A Wizard's Secret Chapter 877

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Chapter 877: The Vestigial Dimension!

The Void Zone regained its peacefulness after a part of the Great Light Region was destroyed. After all, whether it was Merlin's annihilation function or the Great Light Honorable Lord's vast power of the natural order, they were both incredibly frightening. If they could manipulate it, it would not be tough to destroy the entire Great Light Region.

Although almost half of the Great Light Region was destroyed, most of the Light Guardian second-grade ultimate existences were not lost but almost all the Light Envoy first-grade ultimate existences were killed.

That was because the Seventy-two Light Envoys had signed a slave contract with the Great Light Honorable G.o.d. If the Great Light Honorable G.o.d died, they would not live either.

As for the rest of the second-grade Light Guardians, they were terrified and did not dare to leave. Instead, they looked toward Merlin and listened to his orders.

Merlin hesitated for a moment before making the arrangements, and calmly said, “The Great Light Region no longer exists. Everyone has obtained freedom. Those who wish to stay can stay, and those who wish to leave can also leave. However, before leaving, I want to know about the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions that the Great Light Honorable G.o.d controlled.”

Merlin also wanted to force these Great Light Region ultimate existences into the Spell Caster civilization but finally gave up after careful consideration. If so many ultimate existences, especially second-grade ones appeared, they would not have a sense of belonging in the Spell Caster civilization and instead, become p.r.o.ne to problems.

Therefore, Merlin allowed them to leave on their own.

Many Light Guardians chose to leave but when they left, they told Merlin about the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions the Great Light Honorable G.o.d possessed.

In the end, there was only one Light Guardian called Tuos, who stayed behind. He was shrouded in a black robe, and looked rather thin.

“Tuos, why didn't you leave?”

Merlin calmly looked at Tuos.

“I'm willing to follow Sir Merlin!”

“Follow me?”

Tuos' answer was fascinating. “Follow” meant that he would not be signing a contract but instead, take the initiative to take refuge under Merlin. This was very different from the other Light Guardians who had left one after another.

“Tuos, I've just killed your Great Light Honorable Lord but you still want to follow me?”

Merlin coldly asked.

“The Great Light Honorable Lord only has some restrictions over the Light Guardians and can't control us. Now that he's dead, our relations.h.i.+p with him has also ended. There's nothing wrong with following Sir Merlin.”

Tuos replied evenly, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a strange glint. This was undoubtedly a very bold contender.

“You're very good at seizing opportunities… Very well. First, follow me to the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions. If you're satisfied, then I'll leave the rest of the Great Light Region in the Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions to you!”

Merlin had no intention of controlling the Great Light Region. Perhaps Tuos had also honed in on this point, and took the initiative to stay and follow Merlin. Once he took control of the Great Light Region, even if some parts were lost, the majority was still around. Tuos would undoubtedly instantly become a powerful presence in charge of a region.

This was Tuos' ambition!

“Sir Merlin, I'll take you to the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions.”

Tuos was extremely excited as Merlin nodded. He put away the eighteen Aurora wars.h.i.+ps from the Great Light Honorable Lord, and casually gave Tuos an Aurora wars.h.i.+p. Then, they flew toward the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions that belonged to the Great Light Honorable Lord.

“Whoosh whoosh.”

The two streams of light were incredibly swift. In the Aurora wars.h.i.+p, Merlin and Tuos soon reached the two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions. According to Merlin's senses, these dimensions were almost the same as the Spell Caster civilization's Glory City.

No power of the natural order could be sensed inside. This was a dimension used by the Vestigial Tribe specifically to imprison ultimate existences.

“Sir Merlin, this is where the Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions the Great Light Honorable Lord possessed are.”

Tuos looked at the two confinement dimensions with envy. The reason why the Great Light Honorable Lord was so powerful, and how the Great Light Region could develop so quickly, was because of these two confinement dimensions.

The entire confinement dimension contained a large number of various wars.h.i.+ps as well as knowledge left behind by the Vestigial Tribe. For example, the Aurora wars.h.i.+p was obtained by one of the confinement dimensions.

The other dimension was even more magical and had a mysterious virtual wonderland in it. Through the virtual wonderland, ultimate existences could simulate breaking through to the second-grade or even the third-grade. This was immensely useful to an ultimate existence.

Therefore, with these two Vestigial Tribe confinement dimensions, the Great Light Honorable Lord's position was extremely stable. Great Light Region had also attracted many powerful ultimate existences with the two confinement dimensions.

However, no matter how much he envied, Tuos did not dare to have any other ideas. Merlin had taken a fancy to the two confinement dimensions, so even if they were incredibly precious, Tuos did not dare to have any plans.

