two of them flew through the air, totally unperturbed by the sight of the river. Jiang Pingzhou’s eyes were dark as he looked at Jiang Jingtao flying alongside him. “Brother Jiang, do you think this is fair?”

“Brother Jiang, why ask when you already know the answer? I definitely have to kill that little b*stard.” Jiang Jingtao’s face grew dark. There were a number of treasures in Mo Wen’s possession. Mo Wen had also challenged Jiang Jingtao a couple of times and caused him to lose face. He simply could not find a reason to let Mo Wen off easily.

“Looks like we’re on the same page. I am very indignant as well. Wait till that little b*stard comes out and we will inflict a terrible death on him,” Jiang Pingzhou said with a vicious expression. Although he was a reputable senior in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, he had already been shamed by this junior time and again. He simply could not take this lying down.

“The lad’s cultivation is not low. Both of us may not even be able to tackle him. We should not rush in but rather plan for the long run. However, it doesn’t matter. The Green Ancient Mystery Dimension is our territory. I doubt he will be able to cause any more major trouble.” Jiang Jingtao’s lips curled up into a cold smile. They were in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension and an outsider actually dared to be so arrogant. Moreover, the power of Weapon Forging Sect was not limited. Once they had prepared sufficiently, they would go and battle that b*stard and ensure he died a horrible death.

“That lad is coveting the Dark Soul Pearl and the Cries of Hades Bell. He won’t come out even in an hour and a half. Brother Jiang, the loot of Intentionless Sect has been rather good. Do you not feel jealous?” Jiang Pingzhou looked over at Jiang Jingtao and a weird smile crept onto his face.

With Mo Wen’s help, although Intentionless Sect had not gotten any particularly precious treasures, they had obtained more spiritual weapons than both of their Sects combined.

“Humph, Intentionless Sect collaborating with an outsider makes them guilty of a crime that even death can’t make up for. It is a betrayal to the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension and should be banned. This time, once we return to the Eight Major Districts, I believe Intentionless Sect should no longer exist.” Jiang Jingtao let out a light humph as his eyes shone.

Jiang Pingzhou laughed coldly and nodded his head, saying, “I had that thought too. Intentionless Sect had better forget about existing already.”

Because of what had happened with Sacred Flame Sect, Medical Sect had an even greater incentive to get rid of Intentionless Sect.

“Since both of us have the same motives, we can take action upon returning.”

Jiang Jingtao nodded his head. Then, he sped up and his figure morphed into a ray of light. With a few flashes, it disappeared just above the river without leaving a single trace behind.

“Humph, because of that little b*stard, I will collaborate with you just this once.” Jiang Pingzhou looked at the disappearing back view of Jiang Jingtao and let out a light humph. Medical Sect and Weapon Forging Sect had always been at odds with each other. For hundreds of years, they had never agreed upon anything. This agreement to collaborate was a first.

In the great hall, Mo Wen crossed his arms as he stood nonchalantly by the corner. The Corpse Puppet was not very intelligent. As long as one did not attract his attention too much, one would be very safe.

“Grandmother, why did you not expel him?” Pavilion Leader Ye Rong furrowed her brows. Her gaze was a little dissatisfied as she looked over at Mo Wen. That fellow was the best at using a chaotic situation to his advantage. She was actually afraid of Mo Wen using this opportunity to take away the Dark Soul Pearl and the Cries of Hades Bell.

Grandmother Hui Ling went quiet, before looking over to Mo Wen. She spoke calmly. “Do you still not understand? Even if you chase him away, he won’t go. There is no need to care about him. I don’t believe that he will be able to take anything from under my nose.”

The youth was as stubborn as a mule and was totally dissimilar to Jiang Pingzhou and Jiang Jingtao. He was unafraid of Five Beasts Sect and Purple Qi Pavilion and was also rather strong. Since he did not want to leave, n.o.body would be able to chase him away unless they used martial arts to settle things. However, at this time, n.o.body had the strength to do so.

