The Empress' Livestream Chapter 590

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Chapter 590: Convincing the Feng Family (I)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Pengji's ambitions to capture the entire Wanzhou and Shangyang county cannot be compromised.

 Feng Jin volunteered to step up and convince his family diplomatically, she sent hundreds of elite troops to escort him.

 The first snow on a cold winter day covered the earth. Since there were no wars on the north side, Feng Jin decided to take the opportunity to convince his parents.

 If he is successful, during spring next year, they can consolidate their military strength and solely focus on attacking Chengde county.

 Wei Jingxian carried her one-year-old daughter, Changsheng, to follow Feng Jin, her husband, up in the horse carriage. Their baggage together with their servants' belongings occupied a total of three horse carriages.

 Don't underestimate Changsheng as a young child, she has a bubbly and active personality, she speaks logically and with clarity. The small horse carriage couldn't satisfy her excitability and shortly after she was bored. She wore an aggrieved look while she lay in Wei Jingxian's bosom, sulking like the dried-up leaves under the sun during summer.

 “Father —— Carry me ——.”

 As Feng Jin stepped into the horse carriage, Changsheng's pupils lit up like black grapes, she stretched her two fair, plump arms out which were like a pair of lotuses.

 “Alright, Father is carrying Changsheng, is this position comfortable? Don't jump around, Father has a set of old bones that cannot withstand such torture.”

 Feng Jin smiled as he carried Changsheng, that young child sat on his thigh and jumped around. She was pleased playing by herself.

 He played with her for a while till his whole back was sweating. His precious daughter was still full of energy while he moaned insufferably.

 Wei Jingxian sensed his distress, so she took the initiative to carry the mischievous Changsheng. “You are spoiling Changsheng by allowing her to sit and stand in such an unsightly manner. When we reach Shangyang county and meet my parents-in-law, if she behaves in an undisciplined manner before the two elders, it will be disastrous.”

 Feng Jin smiled as he replied, “Changsheng is apt at complimenting others, she knows best how to bring joy to others. Father and mother are sure to dote on her, why would they dislike her? Moreover, she is already one-and-half-years old and they have yet to see her. Even if Changsheng is cheekier than this, they will not be infuriated.”

 Based on the term “alternate generations share a close bond”, the elders in the older generation enjoy listening to the younger generations. They love those who articulate well, are full of energy and those who are polite ones.

 Moreover, Changsheng is the only granddaughter in the third generation of legitimate children. Since she has a special status, his parents have no reason not to dote on her.

 “Exactly, Changsheng's mouth is the sweetest –”

 She didn't understand what her parents said, but she understood her name, then she learnt innocently while she held a piece of sweet cake with both hands.

 Feng Jin raised his brows at Wei Jingxian, his expression conveyed the message, “didn't I tell you so?” She pursed her lips and smiled faintly.

 The distance between Fengyi and Shangyang counties was quite far. Along the way, there were refugees who were covered in rags and lived in extreme poverty.

 As they went further from the vicinity of Fengyi county, the lives of the people appeared increasingly poverty-stricken, desolated scenes were a frequent sight.

 Half a year has pa.s.sed since the earthquake in Shangjing, but the lives of the people had not improved. Tsing Yi army and the Red Lotus group were still wreaking havoc in the north, the people either chose to join them in their vices or be robbed mercilessly by them. The spring and autumn harvest could not proceed normally, many of the villages lay in waste. The fields were full of weeds, and it looked desolate and lifeless. Feng Jin chose to travel along the main road and avoided staying overnight at such places.

 Being a young man, he radiates with warm energy, but Changsheng is still young and she must not be exposed to the cold wind. Under the protection of the elite troops, Feng Jin and his wife embarked on the long-awaited trip to Shangyang county.

 As inst.i.tuted by the Feng family, the city walls in Shangyang county were built tall but to prevent committing offence against Shangjing, the height of the walls is slightly shorter than Shangjing's.

 Despite the city walls being tall and st.u.r.dy, after the Shangjing earthquake and multiple wars, there were traces left on the walls that cannot be erased.

