WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 644 - How Dare You Stab Me!

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Chapter 644: How Dare You Stab Me!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just then, Wen He heard someone opening the door to the room. She looked at the door in quiet relief and pointed.

“It’s him.”

When the door opened, cigar-man watched in shock at the person who came into view.

It was Huo Chen…

Wasn’t he retired four years ago? Why is he here now?!

Cigar-man quickly recovered from his shock and turned sneered.

“So what if you managed to reach this point? You will need time to translate Arabic. By then, my people would have taken the goods!”

Wen He suddenly realized that Huo Chen had a peculiar cleansing effect. Her feelings of disgust dissipated as soon as she saw him.

“I may not understand Arabic, but someone else does.”

Huo Chen took a brief look at Wen He. Earlier, while she was listening in to the conversation in Arabic, she had relayed to Huo Chen what they were talking about via a predetermined secret code.

He turned back to cigar-man and said, “Will you surrender quietly, or will you need some tough convincing?”

Cigar-man was furious and roared in anger, “What are you all standing around for? There are only two of them, get them!”

The men in the room obeyed and went for Huo Chen!

On the other hand, cigar-man grabbed Wen He before she could escape and squeezed her arm.

She gasped in pain from the pressure, “Ah…”

A pill dropped into her mouth and she swallowed it before she could stop herself.

“Cough cough cough!”

She immediately bent down and tried to force herself to vomit, but the man pulled at her hair!

Her scalp burned in pain.

F*ck, how dare you!

“How’d you like that?” The man laughed menacingly.

Wen He fought back without hesitation. She grabbed a cutting knife from the coffee table and stabbed straight into his belly!

Blood gushed out like an open tap.

She asked him back, “How’d you like that?”

“You c*nt, how dare you stab me!”

The man did not let go of her hair. Instead, he pulled even harder, threatening to pull her hair clean off her scalp!

Huo Chen was busy fighting as well and could only throw occasional worried glances at her.

Fortunately, Wen He was a woman of action.

She raised her knife and cut her own hair!

The man stumbled backward from inertia. He threw away a fistful of hair pressed onto the wound on his belly with his other hand.

Wen He went for him. She kicked him repeatedly while slas.h.i.+ng her knife vigorously.

“No one touches me without my permission! You should really look at yourself in the mirror!”

“Enough, we need him alive.”

Huo Chen was done suppressing the minions and went to her. He took the knife away from her and tossed it aside.

Her face was red and her hair was shorter, but otherwise she was alright. Satisfied, he turned to call his men to take the criminals away.

Wen He panted heavily and realized suddenly that her breathing was too fast.

A short moment later, a squad of policemen came in through the door.

“Huo Chen, I need a place to rest!”

Wen He felt an unnatural warmth spreading inside from her stomach. She remembered the pill and realized that she was in trouble!

“Come with me.”

Huo Chen supported her as they stepped out of the b.l.o.o.d.y mess in the room. She took in the masculine scent beside her and felt her pulse quickened.

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 644 - How Dare You Stab Me!

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