Peerless Martial God 2 Chapter 602

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On the second day, early in the morning, there were already many, many people around Long Yun Peak. They were all excited. Many people weren't from the Central Continent, so they weren't very strong.

At noon, there were already millions of people. All the people who had the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor and above seemed to be there, but the two protagonists, Lin Feng and the Vice Leader of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, Zong Tong, hadn't arrived yet.

People would understand if Lin Feng didn't come. Many people had asked about Lin Feng's whereabouts, but n.o.body knew where he was. However, why wasn't Zong Tong there yet? The whole situation was mysterious, and people were puzzled.

As everybody was wondering, a gigantic group of people arrived. At the front were a hundred G.o.dly Emperors. In the middle were disciples who were carrying four golden sedan chairs with dragon patterns on them. Tian Di was on the main one, wearing a golden robe and a crown. It was the celestial imperial weapon which had been stolen a while back, a supreme G.o.dly imperial weapon.

On the second chair was the Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, Di Tian, the one who had come to negotiate with Tiantai a year before, and whom Lin Feng had expelled. He had lost face and become a joke back then.

On the third chair was another Vice Leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, Sheng Tian. He had the strength of the seventh G.o.dly Emperor Layer and couldn't be compared to Di Tian.

And finally, the one on the last chair was Young Emperor Tian Fan. He was wearing similar clothes to Tian Di. He didn't have a golden robe with dragon patterns, but instead a silver robe with unicorn patterns. It was still a dazzling robe, however!

Many people gazed into the distance when all those people from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty arrived. Even though the Celestial Emperors Dynasty wasn't as prestigious as before, they were still considered an extremely powerful group, and Tian Di was Tian Di, one of the strongest cultivators of the continent. People still admired him.

Tian Di and the others flew off their sedan chairs and gave talismans to the guards of the Long Yun Pavilion [Translator's Note: the Long Yun and Dragon Clouds seem to refer to the same place, but because of a typo, it wasn't obvious]. They slowly entered the area, followed by the hundred G.o.dly Emperors who had lined up behind them. The Long Yun Pavilion was gigantic, constructed on Long Yun Peak, the highest mountain in the Continent of the G.o.ds.

Many people raised their heads and looked at the white flight of stairs. Tian Di, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and some other strong cultivators had built it long ago, and a little while ago, Lin Feng had added a big part to it. He had astonished the whole continent when he had done that.

Long Yun Peak was guarded by Si Ma Yan. Si Ma Yan was one of the geniuses of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds. His father was Si Ma Yun Tu, a Vice Leader of the Alliance. Of the remaining Vice Leaders, three were known already. Yan Zun and Yan Duan, Zong Tong, and Tian Di had recently become one.

But n.o.body knew who the last one was. n.o.body knew how strong he was, either, but they knew he was very young.

In the distance, a powerful and dynamic army appeared. There were a dozen G.o.dly Emperors in the front and another dozen in the back. In the middle, some people were flying. They were wearing different clothes, but they had a peculiar Qi because they were from Tiantai.

Zun Xie and Ancestor Fo had the strength of the top of the seventh G.o.dly Emperor Layer, but G.o.dly Emperor Blood wasn't there. Behind the two old men were Ruo Xie, Tian Chi, and the other fellow disciples of Tiantai. Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi were there as well.

Along with the members of Tiantai, there were people from the Great Huang Dynasty, such as G.o.dly Emperor Huang, and Huang Nü. They had brought a dozen G.o.dly Emperors. Lin Zhe Tian was there with the members of the Alliance of G.o.ds' City. He had brought seventy percent of their G.o.dly Emperors, numbering about twenty.

Before the members of Tiantai even entered the pavilion, another powerful and dynamic group appeared, with a hundred G.o.dly auras. There were some old and young folk, a few of them wearing blue-green robes.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had arrived. Yan Di and Yan Chang had brought people from both branches. Everybody knew how close the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and Tiantai were.

But behind the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, there were people from the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. Many people noticed them and were intrigued. What were they doing there? Many people were puzzled.

Long Yi Tian was at the front, Ye Chen was at his side. Since Ye Chen had joined the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, he was extremely happy, as there were many resources there. In half a year, he had progressed a lot. He now had the strength of the fourth G.o.dly Emperor Layer.

Even though Fu Chen practiced alone in Tiantai, he had also progressed quickly, and also had the strength of the fourth G.o.dly Emperor Layer. He was catching up with Ye Chen. However, the situation between them hadn't changed, Ye Chen was still the great fellow disciple.

n.o.body knew where the members of the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds were, but Si Ma Yan was there, wearing white clothes, his long hair in a bun. He looked elegant, well-mannered, and handsome, very heroic.

"Ladies and gentlemen from the Three Dynasties, Four Temples, Tiantai, the Great Huang Dynasty, and everywhere in the Continent of the G.o.ds, welcome! Greet our Vice Leader, Zong Tong!" shouted Si Ma Yan, pointing to the mountain. Everybody followed his finger.

Everybody saw a black silhouette halfway up the mountain.

It was the highest point of the flight of stairs, the extension Lin Feng had created. He flashed down and landed next to Si Ma Yan.

Si Ma Yan nodded at Zong Tong respectfully. Zong Tong didn't look at Si Ma Yan, but at the ocean of people. The number of people was astonis.h.i.+ng!

"Let's go in first," said Ruo Xie to his people, and they entered the pavilion. n.o.body stopped them. They remembered back in the days when they had stopped Lin Feng, the current leader of Tiantai. Just the thought of it made them shudder with fear.

The members of Tiantai, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, the Great Huang Dynasty and the Alliance of G.o.ds' City all entered the pavilion. n.o.body dared call them offenders or trespa.s.sers this time, because n.o.body was qualified anymore.

Lin Feng had killed many judges from the Great Alliance of the Hundred Worlds, who would dare offend his people, or his allies?

Everybody looked at the pavilion. It was packed with people. Si Ma Yan still stood out with his white clothes.

"Vice Leader Si Ma Yun Tu, please," said Si Ma Yan, introducing his own father. His tone of speech was majestic and much more respectful when he spoke of his own father. He also spoke loudly and clearly, as if he were afraid people wouldn't hear him.

A middle-aged man in blue clothes appeared halfway up the mountain at the top of the flight of stairs, and descended. He seemed to be about the same age as Zong Tong, but much kinder and warmer. He didn't look as arrogant or aggressive as Zong Tong.

"Brother Si Ma."

"Brother Zong Tong."

Zong Tong and Si Ma Yun Tu smiled and nodded at one another respectfully.

Si Ma Yun Tu looked at his son and then at the crowd. He hadn't thought that Lin Feng and Zong Tong's duel to the death would attract so many people.

"Vice Leader Zong Tong is here, where is Lin Feng now?" shouted Tian Di icily. His voice echoed hundreds of li away. Everybody's expression changed.

So, where was Lin Feng?

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Peerless Martial God 2 Chapter 602

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