Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 946 - Ancient Age Snowy Region

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Chapter 946: Ancient Age Snowy Region

After Mo Wen made his way through the cave, the scene before him made him subconsciously believe that he had taken the wrong turn. He looked at the scenery before him in disbelief.

There were endless snowy mountain peaks as far as the eye could see. Heavy snow filled the sky, and the plants and rocks on the ground were all covered in a thick layer of snow.

The mountain village in his memories had disappeared, and not a trace of it could be found. His home for more than a dozen years seemed to have been but a very long dream. When he woke up, none of it existed anymore.

“How can this be happening?”

Mo Wen did not dare to believe it. How could such a change happen? This surely was originally a lush mountain forest with a lake and flowing water. There was supposed to be a small bridge and houses. Why was it like this now? What about his home?

A surge of panic welled up inside of him. He could not hold it in any longer. He flew up into the sky against the wind and snow. Right now, he truly hoped that he had taken the wrong turn.

“Huh? That’s…”

When he flew up into the sky, Mo Wen suddenly discovered that there was a courtyard on a snowy peak that rose high into the sky. The courtyard was very ancient and was no different from a courtyard in a small mountain village. At a glance, Mo Wen recognized that it was his home. He had lived there for more than a dozen years. At that moment, however, the scene before him was foreign and bizarre.

With a few flickers, Mo Wen flew into the courtyard. He was just here a month ago. Right now, the courtyard was no different than it was then. Bizarrely, no matter how much the snowy sky raged, the storm could not enter this small courtyard. There seemed to be a special power that was blocking out everything from the outside.

“Is this really my home?” Mo Wen found it hard to believe. Where was his little village with smoke curling from the chimneys and people running over small bridges? Where were his kind and friendly villager neighbors?

Mo Wen suddenly realized that he might never see that home again.

Although he did not know what had happened here, as a cultivator, he could be certain that there was a side to his home that he did not know about.

As he walked into his room, he discovered a letter on his wooden desk. The words “My dear son, Mo Wen” were written on the white paper.

Mo Wen stared at the letter in his hand. From the writing on the letter, it must have been written not too long ago. As for its contents, they made it even harder for him to wrap his head around all that was happening.

“Mother was… a hermit immortal cultivator?”

Mo Wen slowly closed his eyes. It was hard to express the astonishment he felt inside. His own mother was actually a hermit immortal cultivator. For more than twelve years, he had actually failed to notice anything. His so-called home – his so-called village was just an illusion. An illusion that contained all of his childhood memories.

“She was an immortal cultivator, but she hid the truth from me and did not teach me to cultivate. Why did she do that?”

Mo Wen walked out of his room in a daze. He looked at everything around him outside, which was familiar and yet foreign at the same time. He felt speechless inside. He had always sought the path to immortality. Now, looking back, he knew that an immortal cultivator was right beside him all that time.

He did not know why his mother had hidden this from him. He did not even know where exactly she had gone. In the letter, she only said that, due to some changing circ.u.mstances, she had some things to sort out and had brought Qin Xiaoyou along with her.

At the end of the letter, his mother instructed him to take care of himself, and said that, one day, mother and son would meet again.

Mo Wen walked out of the courtyard and looked around at the endless snowy peaks. His heart was filled with a deep sense of loss. It turned out that everything had been a dream. Everything in the past was just an illusion.

“Why did mother hide this from me? Could it be that there was something that she could not tell me?” Unable to know what he wanted to, Mo Wen’s mind couldn’t help but speculate. After all, what was happening to him was really hard to bear; even he found it hard to adapt.

“Previously, I suspected that this spiritual energy-rich s.p.a.ce was not ordinary. However, I did not intentionally investigate it. I just did not want to destroy the peace here in this place. However, from the looks of it, nothing was as ordinary as I imagined.”

Mo Wen drew in a deep breath. Before this, he had known that his home was in a different s.p.a.ce, and that this s.p.a.ce had frighteningly rich spiritual energy and was very suitable for immortal cultivators to train there. However, he had reflected that this was his home and that he did not want to destroy the peace they had here, so he had not investigated further.

However, from the looks of it now, he had been merely living in an illusion. Even if he had wanted to investigate, he most likely would not have found anything. Until the very end, he had not been able to see through any flaw in the illusion that his mother had set up. He did not know to what realm his mother had cultivated. Could it be that she was a legendary Tide Changing realm immortal cultivator?

Mo Wen knew that it was impossible for Primordial Soul realm immortal cultivators to set up such an awe-inspiring illusion. It was hard to say whether even Tide Changing realm immortal cultivators could pull it off.

Mo Wen collected himself. As a cultivator and someone who had lived two lives, he was far better at accepting things than other people.

His mother being an immortal cultivator was a good thing in the long run. Before this, he had been worried that his mother would grow old and pa.s.s away one day. Now, he did not need to worry about that at all.

Instead, it was this world that raised a fierce curiosity in Mo Wen. Originally, he had thought that this area was a broken s.p.a.ce that split off from the main s.p.a.ce during the Middle Age Great War between Realms. Although its spiritual energy had not dissipated, its domain was not large, and the living creatures in it could not cultivate.

If the living creatures in it had been able to cultivate, and after such a long time, the spiritual energy in this s.p.a.ce would have long been drained dry. It would have been impossible for it to have maintained at such a rich condition for all this while. After all, asa remnant s.p.a.ce, it did not have the ability to replenish itself. Its spiritual energy would decrease as it was consumed.

