His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light 768 Accustomed To Love 28

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Naturally, Yan Zi would not end up like Yang Sitong, and neither would she be the 2nd Lin Yi'er.

The reason why Yang Sitong wanted to bully Mo Feifei back then was because she wanted to hide the truth about Lu Yanchen's rescue. Even though Yang Sitong felt that she had covered it up well, her guilty behavior had everyone more or less understand that she had a motive, just that they could not guess what it was exactly.

Lin Yi'er was quite the whirlwind of a character as well. But, it was a pity that she would never receive any attention wherever Mo Feifei was. As such, despite being friends with Mo Feifei on one end, she was secretly jealous of her as well. When Yang Sitong went to look for Lin Yi'er, she agreed to bully Mo Feifei without any hesitation.

As for Yan Zi, it was because she hated the Lus. At that time, she could not get into contact with anyone from the Lus. Hence, she decided to befriend Yang Sitong—Lu Yanchen's fiancée.

She had already discussed with s.h.i.+ Ze beforehand to create a couple of incidents while bullying Mo Feifei; for example, letting Lu Yanchen witness Yang Sitong hurting or even… killing Mo Feifei.

Anything would work. Their aim was to have Lu Yanchen witness his own fiancée committing the crime and see whether he would tell the truth or make a false statement thereafter.

However, her mother found out about it and sent her overseas right away. Because of that, her plans with s.h.i.+ Ze came to a stop.

That plan that was not completed then became a relic of the past.

After Mo Feifei became a vegetable, be it whether or not she was dead, that had nothing to do with them anymore. Everything should have disappeared with the winds after Yan Zi returned to the country.

But, who would have thought that Mo Feifei's sister—s.h.i.+ Guang—would end up getting together with Lu Yanchen?

Because of that, a past incident which no one had wanted to bring up became an ongoing incident immediately.

Yang Sitong and s.h.i.+ Guang were entangled endlessly; Su Ya continued instigating everything from the shadows, her intentions unclear.

As for Yan Zi, her father's death had her hatred toward the Lus deepen even further.

It was the same for s.h.i.+ Ze—despite the years that had pa.s.sed, his hatred for Lu Yanchen had not diminished.

That plan that was sc.r.a.pped in the past suddenly found itself floating on the surface of their minds once more. That was why they kidnapped Mo Feifei away, intending to leave Lu Yanchen in a state where he would rather die than live.

Yet, the car accident happened and Mo Feifei vanished… just like that.


Yang Sitong…

Lin Yi'er…

All of them had their own motives.

What about Su Ya then?

Back then, the reason why Su Ya was willing to get involved was because she liked Yang Sitong's brother. But after all these years, Yan Zi had seen through that seemingly gentle surface of Su Ya's as a façade. In reality, she was a viper that was more venomous than anyone else.

That Rong Mo was someone that Yan Zi would definitely check out. But, she wasn't about to let Su Ya know about it.

At the film set, Qian Xun was going through the script with Rong Mo in the resting lounge. After they were done, she took out a red envelope and handed it to Rong Mo. "Would you be free on that day?"

Rong Mo opened it—it was Qian Xun and s.h.i.+ Ze's wedding invitation. The contents were simple, detailing the key people and venue. However, the design was really exquisite, and reflected the importance of the event.

She was a little surprised. "You're getting married?"

Qian Xun smiled out faintly. "That's right. I'm not getting any younger. It's time to get myself married out."

Rong Mo kept the invitation properly. "Don't worry, I'll definitely be there!"

Definitely, Rong Mo would not give this chance up. She was in a stalemate looking to break out of her current predicament. She could make use of this excuse to test out that Su Ya.

And of course, there was a chance that she might b.u.mp into someone who knew her and discover more things about herself.

His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light 768 Accustomed To Love 28

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