The Empress' Livestream Chapter 531

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Chapter 531: Happenings in the World (I)

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“Your servant Liyun greets my lord!”

“Your servant Jiang Nongqin greets my lord!”

After clearing the battlefield and capturing the prisoners of war, Liyun and Jiang Nongqin both led their respective horses and stood before Jiang Pengji. They bent and half knelt to pay their respects.

Leaning against a dried-up tree on the open field, she had wild gra.s.s in her mouth, and replied, “Rise up, sit down and rest.”

Liyun was startled while Jiang Nongqin wore an emotionless face and sat by Jiang Pengji's side.

“Indeed, it is Jiang Nongqin who's rather adorable. Han Mei, you are too uptight, it doesn't feel like the usual person you are.” The usual blurred angel, the proud and cold warrior on the battlefield, this is the attractive, bewildering difference. What's there to be tense about? There's no need to since she's not concerned about it either.”

Liyun's facial expression was rather troubled, without much thought he planted himself on the ground with his silver spear next to him.

He asked, “Why is my lord here?”

She answered, “Why are you here then? Naturally, I am here because of that. Can the land of Jiaoping district be a hindrance to me?”

Liyun scratched his head then shyly said, “The lord is mighty and awesome, naturally your enemy, the Tsing Yi army is nowhere.”

Jiang Nongqin has a solemn personality, she usually listens quietly. Unless she has some insights otherwise, she rarely opens her mouth to speak.

Thus, she didn't join the conversation.

She turned to ask Jiang Nongqin, “What's the outcome of the war when you fought to conquer Maolin district?”

The latter was startled momentarily but shortly regained her senses and responded saying, “The Tsing Yi army's defence at Maolin district was rather weak and Corporal Meng has rich experience in fighting wars. Also, Master Xu had good strategies, thus we didn't waste much time to conquer Maolin district. The generals and soldiers fought bravely. Except for 20 men who suffered mild injuries and 6 who sustained more severe injuries, we only had 8 casualties. The other troops are fine…”

The six who sustained more severe injuries are mostly superficial ones, if not for their carelessness, it would've only been a mild injury.

As for the 8 who unfortunately pa.s.sed on, it's because of the surprise attack launched against the city. They were shot in a critical spot by the enemy troops and they died as they weren't treated in time. It is worth being proud of the outcome of executing the strategy to launch a surprise attack on the city. Let alone the fact that many of the soldiers are new troops who lack experience and moreover there are women whom bystanders deem as a burden to the army.

Naturally, as for whether they were a hindrance, only those troops who partic.i.p.ated in the war can judge. Outsiders have no right to comment.

“Let those soldiers who are injured rest and recover well. Those courageous troops who sacrificed themselves must be brought back to their homeland. Have their corpses been handled properly?”

Although the injured and dead are few, nonetheless, these are men who were unfortunate. Once a man dies, it cannot be reversed, but she can compensate the living and the family members of the dead. Giving them comfort and reimburs.e.m.e.nt.

Jiang Nongqin secretly glanced at Liyun. His facial expression was natural. He didn't carry the “cold-blooded” unhappiness that Jiang Pengji had.

She calmed her heart down then continued, “Please be rest a.s.sured my lord, the corpses of our generals have been taken care of respectfully, while those that can been buried have been buried.”

The viewers in the live streaming room are mostly Liyun's fans or those who are his true loves. Their angel was given the “cold-treatment” by the streamer which aroused their ridiculous anger.

Guiqiu Yuepiao: “Ai, streamer did you see our angelic Han Mei's eyes of desire, just look at him.”

Buran Jiunao: “What a pitiful angel, don't panic, come rest in my bosom, I will give you a hug filled with love.”

Daguner Sapo: “Is this the overall post-war report? Our angelic Han Mei is also capable of doing it. The streamer cannot be biased.”

Zhibo k.u.mai: “Don't be fl.u.s.tered, Han Mei isn't a narrow-minded person. He'll not feel aggrieved because of this.”