 After spending an excessive amount of time to prove his ident.i.ty, only then could Feng Jin, his wife and servants enter the city. However, if the hundreds of troops wish to be granted entry, they must surrender their weapons. With regards to this, Feng Jin could only carry Changsheng and wait for the head servant of the Feng family to mediate.

 Initially, he thought once his parents received news, they'd just send the head servant over, but he never imagined it'd be his elder brother. Feng Gui, the eldest legitimate son of the Fengs' is twenty-five years old.

 “Elder brother!”

 A youth with elegant and graceful airs saw Feng Jin who carried a child, he almost couldn't recognize his second brother.

 “Huaiyu, you are finally home.”

 Feng Gui's heart was filled with emotions, his footsteps were faster than normal, but he did not appear in disarray.

 Wei Jingxian took the initiative to carry Changsheng, she didn't want her to disturb the reunion between the brothers.

 After they exchanged greetings, she then allowed Changsheng to greet Feng Gui. He had received news beforehand that Feng Jin had brought his wife and daughter home to pay a visit. When he saw her, a plump, fair and bright child, his liking for her soared to the skies.

 “Is this my niece?” She looks just like my younger sister-in-law.”

 She taught Changsheng to greet Feng Gui as “Elder uncle” and Changsheng was very obedient. Her articulation was clear as she greeted him respectfully and then she raised her hands wanting to be carried.

 Used to seeing shy and bashful children like his two sons, Feng Gui has never seen such an affectionate child so unafraid of strangers, so he immediately stretched out his hands to carry her. Changsheng was very encouraging, she kissed her elder uncle's face twice in front of everyone, leaving behind a wet mark.

 Witnessing this, Feng Jin didn't appear pleased.

 He was startled at first, then afterwards, he shortly revealed a gentle, relaxed smile then said, “Huaiyu's daughter is unafraid of people, she is bright and intelligent. This is not the place to catch up. Huaiyu, hurry to bring my sister-in-law and my niece into the city. Father and mother are waiting for you.”

 He glanced hesitantly at the soldiers behind. Feng Gui understood his intentions and ordered someone to inform the guards on duty at the city gates. After they entered the city, his eyes were rather somber.

 Compared to the exterior of Shangyang county, the living standards within the city appeared more peaceful. Yet when he recalled the prosperous sight of his memory, let alone the diminished population, the infrastructures in the city also exuded a bleak and dispiriting sight, many of them had been patched up and they looked rather dilapidated.

 “After last year's earthquake, was the household alright?” Feng Jin asked concerned.

 While carrying his rather heavy niece, Feng Gui answered, “The family is safe and well, but the people of Shangyang county are suffering…Sigh, the Red Lotus group and Tsing Yi army, these two tyrant armies are wreaking havoc, the county chief led troops against these unruly mobs but the result was minimal …”

 Changsheng's pair of eyes were brightly lit, they appeared like black grapes, her attention was focused on Feng Gui's beard, she raised her hands to grab it.

 Feng Gui: “…”

Feng Jin could only apologize profusely on behalf of his daughter.

 If not for Changsheng who created a scene, he would have grown a beard long ago.

 “It is not an issue, it's so rare to find such an energetic child. At least she's better than those two boys at home who are always so introverted and bashful like a young lady. Your sister-in-law is strict with her children and restricts them in many ways till they are so rigid…”

 Feng Gui had helped to guard the city for the past 2 years, so he was often away from home. Both his sons attended the induction at the tribal school, all the rest of their time was spent under his wife's care.

 Sensing something wrong, he asked, “Elder brother, what's going on with you and Elder sister-in-law…”

 Disharmony in the house?

 “Nothing much,” Feng Gui replied plainly, then spoke again to Feng Jin, “Don't mind her temper…If she causes younger sister-in-law any grievances, don't condone her actions. Oh right, Huaiyu…At today's family dinner, let's just discuss family matters…”

 Feng Jin's heart was apprehensive then he smiled superficially. “Brother, of course, it must be so.”

The Empress' Livestream Chapter 590

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