A Wizard's Secret Chapter 821 - Agreement

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Chapter 821: Agreement

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What? You want to go into the Atlan Dimension?"

Augustus and Ceci were shocked. Even though they had gone into war with the Atlan civilization, they never had once thought of going into the Atlan Dimension.

That was because everyone knew that the Atlan Dimension was a peculiar place that could isolate the powers of the natural order. Even if an ultimate existence was to enter, their powers would be no more than a powerful Lord.

An ultimate existence without the power of the natural order would be vulnerable to even a dimension-level wars.h.i.+p. In addition, it was the Atlan civilization's old nest, who knew what terrifying powers it held in it.

Merlin shook his head, and said with a firm expression, "If we don't enter the Atlan civilization, we'll never know the extent of the powers of the Atlan civilization. Even if we manage to defeat them and seal the Atlan Dimension, there's still a chance of them reopening the seal. Don't forget, they're already capable of building the void-level wars.h.i.+p. This is our biggest threat. I have to go in!"

Indeed, Merlin's line of thought was clear. The Atlan civilization was their greatest threat, and unless they possessed a thorough understanding of the Atlan civilization, destroy or even control it, the Spell Caster civilization would never rest in peace.

If they do not do that, then the Spell Caster civilization would have to consider migrating but while the Void Zone may be vast, there were little s.p.a.ces that would be able to accommodate a civilization as large as the Spell Caster civilization. If they were to migrate, there would be chances clas.h.i.+ng with the other civilizations, which was also not ideal. Since moving was not an option, then they would have to find a way to destroy the Atlan civilization.

"Not to mention that I'm not an ultimate existence. I have the Slothful beast, and it's a gigantic, natural-born beast that has no power of the natural order whatsoever. Even the void-level wars.h.i.+p doesn't pose a threat against it so my safety is guaranteed. Also, I have the black cat Didimoss accompanying me. I'm sure the two Arcane Wizards know very well its powers and that no other force besides the ultimate existences holds a candle to it. Plus, my Mind Power has improved again, and I can even control Lords. It's the perfect time tenter the Atlan civilization."

Merlin had thought even further. The void-level wars.h.i.+p had just been destroyed, and the Atlan civilization would not be able to build another one in a short period, so it was a relatively safer time.

This was the best time to enter the Atlan civilization to maximize the outcome!

Both Augustus and Ceci turned silent. As Ultimate Arcane Wizards, of course, they knew that regardless of how easy Merlin had made it sound, in reality, the situation harbored great dangers.

If the void-level wars.h.i.+p was built ahead of time, then there would probably be more than one void-level wars.h.i.+p. While it may be difficult to kill the Slothful Beast, they could still ambush or use other tactics to get rid of Merlin. After all, Merlin was not a true Greatest Lord as of yet, and he could not compete against a void-level wars.h.i.+p which was able to kill ultimate existences.

Moreover, the Atlan civilization occupied such a wide dimension, a dimension that was left behind by the Vestigial Tribe even, who knew what terrifying powers it had? There could have been many reasons why it could not be moved into the Void Zone but things would get dangerous the minute they entered the Atlan Dimension.

Nonetheless, even if it was known to be dangerous, Augustus and Ceci knew that it was just as Merlin had said - this may be their best shot. As long as the Atlan civilization remained undestroyed or uncontrolled, then there would always be const.i.tuted risks to the Spell Caster civilization.

"Glory Lord, do we inform Chronos, the Avian Monarch, and the others about this?"

After a long moment, Augustus lifted his head. He knew that Merlin could not be stopped as he had made up his mind to enter the Atlan Dimension.

"Of course. The period while I'm inside the Atlan civilization will be the most crucial moment for everyone else because without the Slothful Beast, the burden will fall on all of you to defend against the G.o.d Alliance's attack."

Merlin's expression also turned serious. He had intended to enter the Atlan civilization to search for a way to deal with them but what if the Spell Caster civilization was not able to withstand the attack of the G.o.d Alliance and fell apart, leading to the Spell Caster civilization's demise? Then what use would it be even if he found a way to deal with the Atlan civilization?

"Alright, we'll discuss it with them at once."

With that, the three flew back to the dimension.

The atmosphere was thick with tension inside a newly built palace in the dimension. A heavy expression was plastered on the faces of the Avian Monarch, Chronos, Roman, and the Mother Tree, the four ultimate existences invited by the Spell Caster civilization as their eyes constantly swept over Merlin's body.

"Wizard Merlin, do you intend to enter the Atlan Dimension?"

t.i.tan Giant Chronos was the first to ask.

"With our powers now, it's not a problem for us even if we were to defend against the G.o.d Alliance's attack. Why the need to risk entering the Atlan Dimension?"

That was not only Chronos' opinion alone but also the thoughts of the other ultimate existences as well. With the Mother Tree, Roman, and Merlin's Slothful Beast, even if the ultimate existences of the G.o.d Alliance had the advantage in numbers, it was impossible for them to destroy the Spell Caster civilization.

"It may not be a problem now but what if the Atlan civilization built even more void-level wars.h.i.+ps?"

Merlin's words had Chronos and the others momentarily waver. Indeed, they may be able to resist the G.o.d Alliance for now but what if the Atlan civilization had two, three or even more void-level wars.h.i.+ps, would they still be able to hold the fort then?

Even Chronos, who was a t.i.tan Giant of the Giant Tribe had begun to realize that he may have miscalculated the severity of the war. He had thought that with so many ultimate existences, going up against the Atlan civilization would have been an easy task. Never would he had expected it to be so dangerous, and they were only still at the early stages of defense.

