Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 658 - The Mysterious Bottle Gourd

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Chapter 658: The Mysterious Bottle Gourd

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Mo Wen’s brain couldn’t keep up. The Purple Bottle Gourd was very peculiar. It seemed that ever since Mo Wen had encountered it, the Purple Bottle Gourd had been acting strangely. It was well known that the Purple Bottle Gourd was the inheritance of the Purple Qi Pavilion. For centuries, no strange incidents had ever been mentioned.

In the blink of an eye, the Purple Bottle Gourd had completely absorbed the nebula. It hopped twice in midair, seemingly somewhat dissatisfied. With a flash of its purple silhouette, the bottle gourd disappeared from the sky. The next moment, it had appeared in the ancient city below.

Beams of purple light were emitted from inside the Purple Bottle Gourd. In every place illuminated by its light, all of the monstrous beasts were destroyed. They instantly transformed into starlight and were gathered into the Purple Bottle Gourd.

No matter how powerful the monstrous beasts in the ancient city were, they were unable to withstand the power of the purple light.

In the sky, Mo Wen remained stunned. The monstrous beasts below disappeared at a speed that the eyes could follow. If this continued, it would probably not take long for all of them to be ma.s.sacred.

Above the center altar, the huge Cyan Light Eagle was also dumbfounded. It was so startled by what it could see happening below that its figure trembled slightly. All of its cyan light had been retracted and it no longer emitted an aura. It seemed to be afraid of becoming the next target of the Purple Bottle Gourd.

On the ground, Pei Fengwu and the other two were also stunned. They stared thunderstruck at the bottle gourd that was carrying out a ma.s.sacre in the ancient city.

What…what was going on?

Suddenly, the entire s.p.a.ce shook slightly. From the infinite nothingness, a faint hum sounded. The sound seemed indistinct, sometimes near and sometimes far.

Mo Wen could not determine whether the sound really existed, but he could feel that the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to be changing. As to what the changes were, he could not tell.

A formless Dark Zone suddenly appeared in the ancient city. It was like an all-consuming black hole. The black hole gradually expanded, with the Purple Bottle Gourd at its center. Mo Wen felt an aura from the black hole that was so terrifying it made his soul tremble. There seemed to be a supreme existence hidden in the infinite darkness. Even though hundreds or thousands of s.p.a.ces separated them, as long as it glanced at him, it could crush his soul.

The terrifying black hole obviously had its sights on the Purple Bottle Gourd.

Mo Wen was astonished. Could it be that the Tower Spirit had noticed the Purple Bottle Gourd breaking the rules of this s.p.a.ce, so had acted against the Purple Bottle Gourd?

The Purple Bottle Gourd shook slightly. The next moment, a beam of colored-gla.s.s-like purple light shot into the sky. The purple light crashed into the black hole. The entire s.p.a.ce shook furiously. Formless waves instantly spread across the entire world. Mo Wen was almost shaken out of the sky by the force.

The black hole kept contracting. In an instant, it had shrunk to half its original size. It had almost completely collapsed upon itself.

But the next moment, the black hole once again began to expand. It seemed to become one with this s.p.a.ce. It expanded endlessly, consuming the sky and the earth.

The light of the Purple Bottle Gourd suddenly shrank, gradually pressed down by three feet. Its light slowly grew dimmer. But it was only for a second. From the Purple Bottle Gourd, purple snowflakes suddenly floated out. The snowflakes were crystal clear, as though they were the purest things in existence.

More and more beautiful purple snowflakes began to appear. In a short while, they had covered the entire bottle gourd.

Streaks of crystal clear purple threads extended from the surface of the Purple Bottle Gourd. The threads shot into the black hole. Then, like a spider’s web, they entangled the black hole. By extending and covering it, they actually completely entangled the black hole, causing it to be unable to expand further.

The black hole twisted a few times but could not escape from the purple threads binding it. For a while, the two were in a deadlock.