“Let’s save on the nonsense. If both our sects collaborate, the Dark Soul Pearl will belong to us and the Cries of Hades Bell can belong to you,” Grandmother Hui Ling said calmly. With a wave of her hand, the Purple Bottle Gourd automatically flew out of Pavilion Leader Ye Rong’s hand and into hers. There was a faint purple light which allowed the Purple Bottle Gourd to exude an inexplicable power.

The same treasure had very different effects in the hands of Pavilion Leader Ye Rong and Grandmother Hui Long. The Purple Bottle Gourd was a treasure that was very close to being a profound level weapon. In fact, in terms of its powers, it was no less powerful than a profound level weapon. It was unthinkable just how strong the item would be in the hands of Grandmother Hui Ling.

“It’s still too early to say anything. Let’s talk again after defeating the Corpse Puppet. As for the treasures, they’ll belong to whoever can get their hands on them first.”

To an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner of their level, between the Dark Soul Pearl and Cries of Hades Bell, the Dark Soul Pearl was clearly more valuable. That was because the Dark Soul Pearl would provide the chance to become immortal. Becoming immortal was the highest goal that an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner could achieve. It was not something that could be subst.i.tuted with a mere profound level weapon.

Hence, in truth, the item that attracted both of them was not the frightening Cries of Hades Bell, but rather the Dark Soul Pearl that could increase one’s chances at becoming immortal. In terms of its effects on helping one become immortal, the Dark Soul Pearl was essentially on a par with the spiritual fire.

Those masters on their way to fight for the spiritual fire would never expect to see a Dark Soul Pearl. In reality, only ancient martial art pract.i.tioners from the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension would have a good understanding of the way Luofeng Sect had operated. That was also the reason why not a single ancient martial art pract.i.tioner who was an outsider had appeared in the area.

To an outsider, a mere treasure from an ancient martial art sect could not compare to the spiritual fire. Yet, they would not know that there would actually be a Dark Soul Pearl amongst these treasures.

Grandmother Hui Ling’s face grew cold. She did not say anything more. She knew that He Xiangyu would not give up on the Dark Soul Pearl so easily even though her cultivation was a whole realm higher than his.

The Corpse Puppet stood on the spot, stunned for a moment. Then, it shook its head and turned around slowly. Its blood red eyes looked straight at the few remaining people in the great hall.

This time, it did not attack so easily. There was actually a slight thoughtful look in its eyes. After enduring consecutive failures, it was actually now reflecting on its actions.

Mo Wen knitted his brows. A typical Corpse Puppet would only know to attack continuously and destroy indiscriminately. Yet, this Corpse Puppet was clearly different from the rest. It actually had the ability to think.

Of course, this ability to think did not mean that it possessed the complete ability for thorough thought processes. It was said that some of the talented and lucky Corpse Puppets could develop an intellect. Such Corpse Puppets would actually be able to surpa.s.s the stage of the Corpse Puppet and become a special type of underworld Immortal Cultivator.

Legend had it that in the world, there were the Seven Great Corpse Kings of the Underworld. Three of them had originated from the development of Corpse Puppets. After development, the talent of the Corpse Puppets would be exceptional.

“It is reflecting on its actions. We have no time to lose.” Grandmother Hui Ling’s expression grew solemn. Suddenly, she noticed that something was not right. If the Corpse Puppet developed intellect, even the simplest of intellect would increase the difficulty of defeating it very significantly. Currently, she was still confident of obtaining the two treasures from the Corpse Puppet. However, if it was a Corpse Puppet with intellect, not only would it be tough to get the items, even escaping from it alive would be an issue.

He Xiangyu also sensed something amiss. He waved his sleeve and a few Bronze Rings suddenly flew out of it. At the same time, the Tiger Hoop in Bu Zhangkun’s hand flew out as well, appearing before He Xiangyu. It flew up and down, as though it had a mind of its own.

There was a total of five Bronze Rings. There were five different beasts engraved on them, making them the Five Beasts Hoops of Five Beasts Sect.

Each and every one of the Five Beasts Hoops was comparable to a top grade spiritual weapon. It was the ultimate treasure of Five Beasts Sect. When the five hoops combined, the power was on par with Purple Qi Pavilion’s Purple Bottle Gourd. It was one of the strongest spiritual weapons beneath the profound level weapons.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 602 - Motive of the Two Sects

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