WARNING! Tsundere President 302 302, It's The Game

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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:15:07 PM Chapter 302: 302

She was busy with one call on speaker and another phone on the table . She answered, “Yup . ”

“Zhaoyang, let us go to the movies tonight . It's a blockbuster!” Lin Yazhi said excitedly .

“So there is your idol again, eh?”

Lu Zhaoyang pinched her glabella . With the Starlight Quintet incident still fresh in her mind, she was reluctant to go out with Lin Yazhi again .

Now, without Huo Yunting around to save her, she figured she had better avoid Lin Yazhi like a plague for safety's sake .

“You know me . It has been a long week . Let's go to unwind a bit together!” Lin Yazhi chuckled .

“I don't know if I can make it . Let's keep in touch . ”

She could not reject Lin Yazhi outright, so the delay tactic .

Huo Li walked past the secretary's office and overheard what Lin Yazhi said . He headed to Huo Yunting's office .

“Hey, brother!”

“What the heck?” p.i.s.sed, Huo Yunting shot him a look . “I am in the middle of a game . ”

“Is playing the game more fun than your wife?”

“You must have a death wish, do you?”

Piqued, Huo Yunting flung the wireless mouse at Hou Li .

Huo Li caught the mouse with a smile and placed it back to its original position nicely . “I just heard Yazi calling your wife, asking her to go for a movie tonight . Brother, if you can't see her directly, you can still have a chance encounter with her!” Yazi was a play on Lin Yazhi's first name, which sounded like a duck in Mandarin .

“Who told you that I can't go to see her?” A gray FAIL word flashed on the monitor before his eyes . Huo Yunting squinted . He glanced at Huo Li sideways . “What else did they talk about?”

“Just about some Hollywood blockbuster and stuff like that… Err, nothing else . ”

Huo Li realized that he had made a Freudian slip .

A master investigator like Huo Li would not have possibly obtained so little information and came to him .

“Brother, you look at your best today, absolutely handsome . I'd better go now!”

After brownnosing Huo Yunting, he dashed out and went straight to the secretary's office .


Peeved, Lin Yazhi pouted . This jerk was foul-mouthed as ever .

“Well, what an honor to have a.s.sistant Huo coming into my office . What can I do for you?” she said with a plastic smile .

Huo Li leaned on her desk with one hand and swiped his hair with another . “Do you have any good movies to recommend? You are an expert in this . I am planning to date a girl . Tell me about it . The next time you graze the melon seeds, I will close my eyes to it . How about that?”

“For the safety of us, female, I am afraid that I cannot help . ” Lin Yazhi replied perfunctorily .

Huo Li was irate . But seeing the exultant Lin Yazhi, he quickly told himself that he must not let the woman think that he had lost .

“That is fine, I will figure it out myself . All theaters are pitch dark inside anyway . Never mind about the movie, what I can do in there is most important . Yazi, thank you for giving me the idea!”

Huo Li then pretended to walk out .

“Wait a minute! a.s.sistant Huo, how could you do that in a theater?”

In her mind, Lin Yazhi had cursed him a thousand times over, but she still smiled like a flower as she took out her mobile phone .

She would have ignored him had it not been for her not wanting to connive with him in ruining other girls .

“Here you go . This is a pretty good movie!”

Huo Li had sharp eyes . He saw not only the name of the theater but also the time and seating .

WARNING! Tsundere President 302 302, It's The Game

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