WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 62: Smart Ms. Lu, Very Smart

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The Rolls-Royce parked before the villa she knew. It was a familiar yet terrifying place - the cage she must return. She literally hopped off the car and slammed the door shut, the bang was so loud that it surprised her too.

She waddled to the porch and tossed her heels away, and with no time to put on her slippers, headed straight upstairs. She ran, as she heard the other trail of footsteps catching up with her - it was the devil, though the devil was sauntering towards her with his usual carefree att.i.tude.

Lu Zhaoyang had no mood to serve the master tonight. She went to her room hurriedly, she pulled off the silly pendant and threw it onto the floor outside.

"Huo Yunting, this is too much!" Weakly she leaned against the locked door and slid down to the bottom, panting after locking the door immediately, as if the victim in Texas Chainsaw Ma.s.sacre.

Huo Yunting tried turning the doork.n.o.b, only to realize it had been cruelly locked. He took a glance at the discarded chain and knocked the door indifferently, "Open the door."

The knock on the door caused Lu to turn her head. She looked at the wooden door through her tousled hair and imagined her demanding man behind, "Go away, I don't want to see anymore of you tonight. Go eff somebody else or maybe yourself!"

She needed some time to focus, figuring out a way to spend the rest of her life without being slaughtered by both the devil or the public.

It was merely because of her mother that she put up with Huo Yunting for so long. If her mother was still unhappy in this unusual courts.h.i.+p, then what would be point of Lu being tortured all the time?

"Ms. Lu Zhaoyang, you have apparently forgotten something~" Huo's gleeful tone permeated through the door, reaching her ears like screeches.

Obviously he's gonna talk about the debts.

She was too lazy to entertain. Towards her bed, she dragged her steps which felt like treading upon sharp knives, like the Little Mermaid on the sh.o.r.e. The frigidity raided her spine, as gooseb.u.mps covered her naked back.

The moment she reached her bed, she untied the knot of her dress behind.

That was when the door was opened…

Her eyes enlarged in astonishment, wondering if the approaching footsteps were apart of her illusion, though she was very sure that they were not - it was just her, escaping reality - especially when the door was wide open.

Her stiffened body slowly turned, only to see Huo Yunting strolling into the scene with a keychain round his left index finger, spinning, like the aroused landlord intruding the room of his tenant who could not pay back her rental.

"You have locked me up once. It will not happen again, I say."

He gripped the keys upon their return to his palm, as he walked to her calmly, "So much work just to get my debt payment. I had been too diligent to do all these as a husband. Therefore you as my wife, should be glad." He stood before her, looking into her eyes, tasting her frightful expression, every single bit of her drained cheeks.

"I should be glad?" Lu backed away as she grabbed the bedside, the corner of her lips raised mockingly, "Are you saying that you didn't do all those things tonight on purpose? All those prince-meets-girl acts that only boil down to 'oh we are very close' instead of 'we are married' or 'she's my sister'. All these could have been done by a simple few words but you chose to stay quiet with your big fat mouth!"

"Mmhmmmm…" Towards the brutal honesty, Huo Yunting surrounded Lu with both arms, admittedly.

Well, what's the purpose of admitting my little mischief?

The nod only got her madder, as one could see her bosom lifting up and down aggressively.

"Like the pendant, okay, you be your I-am-rich-and-kind prince and get that pendant but it doesn't mean that you have to put it on me right immediately after. This is one of those *acts* I was talking about, it's not you being sincerely kind, you just wanted attention and you are seeking revenge!"

"You are correct. Smart Ms. Lu, very smart."

He threw his keys away and pounced upon her with a hug at her waist, overlapping their bodies.

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 62: Smart Ms. Lu, Very Smart

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