WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 370 - A Test

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Chapter 370: A Test

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Jiu’s words came to mind while talking about first loves.

Lu Zhaoyang was Huo Chen’s first love.

“Wen He, how important is your first love to you?” Lu Bai suddenly asked. Wen He became curious at his question. “So, she is really your first love, eh? You have hooked the pretty lady with your chicken feet!”

“I am serious.” Lu Bai’s face turned grave. Wen He pouted. “Why are you getting mad at me? How can I tell when I have no first love?”

Lu Bai gave her a scornful look. “Let’s a.s.sume you used to like a man, and you two broke up. What would your feelings towards him be now?”

Seeing that Lu Bai was serious, Wen He closed her laptop.

“Let me tell you something. Just treat it as a story.”

Lu Bai nodded and was all ears.

“During a previous mission, I fell in love with a man; it was love at first sight. But he was the bodyguard of my target, unfortunately, and it was my first solo mission. I made a mistake; he stood in front of my target.” She smiled. “That was it. It’s finished.”

“That’s it? What next?” Lu Bai was baffled. What the heck? What kind of story was that?

“I do not know if it could be considered my first love. I hesitated; if I finished the mission, he had to die. Fate had it that we could never be together; we did not even have the chance to start. I have never gone to that country ever since. But the experience has taught me that I should not get involved personally in any mission.”

She opened her laptop and continued to watch her drama series again as if nothing had happened.

There was only the dialogue of the TV characters in the living room.

Lu Bai could feel that this man was always in Wen He’s mind, and she could never forget about him for the rest of her life. Perhaps that was also Huo Chen’s position in Lu Zhaoyang’s heart.

Wen He stared quietly at the screen and suddenly said, “Xiao Bai, you are still young. Huo Chen does not know your existence. I hope that you can live an ordinary happy life, just like today, going out with the woman you like. If this is true love, just go for it.”

“I like her, but it is not that kind of love.” Lu Bai got to his feet but still looked down. “Do not worry about the lady downstairs. I just want to tell you that Huo Chen was the one who destroyed the organization. But he was just doing his job and we had never been on the same side all this while. So, we should not get personal with it. But Lao Jiu has gone maniac; he wants to kill every single person in the Huo family.”

“Chen Jiu is a master a.s.sa.s.sin. If he really wants to finish off the entire Huo family, they may…” Wen He waved her hand across her neck. “But you do not know the Huo family. Why do you care?”

Lu Bai looked serious. “You know what kind of people the Huo family are. Do I need to say it more? You know better than me. If Lao Jiu kills someone in the Huo family, do you think he could get away with it? There are only the three of us now, and I do not want to see anything that happens to any one of you two.”

And now Chen Jiu had stepped on Huo Yunting’s toes and Huo Chen was also in town. If Chen Jiu did something stupid again, things might catch up with him.

Wen He smiled. “I know you are still concerned about me. Don’t worry, I know when not to go head to head with Huo Chen if I ever get so unlucky as to b.u.mp into him again. Heroes always fall for beauties unless he does not like a woman. Do not doubt my charm as a woman!”

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 370 - A Test

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