His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light 730 Warm Because Of You 20

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This insolent brat! He naturally had many ways of dealing with her.

And indeed, by the end of it, s.h.i.+ Guang could only make two sounds—shrieking and begging for mercy.

"Who should you be calling brother, huh?" Lu Yanchen was sweating all over from exercising above her as his gaze was sharp like a wolf who hadn't eaten for a couple of days now and was bent on devouring her whole.

"Brother Yanchen!" This time around, s.h.i.+ Guang was well behaved as she sat up with her upper body to kiss him on the lips while wiping his sweat away.

There was no way he was going to be satisfied just like that! Lu Yanchen continued pus.h.i.+ng her to call him Brother Yanchen while tormenting her for the entire night.

The next day, s.h.i.+ Guang laid on the bed lifelessly while Lu Yanchen was exceptionally energetic, heading out to work early in the morning and telling her he would be returning home slightly later.

His intention was clear,' Prepare dinner and wait for his return like a docile wife!'

s.h.i.+ Guang rolled her eyes. Hmph! She couldn't be bothered with him!

If he wanted dinner, do it himself!

She was going to go look for her sister!

With her personal experience last night, she was sure that the feeling was right and that Rong Mo was a woman. And thus, she decided to seek Rong Mo out at the film set today.

However, she did not give Qian Xun a call this time around, and there was no one to welcome her when she arrived at the film studio.

Every single set looked somewhat similar as s.h.i.+ Guang walked and walked, finding herself lost in the studio. She asked quite a number of people about where Nine Heavens was being shot, yet, no one knew.

Did she have no choice but to give Qian Xun a call?

Suddenly, a black sedan drove by her. However, it suddenly reversed and stopped beside her. As the windows were wound down, s.h.i.+ Guang caught sight of a handsome face smiling at her.

s.h.i.+ Guang looked at him carefully, finding him to be really familiar. After a while, she finally recalled—wasn't this s.h.i.+ Ze whom Qian Xun was supposed to have a marriage of connections with?

Was he here to look for her?

s.h.i.+ Ze smiled warmly. "You're here to visit Qian Xun too?" His warm and amicable expression made him look like a boy next door.

s.h.i.+ Guang chuckled awkwardly. "I'm going to that film set, but I'm not there to visit Qian Xun."

s.h.i.+ Ze then invited her. "It's quite a distance away from the set. How about hopping on and heading there together?"

If this were a normal day, s.h.i.+ Guang would not want to bother him—after all, she wasn't really familiar with him. However, she was totally lost and could not find that set at all, and the studio was so huge as well.

"Thank you!" s.h.i.+ Guang hopped onto the car and smiled at him gratefully.

s.h.i.+ Ze looked at her deeply—she was brash and straightforward, and did not bear the same type of shyness and cuteness normal girls would have when they saw him. Hence, that was a sign that she was clearly not attracted to him at all.

"How have you been recently?"

s.h.i.+ Guang was somewhat surprised that he would start chatting with her. She laughed. "Not bad! When are you getting married with Qian Xun?"

That question had s.h.i.+ Ze stunned for a moment or so.

If others were to ask him that question, he might find it normal. But for it to come from s.h.i.+ Guang, he felt a sense of uneasiness.

He could remember that the first time he met her, she was nothing but a pa.s.ser-by, and he did not pay much attention to a stranger as such at all.

In his memories, the 2nd time he met her was when she was being hara.s.sed. For most girls in that situation, they would either scream for help or scold the other party while getting help from anyone else nearby.

However, she was different—she called for 110 right away.

To be honest, it wasn't really her method of dealing things that was special; it was her collected calmness that left him feeling that this was a rather interesting woman.

His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light 730 Warm Because Of You 20

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