But, from the looks of it now, his guess was clearly wrong. For an immortal cultivator like his mother to seclude herself here, there was definitely more to it than met the eye.

“I should walk out of this mountain range to have a look.”

Mo Wen looked at the land in the distance. At a glance, it seemed endless. He did not know how large it was. An urge to explore that region suddenly welled up inside of him.

A beam of light shot up like a bolt of lightning shooting across the sky. With Mo Wen’s current cultivation, he could fly at rather frightening speeds, and was barely any slower than ordinary Primordial Soul realm cultivators.

Primordial Soul realm cultivators also usually cultivated release techniques for soaring. Release techniques were different from body movement techniques. Soaring release techniques were remarkable powers used purely for haste. They focused purely on speed and differed from the utility that body movement techniques sought. The pursuit of the ultimate pure speed rendered release techniques suitable only for haste and escape. They were not very useful in combat.

Mo Wen had not cultivated release techniques; otherwise, his speed would certainly far surpa.s.s ordinary Primordial Soul realm cultivators.

In a mere fifteen minutes, Mo Wen flew more than ten thousand miles. However, this mountain range was too vast. At a glance, it was ma.s.sive, and there still was no end in sight.

Mo Wen flew on with a heavy heart. He knew that some Inner worlds that had broken away from the main s.p.a.ce were far larger than it. The s.p.a.ce before him might be one of those Inner worlds.

Of course, once one reached his level, their understanding of the main s.p.a.ce could clearly not remain as it was before. In reality, the true main s.p.a.ce, connected with the life and death of the various realms, was the Peng Lai Immortal Realm and not the mortal world that he had previously thought was the main one.

The Peng Lai Immortal Realm was the true root of the main s.p.a.ce. Long ago, various mighty immortal cultivators expended huge efforts to preserve the Peng Lai Immortal Realm. From that time until the present day, it had already been more than a million years. As long as the Peng Lai Immortal Realm was stable, this world would not collapse or be destroyed.

Mo Wen flew for two days and two nights straight, but he still did not manage to fly out of the snowy mountain range. He did not know how far he had flown, but roughly estimated that it had been more than a million miles. After flying in a straight line for more than a million miles without actually leaving the range of snowy mountains, Mo Wen finally had a whole new understanding of the size of this world.

Even the Floating Mystery Dimension and the Zhen Wu Mystery Dimension of the so-called Four Large Inner Worlds were probably not so huge. This place was just a mountain range, and it was at least this huge. What exactly was this place?

Moreover, along the way, Mo Wen discovered many strange and bizarre living creatures. The creatures seemed to be very extraordinary. Some were powerful enough to make even him feel terrified and unsafe. Even though they were more than a hundred miles apart, when they released as much as a sliver of their aura, he felt his heart go cold. If they attacked him, he would most likely die with one hit.

There were many terrifying creatures there. Along the way, Mo Wen met countless of them. He was just rus.h.i.+ng past, high in the sky, and he had already encountered so many of these terrifying creatures. Only Heaven knew how many dangers were hidden in the snowy mountain range.

Fortunately, those living creatures seemed to be uninterested in him. They stared at him as he flew across the sky, not showing any signs of movement. Otherwise, Mo Wen thought, he would not have survived that long. The further Mo Wen flew, the more serious his expression became. Was this place still in the main s.p.a.ce? To think there was actually such a frightening place.

At this point in time, even if he were to encounter an ordinary Primordial Soul realm cultivator, he would not feel any fear. That meant that these creatures living in the snowy mountains were far more frightening than Primordial Soul realm cultivators.

After flying for another three days, Mo Wen finally saw the end of the snowy mountains. The wind and snow died down, and an endless blue appeared before Mo Wen.

An ocean! After he flew out of the snowy mountains, what appeared before him was an endless ocean.

The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth displayed a bitter smile. He did not know how huge the ocean before him was or what dangers lay ahead. It had already been no easy feat for him to fly out of the snowy mountains. The ocean before his eyes was likely even bigger than them.

“Old Tu, the young master has flown out of the snowy region. Where does he want to go?”

In the endless snowy region, two silhouettes stood high up in the sky. They just stood there quietly, their bodies emitting no aura. However, the heavens and the earth in their surroundings seemed to be revolving around them. It seemed as though they could change the heavens and the earth with a mere thought.

Between the two of them, one had a tall, slender figure with a stern appearance. He wore clothes of gold and had an imposing manner. The howling wind and snow dissipated when they were still ten thousand meters away from him. It seemed as though the entire snowy mountain region knelt in submission before his feet. The other person had a burly figure that was over twenty meters tall. He also stood motionless. However, within his huge figure, thunder seemed to rumble. The clouds within a radius of ten thousand miles were dissipated by the faint thundering sounds from within his body.

“The young master probably wants to go see the outside world. After all, there are no humans in a remnant s.p.a.ce from the Ancient Age like this snowy region.”

The huge man that was more than twenty meters tall clearly was the Old Tu that the man in gold clothing had mentioned. The two of them stood at a point that was still a million miles away from the border of the snowy region. However, they could see across s.p.a.ce at a glance and know what was going on a million miles away.

Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 946 - Ancient Age Snowy Region

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