"If Wizard Merlin were to enter the Atlan civilization, then, if the G.o.d Alliance strikes again, will we be able to resist?"

Chronos asked in a low voice. That was the most important thing; without the Slothful Beast, the pressure on them would be intensified.

"That's why I've asked everyone to gather here to discuss."

Merlin glanced over at the Mother Tree and Roman. He knew it was ultimately up to these two to determine whether they would be able to withstand the siege.

Roman was seemingly unaffected as he smilingly said, "I can set up some gravitational fields on some of the Spell Caster civilization's dimensions. This way, aside from the ultimate existences, no one else would be able to invade, not even the Atlan civilization's all-powerful wars.h.i.+p."

Merlin nodded in approval. The gravitational fields would certainly give them a strategic advantage, and he still had a Maxim avatar that would remain in the Spell Caster civilization. As such, even if the Atlan civilization were to invade, they would only be able to send in puppets. They would not even be able to dispatch the wars.h.i.+p. The puppets would not last long, faced against the gravitational fields either way, and no amount of them would change the situation.

The Mother Tree was silent for a long time before he finally nodded as well. "I can re-establish the defensive force field but I need a significant number of dimensions. As long as there are enough dimensions, even the G.o.d Alliance would have a hard time to invade."

To that, Augustus instantly responded, "A thousand dimensions. I'll be in charge of moving the Spell Casters in those dimensions to other dimensions. Prepare a thousand dimensions, even if they are all destroyed, then so be it!"

Another thousand dimensions. This was the sacrifice made by the Spell Caster civilization for the sake of victory of the war. One should know that some civilizations such as the Golden Light Tribe were still struggling to acquire a second dimension. A thousand dimensions were more than enough for some young, burgeoning civilizations to establish the foundations for development.

"A thousand dimensions along with Sir Roman's stealth flying s.h.i.+p ghosting in and out, had already made the G.o.d Alliance suffer a good deal previously. Therefore, even if the G.o.d Alliance were to attack again, it would be impossible for them to get ahead in a short amount of time. What's more, seeing as they've had a tough lesson previously, they wouldn't recklessly attack unless they were sure of their chances."

Merlin had roughly caught onto the minds of the G.o.d Alliance and the people of the Atlan civilization. The only certain way for them to have a chance at winning was for them to wait until the Atlan civilization had rebuilt a sufficient number of void-level wars.h.i.+ps. It was highly likely that this would be a period of temporary calm, and there would be no significant dangers.

"Does anyone else still have any issues? You may raise them now, and we, the Spell Caster civilization, will do our best to satisfy all of them!"

Merlin was currently in a high-standing position of status. To a certain extent, he was even able to replace the position of the late Arcane Wizard Setoh not only because he was the inaugurator of the Mind Power Masters but also because he had with him the Slothful Beast. His powers were already on par with any of the ultimate existences.

Augustus and Ceci, too, had come to regard Merlin as the third Arcane Wizard.

Merlin knew that during his time of absence, he must make arrangements for all future matters, to satisfy all the ultimate existences' requests so that they would devote themselves to protecting the Spell Caster civilization. Otherwise, with any of them gone, then it would surely be a fatal blow to the Spell Caster civilization's overall defenses.

"Hehe, Wizard Merlin, I have a small request. When you enter the Atlan Dimension, try to gather some intel on their technology. They've developed and mastered their means of technology from the things left behind by the Vestigial Tribe, and I'm very interested in those. Of course, if you can manage to get your hands on intel about the void-level wars.h.i.+p, that would be even better."

Roman was only interested in things related to the Vestigial Tribe. The only things that kept him so dedicated were, apart from the ancestral land of the Giant Tribe, the similarities between the Atlan civilization and the Vestigial Tribe. He had expected to acquire some of the items left behind by the Vestigial Tribe after they had defeated the Atlan civilization.

Merlin gave a small smile. "That's easy. I once controlled an empire-level wars.h.i.+p in the Atlan Dimension. There's some data information inside that I believe will be of interest to Sir Roman, I can give them to you now."

Then, Merlin ordered the Matrix to copy the information related to Atlan civilization in the empire-level wars.h.i.+p and handed them over directly to Roman.

Roman was proficient in some of the Vestigial Tribe's techniques, and could interpret the knowledge and information inside.

"Haha, not bad, Wizard Merlin. Don't you worry, I'll do all I can to make sure that the Spell Caster civilization isn't destroyed by the G.o.d Alliance."

Elated after receiving the information, Roman immediately promised.

"If there's information on the void-level wars.h.i.+p, we want it too!"

There was a glint in the Avian Monarch's eyes. After all, he was still the ultimate existence of the Avian Tribe, and he needed to consider the interests of the Avian Tribe. If they were indeed able to get their hands on information on the void-level wars.h.i.+p or other related information for that matter, then they would also want a share of it.

"That's not a problem. I'll do my best to acquire them in the Atlan Dimension."

Merlin had practically promised everything, and the ultimate existences were most pleased. These ultimate existences had initially come together because of shared interests. It was natural that they would need to be bound together by mutual benefits.

"Alright, then it's settled. I'll try my best to enter the Atlan Dimension discreetly."

Merlin knew that if the news about his entrance was leaked, then it would probably lead to unnecessary troubles. Therefore, he had opted not to inform any of the ultimate existences in the Spell Caster civilization, and quietly slipped into the Atlan Dimension alone.

This may be an impossible task for others but for Merlin who was able to control minds, sneaking inside the Atlan Dimension soundlessly was not a difficult task.

A Wizard's Secret Chapter 821 - Agreement

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