Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 698 - Partially Deified Soul Power Technique

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Chapter 698: Partially Deified Soul Power Technique

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Mo Wen’s expression was ugly. If he had the protection of the Primordial Soul Pearl, killing this Blood Ghost would be easy. But right now, the Primordial Soul Pearl had disappeared.

Had the Tower Spirit sealed the abilities of the Primordial Soul Pearl?

Right now, he could only a.s.sume it to be so. There could be no other possibility. Maybe the Tower Spirit had secretly sealed the Primordial Soul Pearl after it had appeared to protect him when he was dealing with the snake type Beast King earlier.

Mo Wen’s gaze flickered. He knew that he could only depend on himself.

The problem was that he was only an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner. He was unfamiliar with the methods of the Immortal Cultivation world and was only able to come up with a few ways of dealing with them.

“It seems that this is the only way. With my current soul cultivation, maybe I can pull it off.”

Mo Wen took a deep breath and stared intently at the Blood Ghost. The light in his eyes became brighter and brighter.


The Blood Ghost let out a shrill cry. The next moment, its body began to melt, becoming a ma.s.s of blood plasma. The ma.s.s of blood plasma surrounded Mo Wen’s declarative memory, constantly spinning.

After a short while, a huge crimson swirl appeared in his declarative memory, surrounding Mo Wen while constantly contracting.

In the crimson light swirl, a strange voice was constantly sounding, like ghost wails and wolf howls. The entire declarative memory seemed to have been dyed the color of blood.

Mo Wen stood at the center of the crimson light swirl. He could feel how frightening it was. If he was not careful, he would very likely be melted by the crimson light swirl.

“Such a vicious Blood Ghost Secret Technique.”

Although practicing the Blood Ghost Secret Technique was dangerous, it was very powerful. An ordinary ancient martial art pract.i.tioner who could block such an attack was hard to find. Only a strong pract.i.tioner at the Martial Arts Grandmaster second realm could possibly block such an attack.

The golden light in Mo Wen’s eyes grew brighter and coalesced. In his declarative memory, his illusionary body flickered, constantly undergoing changes.

As time pa.s.sed, a faint white circle of light appeared around Mo Wen. The faint, white light was dim to begin with but quickly became brighter and more solid.

The crimson light swirl came pressing down. When it encountered the white light on Mo Wen’s body, it was as though it was a snowflake being thrown into a furnace. It instantly melted away.

Large amounts of crimson light surrounded Mo Wen, but without exception, all disappeared completely without a trace.


In the crimson light swirl, a sharp cry sounded. A crimson shadow gradually appeared from inside the crimson light swirl. It was the Blood Ghost.

The Blood Ghost’s ink green eyes kept flickering. The gaze that it gave Mo Wen seemed frightened. Its eyes contained a faint look of fear.

This type of Blood Ghost had very low sentience, only some subconscious thoughts. When it encountered something that could cause it to be afraid, it would instinctively reveal fear.

Mo Wen shut his eyes tightly. His figure flickered, sometimes even constantly trembling. His face showed no expression and was tensed up. One could vaguely sense that he was experiencing an unusual sort of pain right now. It was the sort of pain that could even cause his soul to shatter and fade away to nothing.

The crimson light swirl kept heading towards Mo Wen each time it was melted, leaving no trace behind.

Mo Wen’s figure became more and more transparent, seemingly on the brink of fading into nothingness.


The Blood Ghost suddenly emitted a shrill scream. The crimson light swirl that surrounded Mo Wen’s declarative memory completely disappeared. The face of the Blood Ghost was full of fear. It became a beam of crimson light and turned to run, wanting to escape Mo Wen’s declarative memory.

“You can’t escape.”

Mo Wen suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes shone brightly. His figure suddenly disappeared, becoming a ma.s.s of white light.

The ma.s.s of white light disappeared almost as soon as it appeared. The next moment, it had already crashed into the figure of the Blood Ghost.

The Blood Ghost did not even manage to cry out in pain. Like a snowflake tossed into a high-temperature furnace, it was instantly vaporized and disappeared completely.

The ma.s.s of faint white light dissipated. Mo Wen’s figure once again appeared in his declarative memory. The soul figure that he had coalesced seemed transparent. It felt extremely delicate and rather weak.

Mo Wen exhaled deeply. “I’ve actually truly managed to practice Partially Deified Soul Power. This time was really a close shave.” His eyes bore a look of appreciation for his good fortune. As an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner, the other methods he had were ineffective against the Blood Ghost. Normal martial art teachings could not harm an existence formed from coalesced resentment and evil Qi.

But what Mo Wen had mastered was not just an ordinary martial arts teaching. He had another secret and absolutely remarkable power. Even in the Immortal Cultivation world, it was still an absolutely remarkable power. It was the Divine Soul Trillion Layers Technique that focused specifically on cultivating the Primordial Soul.

Mo Wen had barely scratched the surface practicing the Divine Soul Trillion Layers. At most, he could control his soul power and release an attack. With his current cultivation, he still could not truly practice the Divine Soul Trillion Layers at all.

In the Divine Soul Trillion Layers, there was a special method of practice that could coalesce his energy densely, causing his soul power to be partially deified.

Deified Soul Power was a power that only immortal cultivators at the Primordial Soul realm and above were equipped with. It was impossible for normal folk to possess it. Although Mo Wen’s spiritual strength had almost reached the pinnacle, compared to Deified Soul Power, they were worlds apart.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, if he had not broken through to the Primordial Soul realm and had yet to coalesce a Primordial Soul, it was almost impossible for him to possess Deified Soul Power.

But the Divine Soul Trillion Layers was an absolutely remarkable power. It actually broke this rule and could cause immortal cultivators below the Primordial Soul realm or ancient martial art pract.i.tioners to localize their own soul power and themselves become Partially Deified Soul Power pract.i.tioners.