The two mysterious items battled with their techniques. Mo Wen stood to one side, dumbfounded as he witnessed everything. However, what astonished him was that the Purple Bottle Gourd could actually battle the Tower Spirit and not be at a disadvantage, and this was within the Fighting Spirit Tower.

The two were at an for a long time. The black hole seemed somewhat helpless. It did not continue expanding, instead gradually shrinking.

A bizarre aura came from the black hole. It seemed to have spread some sort of message. The Purple Bottle Gourd shook, seemingly attracted by it. It actually actively flew into the black hole with a flash of light, disappearing without a trace.

The black hole gradually receded. After a short while, the world completely recovered. All returned to normal.

Mo Wen gradually descended from the sky. He frowned slightly. He did not know what sort of agreement the Purple Bottle Gourd and the Tower Spirit had reached. The Purple Bottle Gourd had actually actively left this s.p.a.ce. He could no longer sense any aura from it.

However, the peculiarity of the Purple Bottle Gourd meant that losing it was not necessarily a bad thing. Keeping it on him had been making Mo Wen feel uneasy.

Putting the Purple Bottle Gourd out of his mind, he glanced at his surroundings. Just now when the Purple Bottle Gourd went on a rampage, half of the monstrous beasts in the ancient city had been killed. It even killed a Lord Monstrous Beast. For the human pract.i.tioners, the difficulty of the task had been substantially lowered.

Caw! The Cyan Light Eagle screeched. The light from its body burned brightly. Its terrifying Lord Monstrous Beast aura once again covered half of the ancient city.

Now that the Purple Bottle Gourd and the black hole had both disappeared, the Cyan Light Eagle did not need to cower in fear any longer.

Everything that had happened just now seemed to have enraged this mythical beast. It flapped its huge wings as it screeched.

Cyan tornadoes swept up in the ancient city. The monstrous beasts moved as one towards the city center as though they had received an order from the emperor.

Mo Wen knew that the situation had changed. After the Purple Bottle Gourd’s rampage, the Cyan Light Eagle was actually preparing to attack earlier than it otherwise would have done.

Once the Cyan Light Eagle completed its arrangements, then stealing the Beast King’s treasure would be too difficult.

Mo Wen did not hesitate anymore. His body s.h.i.+ned with golden light. He furiously dashed towards the center altar. His silhouette traveled at a tremendous speed. Normal monstrous beasts could not stop him at all.

On the other side, Pei Fengwu and the other two knew that they could not delay any longer. They too dashed towards the center altar with all their might.

Usually, normal monstrous beasts would not dare to approach the habitat of a Beast King. Hence, around the altar, aside from the Four Lord monstrous beasts, no other monstrous beasts could be seen.

But, if there was a special situation, the monstrous beasts would rush over to the center altar. If more than half the monstrous beasts gathered around the center altar, then wanting to reach the altar would be so much more difficult.

Although Mo Wen had fallen behind the other three, he was the first to reach the center square.

The wind howled. Mo Wen directly dashed into the pale blue light shroud that enveloped the altar. Once he entered the light shroud, the Beast King’s treasure box would be in arm’s reach.

When Mo Wen was less than a hundred meters away from the center altar, an astonis.h.i.+ng beast roar suddenly sounded. Everywhere the sound was heard, rocks and sand were sent flying. Even Mo Wen’s silhouette was affected as his speed dropped.

A ma.s.s of golden light floated up from below the altar. It was followed by a monstrous beast walking out from it.

The monstrous beast was not very large compared to others. It was about two meters tall and five meters long. Its entire body s.h.i.+ned with golden light as though it was made from gold. Golden flames enveloped it. It looked majestic.

Erupting Inferno Lion!

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed. He recognized this monstrous beast. It was from a very powerful race of monstrous beasts. Rumored had it that the Erupting Inferno Lion King had a strand of the bloodline of the Nine-headed Divine Lion.

The Nine-headed Divine Lion had nine heads and wielded the power of nine attributes. The power of fire attribute was one of them.

