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Fu Da High School was one of the best schools within Z City.

Rong Mo wore a thick outfit along with sungla.s.ses and a scarf, walking around the school slowly in her disguise. Walking on a small path, she looked through the gaps of the luscious trees to make out a group of boys running on the track despite it being winter.

Lin Yi'er had said that Mo Feifei was her high school cla.s.smate. If she were Mo Feifei, she must have attended this high school together with Lin Yi'er.

However, this was a place extremely foreign to her, and she had no recollections of anything.

Yet, the images that had flashed out through her mind at the onsen the other day were affirmation that she should be Mo Feifei. And even if she weren't, she must be someone related to her.

After walking an entire round, Rong Mo recalled nothing.

She backtracked her steps. There were buildings after buildings along the pathway, and beside the buildings was a small alleyway.

Rong Mo stopped for a moment and walked through that alley where she ended up at a gra.s.s patch surrounded by flora and a wall by the side that was lined with Boston ivy. This secluded place seemed similar to the one in her flashback the other day.

Standing at the gra.s.s patch, Rong Mo raised her head and looked around. The position of the drawing board, trees and wall… she could match them all.

Of course, there were some slight differences between now and then. But, she could confirm that this was the same place.

She looked at the wall and smiled. "You seem like the only one who hasn't changed. A pity you couldn't talk, or you'd be able to tell me who I am. I suppose other than Lin Yi'er and Su Ya, that s.h.i.+ Guang must be an important figure of my past. But, can I trust her? What if even that sister of mine is a fake?"

At the very least, this was not a fruitless journey.

She could confirm that she had once been a student of this school and that she should be Mo Feifei. Other than that, she couldn't find any other trace of memory.

As Rong Mo walked back, she heard two schoolgirls gossiping along the way.

"Did you watch the news? Lin Yi'er got into an accident?"

"Yeah, she deserves it."

"Didn't you really like her in the past?"

"Hmph! No longer a fan of that s.h.i.+t."

Rong Mo's gaze narrowed—Lin Yi'er got into an accident?

After getting into a taxi, she surfed the internet on her phone.

Just last night, the nanny van which Lin Yi'er and her a.s.sistant were in was involved in a ma.s.sive collision with a huge truck. The driver of the nanny van died on the spot and Lin Yi'er was sent to the hospital immediately, where emergency efforts to revive her were futile. As for her a.s.sistant, she fell into a coma from the heavy impact.

For the past few days, Lin Yi'er had been smeared all over the internet, and naturally, her getting into an accident at this period of time caused a stir.

Initially, the netizens refused to believe it and thought it to be a hoax.

It was only till the actual news of her death spread that the netizens stopped all their wild guesses. No matter what, one should respect the dead, and with that, the attacks toward Lin Yi'er had stopped entirely.

Rong Mo had the taxi change routes to the hospital so that she could visit Lin Yi'er's a.s.sistant—after all, that girl had rendered her great a.s.sistance.

By the time she arrived, the a.s.sistant was already in the ICU where she was unconscious, and no visitors were allowed.

Rong Mo could only catch sight of her family.

The a.s.sistant was the only child to two elderly parents. When they heard that their daughter was in an accident, their tears were endless as they put on a strong front, trying to be brave and hoping that their daughter could tide through this.

At the side, Rong Mo could only watch with a pained heart.

His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light 723 Warm Because Of You 13

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