WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 905 - Mo Shan Can Go Now

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Chapter 905: 905、Mo Shan Can Go Now

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Mr Xiang, we are going to make it,” said Eric on the phone when he called Xiang Jinxi in the morning.

“Really?” He smiled.

“That Jiang family finally accepted the offer, although it has cost me a lot.” Eric sounded hostile as he spoke, “But that’s alright. Once I have established myself here, I’ll own everything.” He continued as his tone relaxed, “I’ll be having a meeting at my place tomorrow. Once we have sealed the deal, it’ll be time for me to make my debut.”

“Congratulations to you then, Mr. Eric.” Xiang Jinxi chuckled, “Hope you won’t forget what we have agreed on previously.”

“Don’t worry, our family lives with the virtue of keeping our promises.”

“Okay,” he was very satisfied, “Just be careful. The closer you get to your goal, the more reasons to not be reckless.”

“Leave it to me, pal.”

“Good bye, then.” Xiang Jinxi was over the moon as he poured himself some Bourbon. His signature cold expression was no longer visible on his face, that he briefly smiled like a refres.h.i.+ng breeze after the storm as he imagined his success after conquering the cursed Huo family and seeing the looks on Huo Yunting’s and Huo Zhenning’s faces.

He gasped in joy. “Finally.”

A knock on the door interrupted his daydream.

“Come in.” Lance walked in with a grave look, “Sir, there will be visitors here tomorrow. They are from security, apparently.”

Xiang Jinxi discarded his smile, “What is the meaning of this?”

“There was a report according to the visitors. We managed to trace it and it has appeared that it was Huo Yunting who made the report claiming that the president of Jin Gui Corp. could be a wanted criminal.” The joy was no longer seen on Xiang Jinxi’s face as he examined the shaking a.s.sistant with his head lowered. Lance tried lifting his head for a look but the eyes of the president shot him down again.

“Therefore, the authorities would like to investigate this. They demand to see the leader of this company.”

“…” Xiang Jinxi froze for the next moment before he snorted and sneered.

Well, well, look at what we’ve got here. n.o.body else knows about my return than Huo Yunting.

Whatever you say, pal. What can you do?

Where’s the evidence?

Huo Yunting, oh, my accursed brother, you have gotten so low just to get rid of me. Pulling off a little trick just capable of distracting me by chance?

I’m Xiang Jinxi, not the other enemies you have encountered before. I don’t make mistakes. Not of this silly kind.

Jin Gui Corp. is run under my leaders.h.i.+p but on legal terms, Lance is the president.

Hah. Guess you never thought of that, Huo Yunting.

“Well, you’ll entertain them tomorrow,” he said nonchalantly.

If they did have evidence, it might be a whole different story. Fortunately they did not.

“Yes, sir.”

Xiang Jinxi proceeded handling a few more tasks to Lance before leaving the company with Qiu Jin. He took his favorite Benz with windows tinted in flat black and demanded his driver to race into the secluded area of the city. He asked Qiu Jin to make the call to confirm the availability of his place while checking out the surroundings. Down the road towards the rural area of the west, there was an abandoned factory…or so the pa.s.sersby thought.

It was a perfect spot to be Xiang Jinxi’s hideout, the base to make his command safely under guards of his men. It might have appeared to be a shabby, old factory banished from history ages ago but it was extravagantly renovated inside, furnished with all sorts of facilities comfortable enough to accommodate the potential final boss of the story.

The second morning came easily as Xiang Jinxi slept in his fluffy bed behind the thick, metallic door for the night. He, while slicing a piece of fine bacon in the plate next to his leather throne, listened to the report from his underlings.

As announced before, investigators flooded Jin Gui Corp. to talk with Lance. Eric would have his business meeting with the other men from the underworld in the meantime.

“Lu Zhaoyang has departed from the hospital and is now in Thunderbolt Corp. branch.”

“Fantastic.” He snickered and turned his head to the beauty by his side,

“Qiu Jin,” He halted and casually spoke, “Mo Shan can go now.”

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 905 - Mo Shan Can Go Now

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