A Wizard's Secret Chapter 729

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Chapter 729: Capability I

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In Arcane City's Mission Hall, there were still throngs of people. Compared to the first time Merlin came here, the present Merlin did not need contribution points anymore.

“Ah? It's Wizard Merlin.”

“It really is him. During the civilization war with the Rock Tribe, he's done us a great service. I hear that he's even stronger than civilization-level geniuses. I really don't know how can he become so impressive.”

“Haha, Wizard Merlin is from our Setoh Arcane City. So he's lacking contribution points as well.”

When Merlin appeared, the entire Mission Hall became even livelier. Many Spell Casters fought their way forward to get a look at Merlin. After all, Merlin could be said to have made a name for himself in the civilization war with the Rock Tribe. In particular, almost everyone in Setoh Arcane City knew of him.

Merlin smiled and responded to these Spell Casters, following which he finally squeezed his way to those Legendary Wizards.


Heaving a sigh, Merlin asked the Legendary Wizard, “I need to consult the distribution map of the forces in the entire Spell Caster world.”

“One contribution point.”

He only needed one contribution point. This was quite cheap that it seemed practically free. Merlin was soon missing one contribution point while at the same time, he was able to consult the distribution map of the Spell Caster civilization's general forces.

This map was very detailed, and it would be revised every ten years. Thus, it could be considered to be rather accurate compared to the actual situation.

On the map, the Spell Caster civilization was too ma.s.sive, encompa.s.sing countless dimensions and spanning innumerable regions. Within this territory, it was difficult to find any masterless dimensions.

As for masterless dimensions, any Great Legend who had signed the Legends' Accord could not violate the agreement and seize the dimensions. Only those plunderers who did not abide by the accord would do so. Nonetheless, there were far too few plunderers, and they were liable to arouse the enmity of Legendary Wizards, so they often acted surrept.i.tiously.

Thus, Merlin did not pay any more attention to the dimensions within the domain of the Spell Caster civilization. Instead, he looked at the borders of the Spell Caster civilization. In fact, there were also many powerful civilizations surrounding the Spell Casters.

For instance, the paths of G.o.d Alliance and the Rock Tribe were blocked. The Spell Casters could not expand further. There were also bigger areas like the chaotic territory.

In the past, Merlin had gone to the chaotic territory. Nevertheless, after careful consideration, he gave up on the idea. The reason was simple – it was too chaotic with all kinds of forces from foreign civilizations.

Of course, the main reason was that the Spell Caster faction there was too weak. Merlin wished to occupy not just one or two dimensions but dozens of dimensions, to form a colossal force.

Therefore, he needed the support of a powerful faction from the Spell Caster civilization. In that manner, even after he had occupied those dimensions, there would not be any foreign civilization who dared to retaliate on a large scale. He could even help the Spell Caster civilization expand its territory this way.

A place like this was hard to find. Besides the chaotic territory, there were other places such as the dark territory, the open territory, and so on.

Merlin searched painstakingly. It seemed that at the borders, the forces of Spell Casters were not that strong. In truth, this was understandable. After all, the Spell Casters did not have an extensive heritage, merely having set foot in the Void Zone for three thousand years. One would need to be like the Giant Tribe or the Tree Tribe which foreign civilizations had more than a million years of history, whose territories were incomparably stable.

The Spell Caster civilization was still lacking in this respect. There was a vital reason for this. The Spell Caster civilization was expanding so fast that it did not have much time for thorough administration.

The Spell Caster civilization was able to occupy so many dimensions in over three thousand years, becoming one of the formidable civilizations of the Void Zone in one leap. Although it was not the most preeminent, they could be considered a relatively powerful civilization. Naturally, it was not just because of the three Great Arcane Wizards.

Just the three Arcane Wizards by themselves would merely be like a castle in the air, with not much practical purpose. Other than the ultimate existences that a civilization produced, the strength of a civilization was dependent on the number of Spell Casters above the level of Legends.

This was because existences higher than a Legend were the core strength of a civilization. In this sense, the Spell Caster civilization clearly had an unparalleled advantage. Some Spell Casters could become Great Legends in over a hundred years. Even if they needed more time, they could become a Legend in just a few centuries.

This was different compared to the foreign civilizations, which needed centuries or more than a thousand years or even millennia to become much stronger. Thus, the Spell Caster civilization was able to grow so rapidly.

“I've decided to go to the boundless territory in the north.”

After looking at the map for a long time, Merlin ultimately decided on the boundless territory in the north. Although this region was in constant chaos as well, the Spell Caster forces were comparatively stronger. Thus, if Merlin went to the boundless territory and forcefully seized a few dimensions, he could join this territory to the initial area of the Spell Caster forces.

In this way, he could better guard the dimensions he occupied.

Having made up his mind, Merlin said to the Legendary Wizards, “Now I wish to apply for departing to the boundless territory.”