Jiang Pengji unintentionally glanced at the bullet screen; she was discreetly tickled by it. She continued to find out from Jiang Nongqin about the arrangements in Maolin district. On the other hand, she also commented to explain on the bullet screen in case “Han Mei's fans” continue to hurl curses at her, accusing her of bullying their husband.

Streamer V: “Han Mei is the a.s.sistant commander of the vanguard battalion while Jiang Nongqin is the commander for the women troops. Naturally I cannot sidestep Jiang Nongqin in asking about the situation.”

She likes to act freely, but this doesn't mean she'll compromise on her principles and take it lightly. Hierarchy is central in a military setting. The rules must be strictly enforced. Her att.i.tude will influence their standing amongst the soldiers. If she wilfully treats Jiang Nongqin coldly and creates the wrong impression that a commander is less than an a.s.sistant commander, she will inevitably weaken Nongqin's reputation amongst the troops. Even if the level is extremely small, Jiang Pengji doesn't want for this to happen.

Alright, since the streamer explained herself, the viewers also expressed their understanding. They had a change of att.i.tude and immediately showered her with praise, the comments given were “gently touch my little angel”, “little angel, please don't be sad”, “come here, let aunty give you a ma.s.sage”, such words as Jiang Pengji watched on helplessly.

Jiang Pengji again asked after the overall situation in Maolin district since there will be follow up in rebuilding after the war… after being ruined by Tsing Yi army, can this place still be prosperous? Jiang Pengji will still use Xiangyang district as her main camp but her powers are now spread across the entire Fengyi county.

Jiang Nongqin is a detailed person, she never thought Jiang Pengji will ask her. However, she is sufficiently prepared for what's asked. Since her lord has high expectations of her, she reported everything honestly and kept nothing to herself.

After Jiang Pengji listened, she frowned briefly though no one saw it.

If the financial status of the three districts wasranked, Chengan district is the poorest, followed by Maolin district at second while Jiaoping district's situation is the best. Nevertheless, the human resources lost across all three districts was equal. It isn't to the extent of nine out of ten empty households but still there were few inhabitants left.

“…Forget it. Rebuilding the districts is not a day's worth of work either. Although the manpower is small, it's not a ghost town. The Tsing Yi prisoners can serve as manual labourers. This will relieve some of the burden. I will return to get Xiaoyu and the rest to recruit workers. We will slowly but surely rebuild these three districts.”

There are benefits in having less people. Many of the houses and lands do not belong to anyone. She can use what is at her disposal to serve her purposes. As her territory broadens, her military strength increases. In the eyes of outsiders, her territories are havens amidst the chaotic world.

At this time, many refugees and rich businessmen will be attracted to find refuge in her districts. Yes, think about the residences in Xiangyang district. The prices are soaring daily from them not being worth a single cent before.

Recently, there have been rich businessmen who intermittently sent their servants to enquire. The land deeds and house deeds are in Jiang Pengji's hands; she is unwilling to let go of them presently. If she sold it to them now, she is making a loss. When Fengyi county stabilises then these properties can be sold at a worthy price.

Except now, her military strength consists of only ten thousand men and they are divided across four districts which is really a stretch. Recruiting soldiers and buying horses, fortifying her military strength, that is of utmost importance. If she rebuilds from scratch, this is probably when her power is seriously in danger. Her territory is too big while her military strength is divided. If her enemies take the chance to strike, she fears that she could lose her lands.

Despite that, she believes her strategists are intelligent people. Even without her orders, they know what to do during this time. It is proven that regardless of whether it's Qiguan Rang in Jiaoping district or Wei Ci in Chengan district or Xu Ke in Maolin district, they are all G.o.d-like comrades who could read her mind.

Just when they conquered the three districts, the three of them immediately recruited all the labour they needed. Concurrently they also thought of solutions to expand the troops from thousands to ten thousand men, this helped to increase the frequency of patrolling the area and to keep their enemies confused. This will deter them from wreaking havoc.

Xiangyang district was victorious over two battles, this will deter those enemies who covet these lands.

But this also means that her strategists will face an even more terrifying wave of working overtime.

The Empress' Livestream Chapter 531

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