A Wizard's Secret Chapter 155: Reconstruction!

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Emma was rather cautious and she appeared nervous.

Merlin opened his eyes. After seeing it was Emma, he smiled and spoke softly, "Emma, I ask for you because I'd like you to help me in making a potion."

"Making a potion? But I don't…"

Emma was worked up at first but she shook her head after.

"No, don't worry. The most important thing is to be attentive. I believe in you and I know you can succeed! Alright, I won't say anything further. Time is ticking. I must make the potion in the shortest amount of time possible."

Merlin was already a little impatient. The poison of Corroding Potion in his body was spreading rapidly. If he made an Antidote Potion now, it could still give him a great effect. However, if he waited until the poison was thoroughly spread, then he would be in great trouble.

Moreover, the reason he wanted the young Emma to help was that Merlin noticed that Emma had the most basic quality to become a Spell Caster - Mind Power!

Emma's Mind Power was beyond ordinary people. Even she had not noticed this, but Merlin, as a Spell Caster, naturally noticed it easily.

Thus, even if Emma did not become a Spell Caster, she would be more focused than others if she was the one who made the potion. Those who had strong Mind Power usually had extraordinary talent in alchemy or potions.

Following that, Merlin took out the gla.s.sware used in potion-making from his ring.

Looking at this exquisite gla.s.sware, Emma was overwhelmed with curiosity. Merlin told her with a smile, "These are the gla.s.sware used in potion-making. After this, I'll teach you the most basic steps in making potions."

The potion Merlin was going to make was a common Antidote Potion in the Dark Magic Region. Its name was also quite simple - Detox Potion. Although Corroding Potion was powerful, it was only a type of common Toxic Potion.

Detox Potion would have an effect on Corroding Potion.

Following that, Merlin began to teach Emma to make Detox Potion. He first utilized the Matrix to strictly control the ratio of potion materials. Then, he strictly followed the steps to make the potion. Even if this was Emma's first-time making a potion and her success rate was low, it would not be a problem to make the Detox Potion if she put in an effort. 

Once she had made the Detox Potion, Merlin could use this potion to slowly clear the effects of Corroding Potion in his body.

Merlin carefully taught the steps in making the potion to Emma a few times. Following that, Emma seemed to ignore everything else as she focused on the steps in potion-making and dived into making the potion.

After all, this was her first time making a potion. Even if all her steps were carried out according to the Matrix's requirement, she still failed during her first time due to inexperience.

Following that, the second time, the third time, the fourth time… Until it was her fifth time!

This time, Emma finally made it successfully. When she handed the Detox Potion to Merlin, he could not help but flash a smile.

"Alright, Emma. You should go out now!"

Merlin instructed Emma directly.

Although Emma had made the potion for nearly ten hours, she still appeared quite energetic since her Mind Power was extraordinary. She was still reluctant to go out even after Merlin had asked her to. 

Just when Emma walked to the door, Merlin hesitated and said, "Wait. This is a Mind Meditation Spell. Meditate according to the ways stated in here."

Merlin threw a Mind Meditation Spell at her. This was not any normal Meditation Spell as it was the intermediate Mind Meditation Spell Merlin had received from Wizard Leo back then.

Emma had never come across a Spell Caster before. If she yielded great result from cultivating the Meditation Spell, Merlin would not mind giving her some Spell Models to help her become a Spell Caster.

However, this must wait until he had recovered. After handing the Mind Meditation Spell to Emma, Merlin then waved his hands, signaling Emma to leave the room.

When Merlin was the only one left in the room, he swallowed the Detox Potion. Some potions needed to be applied externally while some needed to be consumed, just like the Detox Potion.

After Merlin had swallowed the Detox Potion, he closed his eyes slightly and silently waited for the effect to kick in.

After two hours, Merlin felt a heat in his body. Sweat drenched his body where it emitted a thick sweaty odor.

However, as sweat broke out, Merlin felt more relaxed. His Mind Power was sensing every change in his body. As soon as he had taken the Detox Potion, the poison of Corroding Potion in Merlin's body was slowly expelled along with the sweat. This showed that the Detox Potion was, in fact, effective!


After a few hours, Merlin heaved a long sigh. Finally, he did not have to worry about the spread of the poison of Corroding Potion in his body. Once he made a few more Detox Potions, he could completely get rid of the poison from his body.

In the following days, Merlin let Emma come to his place once each day to make Detox Potion for him. Chablis seemed to have known the reason Merlin asked for Emma, so he became more pa.s.sionate toward Merlin.

Thus, after taking six Detox Potions consecutively, all poison in Merlin's body had been cleared. On top of that, he could move his arms albeit only slightly.

Even though the poison had been cleared, the flesh that was cut from Merlin's thigh would not recover in a few days. Even if Merlin's physical attribute was strong and his recovery rate was astonis.h.i.+ng, he would at least need two months' time for his thigh to fully recover.


Emma's door was suddenly pushed open. Chablis entered Emma's room with a dark expression.


Chablis yelled, his tone was filled with a hint of anger.

Emma surprised by this and looking fl.u.s.tered asked, "Father, why are you here?"