Ever since Merlin entered Setoh Arcane City, he had been branded by Setoh Arcane City. Although on the surface it seemed that Arcane City was not concerned about the Spell Casters who had left, the branding of Arcane City was a prestige that smoothened one's pa.s.sage in any area.

Nonetheless, these benefits came with obligations. One of the Legendary Wizards said, “You're now a Great Wizard, and can leave Arcane City. However, you're still a part of Setoh Arcane City. This is something that'll never change unless you become an Ultimate Arcane Wizard in the future and establish your own Arcane City. Otherwise, the moment Setoh Arcane City summons you, you must obey unconditionally.”

Merlin nodded. Establis.h.i.+ng an Arcane City was something no one would think about because until now, there were only three Great Arcane Wizards in the Spell Caster civilization. It would not be so easy to become an ultimate existence.

As for Setoh Arcane City summoning him, this would only happen during a civilization war with a foreign tribe. Usually, they would not summon Wizards just like that, so Merlin did not mind that so much.

Even if he did not join Setoh Arcane City, he would still be enlisted by the three Great Arcane Wizards if the Spell Caster civilization was facing a powerful enemy. Not even plunderers were an exception.

“Very well. Can you give me a dimension map of the boundless territory?”

“Ten contribution points.”

The Legendary Wizard said calmly. Obviously, this was also an advantage of being a Spell Caster of Setoh Arcane City. If Merlin was an outsider, a dimension map like this would cost an astronomical sum, something he could never obtain for a mere ten contribution points.

After he kept the map in his ring, Merlin turned and left, paying no mind to the gazes of the other Spell Casters. Still, these Spell Casters kept observing Merlin.

After Merlin had left, the hall burst into a hubbub again.

“Wizard Merlin is going to the boundless territory?”

“With his strength, he can occupy some dimensions now. How I envy him. He's just a Great Wizard but he has the ability to start occupying dimensions.”

Occupying dimensions and using the Elemental Origins to condense a Maxim – this was accepted as one of the quickest ways to consolidate a Maxim. The actual practice had shown that it was effective indeed.

However, to be able to occupy dimensions at the level of a Great Wizard was something extremely rare. Those preeminent Great Wizards might get to do so if they were lucky enough. Only those civilization-level geniuses would be unafraid of Legends, and thus able to seize a dimension.

Soon, Merlin returned to his room. Before he left, he had to make some plans. First, he needed to ascertain how strong he really was now.

Therefore, Merlin took out the Spatial Ring and extended his Mind Power into the ring.


First, Merlin entered the illusion bead. Luckily, the illusion bead was not damaged and was perfectly fine. The Illusory World was carrying on as usual.

t.i.tus' voice swiftly rang out. Only t.i.tus seemed to be too quiet during this period of time. In the past, t.i.tus would have constantly urged Merlin to focus on his Hallucinating spells.

“t.i.tus, you've been quiet lately. What's wrong?”

Merlin felt that t.i.tus was acting strangely, and asked curiously.

t.i.tus glanced at Merlin, then let out a long sigh. “You've met Aruba, and what he said stunned me to the core. If I was previously not confident that the Mind Power system I came up with would succeed and ultimately be perfected, then after meeting Aruba, I have faith that this Mind Power system of mine can succeed.”

Aruba had relied on his powerful physical strength to forcibly go against the natural order. He was not even afraid of the natural order, being able to transcend it. In the Void Zone, there had never been anyone like this.

In the Void Zone, the natural order was supreme. No one could reverse or transcend the natural order.

“Aruba can use his bodily strength to transcend the natural order. In that case, so can Mind Power! Merlin, after completing the Illusory World, the final step in the Mind Power system is to reverse the natural order, turning illusions into reality and truly transcending the natural order. I call this the Immortal Mind!”

At the point, t.i.tus' expression was solemn.

“The Immortal Mind? This is why you've been so silent all this while?”

Merlin mumbled softly. It turned out that during this time, t.i.tus had been inspired. In other words, Aruba had enlightened him, inducing him to refine the final step of the Mind Power system. It would surpa.s.s the Illusory World, reaching the stage of the Immortal Mind.

However, that stage was merely t.i.tus' conjecture at this point.

“Merlin, during this time, please don't disturb me. This is merely a recent speculation of mine, and I'll need a long time to refine it. In terms of practical application, that would fall to you in the future. You know, before this, I couldn't make heads or tails of the Immortal Mind…”

One could see that t.i.tus was in fervor. Following that, he vanished.

“He has left so swiftly.”

Merlin did not pay further attention to t.i.tus. t.i.tus being silent was exactly what Merlin needed. With that, he extended his Mind Power into that empire-level wars.h.i.+p in the Spatial Ring.

A Wizard's Secret Chapter 729

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