WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 747 - Huo Yunting Declares War!

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Chapter 747: Huo Yunting Declares War!Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“President Huo…”

Before they could ask any more questions, Huo Yunting’s expression turned cold. He spoke again, this time with more emphasis and a deadly aura.

“I, Huo Yunting, hereby declare that anyone who is in business relations with Xiang Jinxi is also actively against Thunderbolt Corp. Anyone who tries to help him is my enemy!”


No one would miss the intense hostility in his reply. The reporters exchanged looks of understanding.

President Huo is declaring war with Xiang Yuan Corp!

The recent news must be true!

It was only natural for him to be so furious. They could definitely empathize with his situation!

Snap snap snap!

The cameras flashed as the reporters captured every moment.

Suddenly, the security guards pushed them back to clear the way for Huo Yunting so that he could reach his Rolls Royce parked nearby.

The reporters noticed that he was about to leave and grew anxious. They fought their way forward and started shouting questions.

“President Huo, do you plan to bring Xiang Jinxi to court?”


A voice recording was not substantial enough as evidence.

Besides, it is a fact that Xue Yuming committed suicide.

The police will probably only be able to hold Xiang Jinxi for a few days.

“No comment.”

Huo Yunting opened the door to his car and as about to step inside when he paused and continued speaking without looking back, “Xiang Jinxi was willing to cause a person’s death for his own sake and then frame me for it. He did this because of an old score between us. I just want to give a piece of advice to some people…

“Given his ruthless nature, are you sure you want to continue working with him? Perhaps he will stab you in the back one day for his own personal gains.”

After that, Huo Yunting got into his car.

“President Huo!”

The reporters wanted to get more questions in but they could not go beyond the line of security guards. They watched as the luxury car sped off into the distance.

Once the subject was gone, there was no reason for the reporters to stay. They returned to their offices and compiled all the information and photos as soon as they could for publication in all major media platforms.

“Huo Yunting Declares War: Xiang Yuan Corp Is My Enemy!”

“Xiang Jin Xi: A Ruthless Man of Ambition!”

“Twist of Events: The Truth behind Mother-in-law’s Death in Influential Family is Infuriating!”

Headlines of similar nature mushroomed online and pushed Xiang Jinxi closer to the eye of the storm.

Xiang Yuan Corp’s reputation crashed and share prices dropped even further.

Reporters waited day and night outside their office in the hopes of getting more information.

However, no matter how long they waited, Xiang Jinxi never appeared.

“President, sir!”

In Xiang Yuan’s office, Qin An’s replacement, Chi Yun hastily stepped into the president’s office.

“We have a problem.”

“Shut up!”

Xiang Jinxi looked at him and said, “You have worked under Qin An for some time now, haven’t you learned to stay calm under pressure?”


Chi Yun hesitated to speak further under Xiang Jinxi’s dangerous stare. He took a few deep breaths and gathered himself before speaking again, “Ten minutes ago, all the companies in joint ventures with us have rescinded our agreements. They claim that Xiang Yuan is buried in scandal and unconducive for business, and they refuse to pay the penalty for breaking off our contracts.”

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 747 - Huo Yunting Declares War!

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