Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 650 - Special Ability

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Chapter 650: Special Ability

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Unsealing Light had would doubtlessly give many of the martial arts pract.i.tioners a fighting chance. With the immortal cultivator items, the combat abilities of human warriors would increase multiple times.

The tower spirit had created a balanced world. Mo Wen no longer felt that it would be impossible to defeat the seventh rank beast king of the fire domain.

Of course, they would only find out how the situation would conclude at the end.

All the human warriors had to try their utmost best to raise their cultivation levels over three days. Otherwise, there was no way of knowing whether they would walk out of this place alive.

Mo Wen looked at the Unsealing Light in his hand and could not help but laugh bitterly.

The Unsealing Light had different grades too, and the one in Mo Wen’s possession was the lowest of the lowest grade.

The low-grade Unsealing Light could only unseal low-grade spiritual weapons. It could not be used to unlock stronger, medium grade spiritual weapons.

There were four different grades of Unsealing Light: low grade, medium grade, top grade, and superb grade.

The low-grade Unsealing Light could only unseal low-grade spiritual weapons. Medium grade Unsealing Light could unlock medium grade and upper-grade spiritual weapons.

Top grade Unsealing Light could unseal low and medium grade profound level weapons. As for the superb grade Unsealing Light, it could unseal top and superb grade profound level weapons.

However, the superb grade Unsealing Light was not of much practical use to human warriors. That was because low-grade profound level weapons were already considered top-notch treasures by human warriors. Almost all the profound level weapons that human warriors wielded were low-grade weapons. There had not been any medium grade profound level weapons that had appeared.

Mo Wen’s three profound level weapons, the Cries of Hades Bell, the Fists of Blood, and the painting he had gotten at the Lotus Lake were all low-grade profound level weapons.

Even though medium grade profound level weapons were just one grade higher than low-grade profound level weapons, their power was much stronger. The difference was enormous.

As for top and superb grade profound weapons, they were far more powerful.

Mo Wen did not think that it was possible for ordinary warriors to possess top and superb grade profound weapons. No matter how powerful they were, they would at most have medium grade profound level weapons.

Profound level weapons were different from spiritual weapons. There were three grades to spiritual weapons, low, medium and top.

But there were four different grades of profound level weapons. Furthermore, the difference between each grade was enormous. The difference was like that between a spiritual weapon and a profound level weapon.

The final prize of this game of life and death was a spiritual treasure. It was doubtlessly the item that excited everyone the most. In terms of worth, it far surpa.s.sed the spiritual fire. That was because a spiritual treasure could be exchanged with Huatian Palace for a guaranteed chance of becoming an immortal.

Mo Wen looked at the low grade unsealing light in his hand and could only laugh bitterly. He had three profound level weapons on him and also quite a few top grade spiritual weapons. However, he could only look at them, not unseal them.

He hardly had anything he could use the Unsealing Light for. Even unsealing a low-grade profound level weapon would be of great help to Mo Wen. It could increase his combat strength by quite a bit.

He flicked his wrist and a small black dagger appeared in his hand. It was the low-grade spiritual weapon he had gotten from the elder of Sacred Flame Sect. The spiritual weapon flying dagger had rather good attack and speed. It would help to make things easier when going up against the illusionary beasts.

The Unsealing Light released a faint silver slow which settled slowly onto the flying knife. Then, the flying dagger glowed with a dark light which suddenly brightened. A dark glint was released from the dagger’s blade and it cut across the ground. A two-meter-wide and 50-meter-long chasm appeared on the ground. The blade Qi in the chasm was very powerful, and not a single blade of gra.s.s lived.

A hint of shock appeared in Mo Wen’s eyes. The unsealing light had activated the true power in the flying dagger. Even he had not been able to unleash the full power of the flying dagger. Even a martial arts grandmaster would not be able to unleash the full capabilities of a low-grade spiritual weapon.

The idea of an average martial arts pract.i.tioner using the treasures of an immortal cultivator was sacrilegious. An ordinary warrior would not be able to completely unleash the full power of a spiritual weapon.

After the dark light dissipated, Mo Wen sensed that something had shattered. The flying dagger had an unusual spirit. It flew up slowly and landed in Mo Wen’s hand. There was a connection, and the dagger became part of Mo Wen. Now, the flying dagger was like a part of his body, and they became one.

“How is this possible!” Mo Wen looked at the flying dagger in chock. The flying dagger spiritual weapon was no longer an inanimate object. Instead, it was connected to his heart and soul. It was his combat partner.

A connection of heart and soul!

Mo Wen breathed in deeply. When spiritual weapons connect in heart and soul with a person, there was only one possibility. It was a divine spiritual weapon.

Such a connection only happened to immortal cultivators who used their divine will, spiritual power, energies, and Qi to cultivate a spiritual weapon. Generally speaking, an immortal cultivator would have to cultivate the spiritual weapon for more than ten years to achieve a connection with his weapon.