Furthermore, when it came to how precious something was, what could compare to the Golden Ray Armor on Merlin's body?

“Alright. You can go to the Great Light Region to integrate your forces. I'll go to these confinement dimensions.”

Saying that, Merlin no longer bothered with Tuos, and directly flew into the first confinement dimension.

The moment he entered the dimension, an air similar to Glory City appeared, which indeed cut off the power of the natural order. If there were any differences, it would be that in this dimension, there were no signs of any living creatures. There was only dead silence.

Merlin was slightly disappointed. He did not sense any energy in this dimension. In other words, there was no energy that Merlin needed. The one-third of energy the Golden Ray Armor had lost would be difficult to replenish.

When Merlin flew over to a large piece of land, he suddenly felt a heavy pressure.

“Gravitational field?”

Merlin was surprised. This gravitational field was strong enough to make it difficult for Lords to move but it had no effect on ultimate existences. Furthermore, it could not be compared to the gravitational field on Merlin's Golden Ray Armor.

This continent was covered with the gravitational field, which must have been arranged by the Vestigial Tribe. The Vestigial Tribe had arranged countless such gravitational fields that left the Void Zone civilizations helpless. Only ultimate existences could ignore gravitational fields of this level.

Merlin traveled around the continent and swept his Mind Power wide before finding a base. There were many wars.h.i.+ps there but since there was no one to operate them, they were left behind in the base.

Only wars.h.i.+ps like the Aurora wars.h.i.+p that could be operated by just one person were needed by the Great Light Honorable G.o.d. As for the other terrifying wars.h.i.+ps, even if he had them, he could not use them either.

After all, not everyone had the Matrix. The void-level wars.h.i.+ps Merlin's Glory City had manufactured were useful because the Atlans were helping the Spell Casters to master these wars.h.i.+ps. Otherwise, the Spell Caster civilization would not be able to use them no matter how many they had.

“This Vestigial Dimension has been completely emptied by the Great Light Honorable Lord. It's of no value anymore.”

Merlin shook his head. There was nothing in this confinement dimension that caught his eye or had value. The wars.h.i.+ps might be very strong and be able to go against ultimate existences but they were useless to the current Merlin. Furthermore, the Spell Caster civilization was stable now and did not need these wars.h.i.+ps.

As a result, Merlin went directly to the second confinement dimension. He attached more importance to the second confinement dimension because there was the Vestigial Tribe's mysterious power – the virtual wonderland!

What was the virtual wonderland? Well, it was not clear either. Although Tuos had mentioned it before, Merlin was still confused. Was it similar to his Illusory World?

People who have not experienced it would not understand how mysterious the virtual wonderland was.

“The virtual wonderland is on the continent in the middle of the dimension!”

Merlin entered the dimension and immediately moved toward the middle of the dimension. Soon, he saw a grand hall which had an architectural style typical of the Vestigial Tribe.

However, Merlin noticed that there was energy here. Furthermore, it was not weak.

“Energy? The Vestigial Tribe left energy in this dimension?”

Merlin was overjoyed. He quickly followed the direction of the energy and began to search. Soon, he found out that there was an incomparably large energy block connected under this magnificent building.

The high condensation of this energy block seemed to and embody the Vestigial Tribe's frightening power system that could compress endless terrifying power.

At first, Merlin felt that this energy was not considered larch but he was shocked when he came into contact with it. This energy was more terrifying than the energy he had obtained in Glory City.

After all, that energy more specifically left behind by the Vestigial Tribe as the Golden Ray Armor's energy source. Furthermore, the energy was not condensed, so it had almost covered the entire dimension.

This energy was only the size of a palace but it contained more energy than the Dimension Core of Glory City. Merlin was naturally overjoyed. He entered the confinement dimensions controlled by the Great Light Honorable Lord because he wanted to find something to supplement the Golden Ray Armor's energy.

Now, he had finally found it!

“It's not an accident that such a large amount of energy would be left here. Could it have something to do with this hall?”

Merlin narrowed his eyes. He felt that the traces of energy emitted by the energy block was directly absorbed by the magnificent hall above. There must be something in that hall that was constantly consuming a large amount of energy.

“Let's take a look.”

Merlin was not in a hurry to absorb this energy but he became interested in the contents of the hall, especially the virtual wonderland, which had attracted many ultimate existences. Merlin also wanted to see with his own eyes how mysterious the Vestigial Tribe's virtual wonderland was.


Without any hesitation, Merlin stepped into the Vestigial Tribe's hall.

A Wizard's Secret Chapter 877

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