His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 464 - Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (14)

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Chapter 464: Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (14)

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

"She didn't kill them, but they died because of her. It's Yang Sitong, she's the cause of it all. She caused my entire family to break apart! I hate her… I hate her!"

She vented out every bit of hatred she felt toward Yang Sitong before hugging Lu Yanchen's neck and crying. "Sorry! Sorry!"

She cried out while repeating sorry time and again.

Was there a need for him to ask her what she did to be apologizing profusely as such?

He finally understood why she had such guts to confess to him the 2nd time they met and court him relentlessly.

No matter how cold he was to her, she would always welcome him with smiles instead.

The love at first sight that he had thought it to be was nothing more than an intricate plan. All the wonderful times he thought they had spent together were all just an act. The love that he believed in was nothing more than lies.

At that moment, Lu Yanchen felt as though he had broken down entirely. Looking at this girl that he thought he had known so well… she had seemed like a stranger in an instant.

So, she had been lying to him… all this while. Everything was nothing but an illusion. She was no kind-hearted fool… She was a conniving fox!

And he? He was played around in circles like an idiot.

He had even given her his heart for real.

He was just like a joke… a big, big joke.

He tried to compose his emotions. But no matter how he tried, he could not calm down at all, could not repress the waves of shock and pain that were spreading through his heart then.

He was afraid that if he were to stay any longer, he might kill her.

It was an arduous night for him.

When he asked for the breakup on the 2nd day, he was resolute. But… there was still a lingering thought in his mind.

Perhaps she did have some feelings for me.

It wasn't that he hadn't considered whether he should trust her and give her another chance if she came looking for him, telling him that she had truly liked him. But, that dilemma never did once appear for him to even have to make a choice.

That was because she never once appeared, and thus, he never had to consider that option.

He could not control himself to go ahead and ask her as to why she had done it that way, how she could be that merciless. But, he b.u.mped into her cousin, Mo Jin, instead.

Mo Jin said that she had never once liked him from the start, and the reason why she was together with him was merely just for revenge against Yang Sitong.

At that moment, he truly felt as though he was f*cking cheap.

Wasn't that just a woman? Who in the world could not have lived life without another person?

At that time, he thought that he would definitely be able to let her go, and wanted to just disappear to the edges of the world, never to see her ever again.

But, even after two years, he still could not forget her.

He had blamed her.

He had hated her.

He had resented her.

He had promised himself from the depths of his heart to purge her away from it as well.

But, when he saw her once again, he just could not help himself but want to get closer to her. At that time, he could not help but admit… every single bit of anger, hatred, resentment and blame he felt all stemmed from his love for her.

He had thought of trying to control his emotions as well, such that even if she were to appear around him, he would be able to ignore her.

But, he failed in the end.

Even if she did not love him, he was still unwilling to see her come to any harm.

If he saw anyone bullying her, he could not help but want to step in.

Each time he stepped in, he regretted it, feeling as though if she were to find out about it, she would definitely be laughing at his stupidity.

Just like now.

Even if Mo Jin had told him that she already knew that she was the reason herself for the breakup back then… even if he knew that she had always loved him and wanted to lead life happily with him, he still did not want to let her know that he had never stopped loving her and was thirsting for her.

He felt as though if he were to make it known, that smelly girl would definitely be so darned proud of herself.

If that were the case, he might as well let her be as before… acting all meek and feeble before him so that he could diss her and did as he'd like, f*cking her anytime he wanted to.

His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 464 - Loving You Is Truly Wonderful (14)

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