His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 869 - Enigmatic Truth (19)

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Chapter 869: Enigmatic Truth (19)

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"Oh my, what are you getting angry over people on the internet for? Most of them were probably fake accounts that were hired. It's literally their job to scold others, since they're getting paid for it. And there are people who are just venting the frustrations of their daily life by scolding others on the internet, so that they can validate their own existence in life. Don't get yourself worked up over them."

s.h.i.+ Guang held Lu Yanchen's arm coquettishly and even pecked him on the cheeks. Looking at her, his lips curled—clearly, his anger was starting to diminish.

At the side, Chu Mubei could barely breathe by this point as his nose was practically stuffed to the brim with dog food. In his heart, Lu Yanchen was always someone with an IQ somewhere around 2-300… someone who could remain calm and chill even in the hottest of situations.

Yet, he actually flung his phone because people were scolding s.h.i.+ Guang, and even regained his composure with merely a few words of coaxing from her.

This was truly inexplicably ridiculous.

Chu Mubei could not help but think of a saying—love is stupid!

Crossing one leg over the other, he remarked, "Could you guys notice your surroundings? I'm whole and intact right here and you guys are lovey dovey-ing over there. Don't you guys feel shy?"

Lu Yanchen eyed him coldly. "None of your business!"

s.h.i.+ Guang let go of Lu Yanchen and smiled to Chu Mubei too. "Chu Mubei, when you truly fall in love with someone, I'll see how you behave then."

Chu Mubei scoffed indifferently. "That's not going to happen."

It was a tone of certainty.

"Wait and see!" s.h.i.+ Guang's reply was the same as she headed back into the kitchen to continue cooking.

"Wu Xing's information is here… I'm looking through them. Indeed, it's as you've guessed. He was sick…" Chu Mubei said as he turned his laptop toward Lu Yanchen.

Lu Yanchen picked it up and took a look.

Wu Xing had contracted a final stage cancer that was incurable, and by then, his entire family had expended their savings for his disease—Wu Xing was practically penniless.

Right then, s.h.i.+ Ze looked him up and offered an exchange. Since he knew that he was about to die, he agreed to it for his family and accepted a huge amount of money from s.h.i.+ Ze before planning for his family to leave the country.

"The money s.h.i.+ Ze paid him was all in cash, and hence, we've got no way of proving that the amount of money in Wu Xing's bank came from s.h.i.+ Ze. However…" Chu Mubei smirked out. "Through a certain CCTV, we've managed to find an image of Wu Xing and s.h.i.+ Ze's meeting. This is enough to prove that Wu Xing met with s.h.i.+ Ze before he died, and that they're related! If we were to add this information along with everything that Wu Xing said on the rooftop and publish them together, it would definitely be able to prove that s.h.i.+ Ze was the one who asked him to frame you, and it all had nothing to do with you!"

Lu Yanchen replied coldly, "Don't forget about He Xinnuo… I must sue her a well. Other than slander, I want her sued for a.s.sault and conspiring for murder et cetera… In any case, you just check out her data and add whatever charges you can to her. I definitely want her to apologize solemnly and enter jail! If her sentence is anything less than 10 years, you, Chu Mubei, will be deemed as an incapable person in my heart!"


Chu Mubei nearly spat out blood. Anyways, he felt sorry for He Xinnuo.

If she were to be jailed for 10 years, she would have lost all her youth—it was as good as losing her a.s.sets as a woman and her life!

But then again, no one asked her to ridicule s.h.i.+ Guang and spit all that nonsense—she had asked for it!

His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 869 - Enigmatic Truth (19)

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