"Why am I here? This is the question I want to ask you instead. In these few days, you're either making potions in the Spell Caster's room or hiding away in your room. What are you doing?"

Chablis also noticed the strange change of his daughter, Emma. The lively Emma had changed into another person ever since she helped Merlin to make potions. She hid away in her room, doing who-knows-what.

Chablis was extremely worried, so he crashed into her room in such fury.

Although Emma had hidden in her room a whole day, she seemed quite energetic. She had a nice blush on her face and nothing seemed to be wrong. Looking at the stuttering Emma, Chablis' expression darkened a shade. He asked, "Emma, what exactly are you doing in your room?"

After a long pause, Emma took a deep breath and answered carefully, "Father, during my first-time helping Wizard Merlin to make the potion, Wizard Merlin has given me a strange cultivation method called Meditation Spell. I thought it's quite interesting. Moreover, after I meditated, I feel like my mind is very clear, so I've been in my room…"

Chablis did not catch the words after that. He stood up suddenly and showed a stirred expression.

"Emma, did Wizard Merlin really give you a Meditation Spell?"

"Wizard Merlin gave it to me. Father, do you know what a Meditation Spell is?"

Emma asked out of curiosity while she tilted her head.

"Haha. Meditation Spell - this is the key to become a mysterious yet powerful Spell Caster. It can't be that you have the quality to become a Spell Caster?"

After a pause, Chablis revealed an elated expression and said, "It must be, it must be this way. Emma, you may have the quality to become Spell Caster. Let's go. Quickly, meet Wizard Merlin with me. I'll let him take you as his student!"

Chablis was different than the innocent Emma. He knew deeply what it meant to become a Spell Caster. Thus, since Emma had the quality to do so, he would seize this opportunity for her no matter what.

Once she had become Merlin's student, Emma had a greater chance of becoming a Spell Caster.

Thus, without a moment of hesitation, Chablis brought Emma to Merlin's place.

"Wizard Merlin!"

Chablis suppressed the excitement he felt in his heart and called out lightly.

"Come in."

Merlin's voice rang, then Chablis brought Emma into Merlin's room.

After Chablis saw Merlin, he respectfully bowed to him and said, "Wizard Merlin, thank you for giving an opportunity to Emma. Emma wants to be your student. Please, Wizard Merlin, take her as your student!"

Upon saying that, Chablis signaled Emma to come to the front. This was a rare opportunity in a million years so Chablis could not let this pa.s.s him by in vain.

Without waiting for Emma to speak, Merlin waved his hands and said in a calm tone, "Mr. Chablis, I'm not the one who decides whether Emma can become a Spell Caster. Moreover, I'm only an Entrance-level Spell Caster. I won't consider taking any student for now."

Hearing Merlin's rejection, Chablis showed an anxious expression. When he wanted to say something, Merlin interrupted him again and said, "Although I won't take Emma as a student, I'll rest for a while in Ditas town. During this period, if Emma has any question about Spell Caster, I'll answer her. As to whether she can successfully construct Spell Model and become a Spell Caster, it's up to her."

After Merlin had finished his words, albeit Chablis thought that it was a shame that Merlin did not take Emma as a student, they still had some time left. Emma was not totally out of chance.

Thus, Chablis bowed again to Merlin and left Merlin's room with Emma.

In the following two months, when Merlin was recuperating, he often explained some simple knowledge about the construction of Spell Model to Emma, so she could slowly familiarize herself with it.

However, these were all the basics. Be it Mind Power or basic knowledge about the construction of Spell Model, they were all preparation for her to construct spells in the future.

Thus, whether she could become a Spell Caster depended on Emma herself. No one could help her in successfully constructing suitable Spell Models.

"It's time to construct my first First-level Spell Model!"

After more than a month, the injury on Merlin's thigh had recovered by half. He could get up from his bed and slowly walk now so Merlin was prepared to construct his First-level spells.

During this month, he had been meditating so his Mind Power had improved significantly. Hence, there would not be any problem for him to construct First-level spells now.

After the battle with Wizard Vyksa previously, Merlin's most profound thought was his spells were not powerful enough albeit he had many spells. If one or two of his spells were slightly suppressed, then he was no different than the ordinary Entrance-level Spell Caster. It would be extremely dangerous that way.

Thus, during the period he was recovering in Ditas town, Merlin planned to construct one First-level Spell Model.

About the First-level Spell Model he wanted to construct, it was not Furious Flame which Merlin had a.n.a.lyzed with the Matrix before. Instead, it was the Earth-type Defensive spell, Guardian Monument!

"The Matrix, begin a.n.a.lyzing Guardian Monument's Spell Model!"

Merlin took a deep breath. He had already done all preparations. Now, he was only waiting to choose the best Spell Model. Thus, he directly ordered the Matrix to a.n.a.lyze Guardian Monument's Spell Model.

"Beep. Mission created. a.n.a.lysis initialized!"

Along with the a.n.a.lysis of the Matrix, Merlin's mind, in fact, began to calm down and silently waited for the result of the Matrix's a.n.a.lysis.

A Wizard's Secret Chapter 155: Reconstruction!

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