This was not a complete Deified Soul Power, but in terms of quality, it far surpa.s.sed ordinary spiritual strength.

However, the method of practice for the Partially Deified Soul was too risky. A single slip up would very likely destroy their souls. They would not even have the opportunity to reincarnate.

Mo Wen had never dared to practice it before. The first reason was that his soul cultivation was not enough, and the second was that this Partially Deified Soul Power Technique was too risky.

If it wasn’t because the Blood Ghost had forced him to, Mo Wen would not have tried this secret technique at all. Instead, he would have chosen to advance steadily. Once he reached the Primordial Soul realm in the future, he naturally would have Deified Soul Power.

He never imagined that he would actually accidentally manage to cultivate a Partially Deified Soul.

The Blood Ghost was no more than an evil creature that had been raised by Chu Yuan. It was impossible for it to be too powerful. How could it possibly block the Deified Soul Power?

Chu Yuan suddenly spat a mouthful of fresh blood. His eyes were wide open as he looked at Mo Wen in astonishment.

“My Blood Ghost… Where is my Blood Ghost? I can’t sense it… How is this possible?”

Chu Yuan’s face was pale, as though he had been heavily injured. His body trembled. He spat out mouthful after mouthful of fresh blood. The Blood Ghost was raised by him and had a soul link with him. Their souls were connected. As long as the Blood Ghost did not die, he would be able to feel the existence of the Blood Ghost at all times.

Now though, his no longer had a connection with the Blood Ghost. He could no longer feel its presence. A mysterious power had also entered his body and instantly consumed more than half his Qi and blood. His body was once again heavily injured.

“How is this possible? How is this possible…? ”

Chu Yuan looked at Mo Wen, stunned. His eyes wore a look of disbelief. He knew that there was only one explanation for his current situation, and that was the Blood Ghost had been completely killed off. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a counterforce to enter his body, and it would have been impossible for him to not be able to sense the existence of the Blood Ghost at all.

Mo Wen’s eyelids twitched, and he slowly opened his eyes. From the Blood Ghost invading his declarative memory to him destroying the Blood Ghost had only taken an instant.

“You… how did you…”

Chu Yuan pointed at Mo Wen. His finger trembled, and he could not say anything for a long while.

His Blood Ghost had actually been destroyed by Mo Wen. How was it possible? Even a Martial Arts Grandmaster would surely die if they encountered his Blood Ghost. Death could only be avoided if they had reached the Martial Arts Grandmaster second realm, the Realm of Clarity, and used their crystal-clear soul to terrify the Blood Ghost.

If it was an ordinary Martial Arts Grandmaster, it would be impossible for them to block the attack of the Blood Ghost.

However, even a Martial Arts Grandmaster second realm absolute ancient martial art pract.i.tioner could not possibly kill his Blood Ghost. At most, they could only cause the Blood Ghost to retreat.

Chu Yuan had never imagined that Mo Wen would be able to kill off his Blood Ghost completely.

“Although that ghost of yours was evil, it was still a great supplement. I want to thank you. You made my soul cultivation advance again.” Mo Wen looked at Chu Yuan and playfully smiled.

Not only did the Blood Ghost force him to practice the Partially Deified Soul Power Technique, but it had also died in his declarative memory. A lot of its dissipated soul power had been absorbed by him, causing his soul cultivation to once again increase by a large amount.


Chu Yuan was so angry that he kept coughing up blood. How was it possible? How could Mo Wen possibly have killed the Blood Ghost?

“Your Blood host was good. It was a perfect supplement. Do you have any more? I’ll eat all that you have,” Mo Wen said as he continued to tease him. He seemingly thought that Chu Yuan would die of anger.

“Mo Wen, I want to kill you… we are irreconcilable… irreconcilable…”

Chu Yuan struggled as he crawled up. His eyes were blood red as he looked at Mo Wen hatefully. He had cultivated the Blood Ghost for more than a hundred years. For more than a century, in order to practice the Blood Ghost Secret Technique, he had paid an immeasurable cost, endured unimaginable hards.h.i.+ps and taken countless risks to cultivate a Blood Ghost.

It could be said that the Blood Ghost Secret Technique was his greatest support. At the same time, it was the foundation of his standing in the Ghost Lair.

He had painstakingly cultivated a Blood Ghost, and it had actually been eaten by Mo Wen. Mo Wen even said that it was a perfect supplement! If anyone else had heard that they would also be mad with rage.

Once the Blood Ghost was lost, it was lost forever. Chu Yuan did not believe that the Tower Spirit would resurrect a Blood Ghost to compensate him. It was almost impossible. Without the Blood Ghost Secret Technique, his standing in the Ghost Lair would certainly plummet.

From its position in midair, even the Wyvern Beast King gave Mo Wen a strange look. It had not expected that such an evil thing would actually be “eaten” by a small youth like Mo Wen! With its cultivation, it naturally felt that the Blood Ghost paled into insignificance. But what cultivation did Mo Wen have to actually also be able to kill the Blood Ghost?

“You and I are irreconcilable?”

Mo Wen laughed coldly and plainly said, “Did you think that you are still qualified to speak here?”

Mo Wen’s silhouette flashed, and he appeared directly in front of Chu Yuan. Mo Wen caught Chu Yuan with one hand and slapped him with the other. The strike nearly caused Chu Yuan’s face to be disfigured.

“I have said before that I will kill those who wish to kill me. This will be the first time that I kill you. You’d better remember this. It is still not over.”

Mo Wen casually slapped Chu Yuan a few times, causing him to see stars. Then, with a simple throw, he threw Chu Yuan’s body towards the Wyvern Beast King.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 698 - Partially Deified Soul Power Technique

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