WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 372

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Chapter 372: Wicked (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The two doctors quickly left.

Huo Yunting strode ahead after them.

There were surveillance cameras in and around Qiu Ran's room. Huo Yunting had also installed several pinhole cameras so that he could monitor every corner of the room.

Watching the recorded surveillance footage, Huo Yunting could see that Qiu Ran found the newspaper under the bowl. His face darkened. Within minutes, the nurse who sent in the meal was called in before Huo Yunting.

The nurse shrunk her shoulders, hands clasped together as she saw the sullen expression on the handsome face. She lowered her head and her heart pounded.

“Explain yourself if you want to spare the pain,” Huo Yunting simply said, just wanting to figure out who was behind it. Even before the nurse said it, Huo Yunting could already guess the answer; he just needed a confirmation.

“I—Mr. Huo, I only know it is a woman. She did not tell me her name; I do not know! I was just for the money!”

After that, the little nurse cried as Huo Yunting scowled at her.

It was a woman?

Huo Yunting snickered, turned, and walked away. “Don't ever let me see her face again.”

“Yes, Mr. Huo!” The doctors nodded hard.

It was Xue Yuming.

She used such a dirty trick to hurt his mother. If he did not show his true colors, Xue Yuming would think that she really was the legit Mrs. Huo.

Huo Yunting walked to the car. His hair fluttered in the chilly morning wind and the handsome face was as grim as it could get.

“Brother Ting!”

Huo Li immediately stepped on the brakes and ran towards him anxiously.

When he was about to speak, he heard the voice of Lu Zhaoyang.

“Huo Yunting!”

As Lu Zhaoyang ran towards him, her coat whipped in the wind and hair waved on her face, on which worries were written all over.

“Why didn't you tell me when you got out?” She paused and panted.

It turned out that he came to see Aunt Qiu.

Huo Yunting gave her a look. He then opened the door and climbed into the car.

Lu Zhaoyang stopped him just as he was about to slam shut the door. “You have not recovered yet. You had better not move around.”

She wondered how he drove here; did he not feel the pain?

“Worrying about me?” Huo Yunting was not in the mood. He looked up, expressionlessly. “You fell in love with me?”

She cared about him as much as she was worried about Xue Yuming.

If he did something to Xue Yuming and forced her to leave the Huo family, Lu Zhaoyang would have a proper reason to leave him.

What should he do?

“Huo Yunting, don't mess around anymore. You are still a patient, get off the driver seat, let me drive.”

“Don't you want to go to work? Cancel your leave.” He forced the door with his left hand but Lu Zhaoyang held it even tighter.

Lu Zhaoyang seemed to know why Huo Yunting behaved the way he acted; after seeing Aunt Qiu, he must be thinking that it was her mother who ruined his family.

Huo Yunting did not want to see her, she thought.

“I will go to work, but you must not drive.” Lu Zhaoyang still held on to the door handle. She then turned to Huo Li. “You drive.”

Huo Li was between a rock and a hard place. He began to stutter. “Boss, you…”

Huo Yunting moved his eyes away from Lu Zhaoyang's face, got off, and climbed back into the front pa.s.senger seat.

Huo Li got in. Lu Zhaoyang let go of her hand and before the door closed, she saw Huo Yunting was resting his head on the backrest with his eyes closed. She turned and walked away silently.

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 372

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