WARNING! Tsundere President 301 301, New Boss Has Arrived

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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:15:11 PM Chapter 301

Lu Zhaoyang was annoyed . Her eyes swept across the marketing staff .

“Don't let me begin with how the perfume smells . The bottle itself is so generic, just like any other perfume bottles in the street; one word: horrible! Women love things that are pleasing to the eyes; if you can't nail the packaging, does it matter if it smells great?”

Lu Zhaoyang glared at the male staff who sat stiffly in front of her . “Marketing department should recruit young and energetic girls . I wonder if a bunch of men understand women at all . Look at all of you; scruffy, and wearing slippers to the office . Do you think this is your home?”

“The boss said we should make ourselves at home . I serve the company and expect no overtime pay!” the man said proudly .

Lu Zhaoyang was speechless . She looked away . “Forget it, I should come here less often . Revise the design, understood?”


“Good . ” She took a deep breath, and then raised her right index finger covering her nostrils . “For hygiene's sake, please refrain from wearing slippers to the office . ”

It was toxic!

The man in slippers looked at Lu Zhaoyang, got to his feet imediately and walked away before sitting down on a chair at the far end .

Just then, she heard a crisp voice from behind her . “Do as she says . ”

Lu Zhaoyang felt a chill running up her spine and she turned around . Apparently, it was not because of her chiding the staff, but someone was behind her .

A man stood there with his hands on his back . Wearing a black suit with matching dark-blue pinstripe tie and a beautiful brooch on the chest . He looked smart and tall .

His handsome face looked a bit unapproachable; face like a sculpture, good looking from every angle .

His eyes were particularly l.u.s.trous but mysterious .

Lu Zhaoyang knew a thing or two about men's suit brands . After all, she had been with Huo Yunting for so long . This man was wearing a designer suit: it looked expensive yet restrained .

His thin lips pressed together in a straight line, without any curvature . The arched eyebrows, however, did look familiar .



The marketing staff greeted . Xiang Jinxi, the president, remained silent . He just nodded slightly and was as cold as ever .

“h.e.l.lo, Mr . President, I am your new special a.s.sistant, Lu Zhaoyang . ” Lu Zhaoyang introduced herself .

So, he was the legendary armchair critic . This stone cold prince charming did not seem to like traveling .

“Hi . ”

Everyone was dumbstruck .

Wow, what was going on?

The president had spoken . It was unprecedented .

Even Lu Zhaoyang was a little surprised . After all, he had not responded to the group of people who greeted him .

“Just do as she says . ” Xiang Jinxi glanced at Lu Zhaoyang before turning and walking away .

Lu Zhaoyang followed from behind . “President, would you like to take a tour of—”

“No . ”

Xiang Jinxi snorted coldly, interrupting Lu Zhaoyang, who could only watch as he disappeared into the elevator .

This man was reticent .

He had better not come to the office . His presence made her feel stressful .

Lu Zhaoyang released a sigh and headed back to work in her office .

On Friday, Lu Zhaoyang received an unexpected call from Lin Yazhi .

WARNING! Tsundere President 301 301, New Boss Has Arrived

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