His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 925 - I Merely Forgot You (15)

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Chapter 925: I Merely Forgot You (15)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After living for 30 over years, this was the first time that Lu Yanzhi was being jeered so badly over his age.

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, what’s wrong with being in your thirties? All of you guys jabbing me with my age, won’t you eventually hit your thirties as well? Hmph!

Lu Yanzhi walked to Su Qianxun’s guest room and was unable to open the door.

Do you think it’ll work locking in from within? Hmph!

He then used a key to unlock it before entering and sitting next to the bed and looking at the intoxicated Su Qianxun. Because of the alcohol, her snow-white skin was infused with a layer of red such that she looked just like a ravis.h.i.+ng succubus that was sent to wreck h.e.l.l onto the world.

Lu Yanzhi’s eyes were almost burning with fire just by looking at her.

Sweeping his gaze, they landed on her plump, red lips that were slightly pursed up and ever so bewitching. Every single bit of thirst he’s had for her over the years were slowly dripping out of him.

Despite his immense willpower to maintain his indifference, the gulps that he was making were revealing his thoughts of the moment.

Instinctively, his fingers moved and touched her skin.

It was the same feeling as in the past, delicate and smooth…

Because of his actions, his entire body tensed up as the fire in his eyes raged on.

Lu Yanzhi’s logic was almost burnt away as he inched closer towards Qianxun’s lips with a fervent desire.

Even though he did not kiss her, his hands were roaming around her thighs as they slowly went down… when he reached the gap of her thighs, he stopped.

Suddenly, he stood up and walked out.Read the next chapter on our vipnovel.com

b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, who said that I can’t settle her? I just don’t want to!

The next day, sunlight seeped through the curtains and spilled through the room.

Feeling someone touching her face, Su Qianxun was stirred awake to be greeted with an exquisitely pet.i.te face with a pair of bright eyes looking at her.

After awhile, she then realised where she was.

The Lus’ place.

She had sent Xiao Bai back the previous day and was held back by Shen Lingshuang for dinner. Lu Yanzhi came back later on… and she slept here after drinking too much?

Goodness, she was shocked at her own guts.

However, she had a dream last night that was completely filled with the memories of her and Lu Yanzhi together. It went from fear to happiness, sadness to despair – it was as though she had lived out an entire life just through her dreams.

“Mummy!” Looking at how she was half awake, Xiao Bai called out.

Opening her eyes slowly, Qianxun looked at Xiao Bai and smiled. “Why are you awake this early?”

Wait, hadn’t she locked the door from within last night? How did Xiao Bai get in?! Also, the dream of Lu Yanzhi pinning her down – was it real instead? Could he have done anything to her last night?!

“I wake up at six every morning. In fact, I’ve already weeded the garden with granny!”


“Of course! What were you dreaming of, mummy? You were frowning all over.” It was because Xiao Bai saw his mummy frowning that he reached out to touch her glabella, wanting to soothe her emotions.

Qianxun chuckled. “I dreamt of a lot of good food but they all disappeared the moment I want to eat them!”

Xiao Bai’s eyes brightened up. “Mummy, you’ll make the same type of dreams as me?”

You little glutton!

Qianxun pinched him on the cheeks dotingly before sitting up. “Of course. But, what did you dream of that was so delicious, Xiao Bai?”

“Braised ribs. Sticky rice ball made from glutinous rice wine!” He then shook Qianxun’s hands. “Mummy, can you make them for me tonight?”

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 925 - I Merely Forgot You (15)

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