Ordinary warriors did not have the ability to cultivate weapons. They were unable to achieve a connection in heart and soul.

The flying dagger spiritual weapon was connected to his heart and soul. Mo Wen felt that this was unreal, but he could truly sense it.

He had a sudden thought and waved his hand. The flying dagger flew out and turned into a ray of black light that scoured the sky. It stabbed onto a rock far away and the rock was split into two, as easily as if it was made of tofu. The cut was smooth and neat.

Mo Wen had another thought, and the flying dagger spun and shot back immediately.

“This…” In shock, Mo Wen wondered if he had somehow become an immortal cultivator. He had just directed a simple attack and had managed to activate the power of the spiritual weapon. Furthermore, he had not used any spiritual stones to form spiritual power. He had just flicked his hand and the strength in his body flowed into the flying dagger before turning into a powerful blow.

But…his inner Qi. When had he been able to use it to activate spiritual weapons? He was not an immortal cultivator. He only had inner Qi and not spiritual power.

Mo Wen had never had such a strange experience.

“This world! It must be because of this world.”

There was a flash of light in Mo Wen’s eyes. All the odd events definitely had something to do with the tower spirit of this world. The tower spirit controlled this world and created its rules. It was not difficult for it to make it so that they had this power.

If he could use his inner Qi to activate spiritual weapons, then didn’t that mean that inner Qi could be used as a spiritual power? This meant that warriors of this world were almost like immortal cultivators. Even though they were still somewhat different from immortal cultivators, they could still wield the spiritual power of immortal cultivators. This was incredible.

This was evidently a boon that the tower spirit had granted all human warriors.

However, Mo Wen did not look too excited. The more benefits that the human warriors gained meant that the challenge before them would be more difficult.

It was likely that the difficulties they would face when battling the seventh rank monstrous beast of the fire domain would be far more difficult than he imagined.

“We will take one step at a time.” Mo Wen sighed. Gaining an incredible ability in a world like this might not be a good thing. The tower spirit had to maintain the balance in this game.

Furthermore, this ability was given to them by the world. They would not keep the ability after they leaving the tower.

As he was thinking things over, another pack of monstrous wolves surrounded Mo Wen. He flicked his hand and a flash of black light encircled the monstrous wolves. Suddenly, all of the wolves exploded. They had all been killed.

Putting all other matters to one side, this new ability did make it much easier to kill the illusionary beasts. Mo Wen would be able to successfully take on all beasts except the most powerful ones.

Mo Wen continued moving. 15 minutes later, he had crossed the plains and decided to hide in a cave.

He had already fought many battles in the tower and his inner Qi had already been about depleted by about 80%. He had to find a quiet place to recover his inner Qi. Otherwise, he would find it hard to defeat any illusionary beasts he encountered. Even though he now had a special power, the world was still dangerous. There were illusionary beasts everywhere. Some of the human warriors would die at the hands of these beasts before they even encountered the seventh rank beast king.

Mo Wen sat cross-legged in a corner and took out a bottle of medicine from his medicine spiritual ring. He poured out four or five pills at one go.

After swallowing them, a rush of heat gathered in his stomach and slowly spread throughout his body. Mo Wen’s inner Qi immediately recovered at a stunning speed.

With his current cultivation levels, he would need at least a day and a night to completely recover his inner Qi under normal circ.u.mstances. However, with the help of the spiritual pill, he could do the same in two hours. Others would not be able to use spiritual pills to recover their inner Qi like Mo Wen. Unless it was a special circ.u.mstance, they would not be so extravagant. However, what Mo Wen had in abundance, was spiritual pills. He was not afraid of wasting them.

Mo Wen started thinking while he recovered his Inner Qi. After a moment, his eyebrows creased.

He discovered a problem. He could use spiritual pills to recover his inner Qi. He would recover his inner Qi completely in two hours. But other human warriors did not have such a choice. At their level of cultivation, they would need at least a day and a night to cultivate. But…they only had three days. They had to become strong enough within these three days. They could not use more than half the time to recover their inner Qi, could they?

If he counted in the time they needed to recover their inner Qi, they barely had a day to truly fight. How much stronger could they get in such a short period of time? To the martial arts grandmasters, it was not even enough time to completely release the seal on their cultivation.

If they were to encounter the extra powerful seventh rank beast king of the fire domain, the results would be disastrous.

“What to do?” Mo Wen realized this serious problem and could not be at ease. The time that they had been given was far too short.

There was a sudden explosion outside the cave.

The entire cave started to shake. It was as if there was an enormous being walking towards it. Everything, from the ground to the mountains, shook. The cave, which originally could only fit one person in, started to expand. The entire cave disappeared completely. It was as if there was an enormous hand, stretching down from heaven, that had removed an entire portion of the mountain.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 650 - Special Ability

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