Return Of The Female Knight Chapter 70

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Only a moment ago Carlisle was as stiff as a stone, but when the time came he played the role perfectly. The rumor would spread well without any further trouble.

‘If that was a real conversation…'

It felt quite hot under her dress all of a sudden. She tamped down on her fantasies, and then spoke up so the others nearby could hear.

“Your Highness, if you're thirsty, would you like a gla.s.s of wine?”

“Thank you.”

Elena and Carlisle glided away from the table and headed for a relatively emptier area of the ballroom. 

“You're good at this, aren't you? Everyone believed it. I don't think there will be much to worry about. “


“You truly seemed jealous.”

Carlisle looked at Elena with some incomprehensible expression. 

The two continued to move place to place, deliberately making sure they were seen together so the rumors would spread its wings even further.

“I'm going to go to where my sister is–"

She began, but then suddenly froze in place, her words lodged in her throat. 

She had caught sight of the back of a familiar figure. Tall, broad shoulders. Male, middle-aged, with an air of strength about him, and his hair, which was white when last she saw of him, was now dark as ash. The man let out a deep laugh, and gooseb.u.mps radiated throughout her flesh at the sound. She could imagine his face and s.h.a.ggy beard without having to face him… His appearance entered her head like a picture.

It was Paveluc, the man Elena had been hunting down for decades to avenge her slaughtered family. Her whole body trembled not with fear, but with fury that had long lain dormant.

‘I cut off his left arm back then…'

Now his arm was in perfect condition.

Dugun dugun dugun dugun.

Elena's heart began hammering itself against her ribs as Paveluc turned his head. Her purpose in life was revenge. The man she wanted kill was standing right there in front of her.

'…Pave…luc… ‘

She saw red, as if her blood would burst from her veins. There was nothing more she wanted than to cut his throat on the spot. If Paveluc died now, her dear family would never be in danger again. Elena's eyes swept around the area, seeking a weapon. She was consumed by only one thought.

'…Kill him.'

She couldn't let the opportunity slip by. It would be better for the future to eliminate him right away. Elena's complexion whitened as she gradually lost her reason.

"–My Lady."

She heard a voice calling out to her. Elena blinked dazedly to the direction of the voice.


The sound of someone calling her name yanked her to her senses. Carlisle was looking down at her with grave concern.

“What's the matter?”


She shook her head, wiping the cold sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

“Are you all right?”


Elena was fine. She forced her racing heart to calm.

For a moment she was tempted to kill Paveluc. When she considered it rationally, however, the risks were too great. If anything went wrong, she would become a high-profile criminal for attempting to a major figure within the Imperial Court. She couldn't risk her family's life on a gamble. Rest a.s.sured Paveluc would be cut down with her own hands, but not at this moment. 

Elena clenched and unclenched her first to quell her bloodl.u.s.t. 

Something touched her cheek. She looked up and found Carlisle cupping her face with a gentle hand.

"…Your Highness?”

“You don't look well.”

His face was quite near as he lowered his head to look directly into her confused eyes.

“Maybe you should get some rest.”

Carlisle took Elena by her slim wrist and began to lead her away. 

Paveluc, who had been conversing with the other n.o.bles, turned his head to look at the commotion as Carlisle walked past him. Paveluc's black eyes were as deep as an abyss and as calm as the night sea. The n.o.bleman who had been speaking to him continued.

“How sweet it is to be a young man. To come back from battle and be with a woman like that."

There was a sneering tone to his voice. Paveluc stared silently at Carlisle's back and immediately asked,

“What family is the young lady from?”

“Well, My Lord, I've heard people whispering about her, and I believe she's from House Blaise."

Paveluc's eyes flashed at the word "Blaise." He recognized the name from Batori's report.

"…House Blaise.”




“Where are you looking at, My Prince?”

At Empress Ophelia's critical tone, Redfield, the second prince, turned his gaze back to the other side. 

Redfield Ger Khan Ruford.

The second son of the twelfth emperor, born by Empress Ophelia.

“Nothing. There's nothing interesting.”

Redfield was a handsome young man with hair as red as sunset. His luxuriously tailored suit hinted as his solid figure, and many women were casting interested glances at him. As the second prince, he had full support from House Anita, one of the largest and most influential families in the capital city. For that reason, he was an object of envy to many n.o.ble children.

“Do not worry about useless things. Take this opportunity to establish yourself more among other n.o.bles.”

"…Yes, Mother.”

Despite his answer, however, he could not take his eyes off Elena's back as she disappeared along with Carlisle. Redfield stared at Elena's rippling blonde hair, and a gruesome smile formed on his lips.

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Return Of The Female Knight Chapter 70

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