The Erupting Inferno Lion was a monstrous beast with a single fire attribute, but it had inherited a strand of the Nine-headed Divine Lion’s fire attribute power. Among monstrous beasts, it had great fame and was treated as famous royalty.

This Erupting Inferno Lion clearly had cultivation at the pinnacle of the seventh rank. It was a frightening Lord Monstrous Beast.

Once the Erupting Inferno Lion appeared, it furiously pounced on Mo Wen.

The scorching flames blew towards him. Mo Wen did not dare to take this mythical beast head on. He became a gentle wind, evading it with a dodge.

The Glory of Wind was mysterious. With a s.h.i.+ft of his silhouette, Mo Wen had already appeared behind the Erupting Inferno Lion, once again das.h.i.+ng towards the center altar.

The Erupting Inferno Lion came out empty-handed. Its prey had actually pa.s.sed by it without it knowing. It immediately was enraged.

But right now, even if it wanted to block Mo Wen, it would be difficult for it to do so.

However, just as Mo Wen was approaching the altar, the earth suddenly shook. Then, a rock wall suddenly appeared in front of Mo Wen, separating him from the altar.

Mo Wen frowned. It was the power of the earth attribute. In that instant, he felt its power. There was actually an earth attribute monstrous beast hiding around him.

Mo Wen had now come so far that he could not stop. The Gray Mountain Peak, which had returned to his hands, flew out and furiously crashed into the rock wall. The wall trembled, shaking as though it was about to fall. But what he had not expected was that the Gray Mountain Peak would actually fail to break through the rock wall.

Mo Wen’s expression instantly turned sullen. The rock wall was so strong. It was obviously the work of a Lord Monstrous Beast. The other two Lord Monstrous Beasts of the ancient city were actually hiding under the altar.

He coldly snorted. His body s.h.i.+ned with a golden light. The Indestructible Body of Vajrapani appeared. Refusing to be beaten, Mo Wen used his body to crash into the rock wall.

Already weakened by the Gray Mountain Peak, the rock wall could not withstand being crashed into again by Mo Wen. It crumbled instantly.

However, once he broke through the rock wall, Mo Wen was welcomed by tens of rock pillars cras.h.i.+ng towards him. They rubbed against the air, unleas.h.i.+ng an ear piercing whistle.

On the ground behind the rock wall, a huge crack split open in the ground. A huge figure stood within the fissure like a small mountain.

It was a dark yellow pangolin. Its body was covered with hideous spikes. A pair of small blue eyes flashed with a monstrous glow.

A blue-eyed Earth Shattering Pangolin!

Among the pangolin type monstrous beasts, the Earth-Shattering Pangolin was rather famous. It was because they were a special race among pangolin monstrous beasts. They were actually more like a member of royalty.

They were born with the inherent ability to split the ground open and in doing so, would receive an increase in power from the earth.

The ancient city Four Lords actually did not have a single simple monstrous beast. All of them were monstrous beasts with rare inherent skills. Compared with normal pinnacle of the seventh rank monstrous beasts, this type of monstrous beast was much more powerful.

Mo Wen was not foolish enough to take on the Blue-eyed Earth Shattering Pangolin head on. His silhouette sank and his figure crashed towards the ground, narrowly avoiding cras.h.i.+ng into the rock pillars.

However, on the ground, earth spikes suddenly grew out one by one. The hideous spikes covered a radius of a hundred meters. They contained the terrifying power of the earth attribute.

At the same time, a formless wave emanated from the Blue-eyed Earth Shattering Pangolin. The next moment, Mo Wen felt a frightening gravity press down on his body. It was as though he was holding up a large mountain.

Mo Wen’s figure dropped even faster. If he dropped to the ground, the terrifying earth spikes would most likely be enough to land him in serious trouble.

The Blue-eyed Earth Shattering Pangolin was harder to deal with than both the Erupting Inferno Lion and the Cyan Light Eagle.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 658 - The Mysterious Bottle Gourd

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