WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 901 - The Huo Family Actors II

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Chapter 901: The Huo Family Actors II

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What is it, Xiang?”

“I would like an update on your progress.”

Eric chucked proudly at the mention of his work and said, “Things are going well so far. There are many forces in Z Country who are interested in working with us. They are hesitant for now, but I believe that they will soon agree to our proposal. When that happens…”

He laughed gleefully at the possibilities.

Every country has their own share of shady organizations that come and go but could never be completely eliminated.

Like mosquitoes, one could never fully wipe them out.

Eric chose the same path as Bruce. He planned to collaborate with the locals to get a foothold in Z Country before expanding his own organization.


“Mr Eric, do remember what happened to Mr Bruce,” Xiang Jinxi reminded the man.

“Of course,” Eric replied darkly. “I’m not the type to make such a stupid mistake.”

Bruce had underestimated his adversaries.

Born in a wealthy family and pampered since he was born, Bruce had always been arrogant and believed that no one would be able to outsmart him.

Hence, when Lu Bai presented himself to him on a silver platter, the man accepted him without suspecting anything was amiss.

Perhaps he had never heard of the saying…

Not all that glitters is gold.

Therefore, Eric investigated the background of every potential ally himself before making a proposal to them.

Xiang Jinxi was relieved. “I will wait for your good news then.”

“As will I.”

After the phone call, Xiang Jinxi’s mood lightened up.

He would take his time fighting Huo Yunting. His defeat last time had taught him to be patient.

He had waited for over a year. A few more days was manageable.

As long as Eric’s plan worked, allowing them to move against Huo Yunting both openly and in the shadows, victory would be certain.

Even though he could not do any meaningful damage to Huo Yunting in the meantime, he would not miss the opportunity to make the man uneasy.

Xiang Jinxi gave the order to continue being aggressive toward Thunderbolt Corp.

Huo Yunting did not seem concerned with Jin Financial’s full-on attack on his company at all.

In fact, he seemed almost eager to see the battle unfold.

People in the business were baffled by his response, but Xiang Jinxi was more wary than confused.

Until finally, one day, Huo Yunting made his move.

“Huo Chen,” Huo Yunting said through the phone in his typical lazy voice. “Do you feel like becoming an actor for awhile?”

Huo Chen was quiet for a long time before he pressed the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows and said, “Get to the point.”

Huo Yunting chuckled softly. A wicked smile appeared on his face.

“It looks like a fine day today, why don’t we become actors today and make a short clip together?”


Half an hour later, Huo Chen opened the door to a private room and saw Huo Yunting dining gracefully inside.

He smiled coldly and stood by the door, unwilling to step inside. Then, he said derisively, “You invited me here, and yet you started without me?”

Huo Yunting continued to chew slowly on his meal.

“I’m the host, I do what I want.”


Huo Chen barked a cold laugh and made to leave.

That made Huo Yunting look up at him. He coughed and said, “Wait. I have something to discuss with you.”

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 901 - The Huo Family Actors II

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