His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 931 - I Merely Forgot You (21)

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Chapter 931: I Merely Forgot You (21)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“So, when did you guys start?” Old Master Su asked while pointing opposite.

That sudden question had Qianxun freezing for a moment. She felt as though she hadn’t caught up just yet – what had her father been talking to Lu Yanzhi about for such a question to pop up out of nowhere?

And, shouldn’t a father show disdain towards a man that had hurt her daughter before instead?

Why was he being so courteous?

Oh, right. She forgot that her father did not know about her feud with Lu Yanzhi.

Looking at how Lu Yanzhi was prepared to sit down for a long chat, Su Qianxun felt as though she was about to break down!

What was there to chat about – she had never been with Lu Yanzhi before anyways!

However, unlike her, Old Master Su’s thoughts were about how this prim and proper man bore the good genes of that Old Man Lu.

Even though he was slightly displeased with how they had had a child before even getting married, Old Master Su could not help but feel satisfied towards this son-in-law to be.

“Now that things have come to this and you guys have already had a child, shouldn’t you be thinking about marriage for the sake of the child?” Old Master Su felt that Lu Yanzhi must clearly have the intention of courting his daughter and hence the reason why he got Xiao Bai to call her mummy at the engagement party.

“I understand your meaning, uncle. If possible, I would definitely like to give Xiao Bai a complete family too!” Lu Yanzhi pursed his lips with seriousness.

“So, you mean that you want to get married with Qianxun?”

Before Lu Yanzhi could reply, Qianxun interjected that question. “What?!”

She nearly stumbled over as she blurted out loudly, “Daddy, what are you talking about?!”

Old Master Su’s eyes widened fiercely. “Go buy us some coffee and stop interrupting here!”

“Daddy! What kind of a joke is that?! How could I possibly marry him?!” She could not wish for more than to keep her distance from Lu Yanzhi. Besides, Xiao Bai wasn’t even her son with him!

Ignoring her, Old Master Su called for Uncle w.a.n.g. “She must not know her way around. Take her out to buy the coffee.”

How could she not know her way around? Everything was clearly just an excuse for him to have a private chat with Lu Yanzhi!

Naturally, Qianxun did not want to leave and was extremely fl.u.s.tered. However, she looked at Lu Yanzhi only to find that he was nonchalant as ever.

Frozen on the spot, she was met with another glare by Old Master Su and could only grit her lips before turning around to leave.

Before she left, she cast a cold glare at Lu Yanzhi with a warning shot.

When Old Master Su was the only one left in the house, the tension in the air changed – Old Master Su was no longer benevolent and kind as before.

Following that marriage question, his next sentence bore no sense of politeness at all.

“Since you want to get married, where did you leave to back then?! It’s no secret that you have a son. Qianxun is also someone from the same circle. Why did you keep it a secret for so many years without clarifying things with us Sus then?! You just had to wait till she was about to get engaged before getting the child to call her mummy on stage?!”

He harrumphed coldly. “You got the child to go call her mummy. What about you? Where did you disappear to?!”

Lu Yanzhi’s body was stiff as he looked at Old Master Su. “Back then, after the child was born, I wasn’t the one who didn’t want the child. It was her.”

“She didn’t want the child?” Old Master Su glared at him. “How could that be?! I know my daughter well. There’s no way she wouldn’t want her son!”

His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light Chapter 931 - I Merely Forgot You (21)

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