WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 917 - Everything is fine?

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Chapter 917: 917、Everything is fine?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mo Shan’s pupils were hollow when she turned to take a final glance at the hospital. She giggled maniacally with a monstrous excitement growing in her.

“I hope you two would love the gift I prepare for you two by then.” She pulled the lever of her electric wheelchair and headed into the crowd on the next street.


Eric and the leaders of the other mafia groups were captured and given the capital punishment while Xiang Jinxi had committed suicide at the last moment. His biggest paparazzi, Qiu Jin, was sent to the military hospital and managed to survive. She, however, did not manage to escape from her crime as she would be escorted back to America to be given a trial.

“Obviously, it would either be capital punishment or an indefinite imprisonment for her. The military will handle it,” reported Huo Chen to Huo Yunting before leaving.

“Okay, thank you, brother.”

“No problem, brother.”

And Huo Yunting rushed to the hospital as he imagined his happy reunion with his family as the finale to the arc.

Lu Zhaoyang was with Xuxu when he spotted them at the entrance.

“Daddy!” Huo Xu waved his hand with a bright smile.

“I’m here to see my sister!”

“This little rascal wants to see his sister whenever he’s free. He has been demanding to see her for the past few days,” said Lu Zhaoyang.

Huo Yunting picked the boy up and put him over his shoulder, laughing, “Let’s go see her then.”


As they were waiting for the elevator, Huo Yunting initiated a conversation briefing them on the situation. It sounded like an epic tale to Lu Zhaoyang as she was terrified at points that she interrupted him and asked if they were okay. “I wouldn’t be here if we weren’t okay.”

“Oh, right…” She then quietly listened to the remaining part of the story.

“Xiang Jinxi killed himself.” The statement was bringing up sentiments for Lu Zhaoyang. She lowered her head for a moment, “He shouldn’t have done all these. He saw it coming.”

If he had listened to me during the ballroom dance back then, things would have been much different.

“He got it coming.” He held Huo Xu with one arm and wrapped Lu Zhaoyang’s waist with the other.

Seeing how his wife got plumper, he chuckled, “Well, if you have time to concern some unimportant characters, how about you concern your weight?” He sounded comedic as he added, “Almost broke my back lifting you, you know.”

“…” Lu Zhaoyang glared at him like an enraged serpent as she slapped his hand away and marched forward, leaving the man smiling.

“My boy, always remember to pick a gentler wife when you grow up.”

“Is someone like Yang Yang okay?”

“I didn’t know my son likes tigress.”

“Tigress? I don’t like it. They bite. I like Tigger though.”


ENOUGH YOU TWO! UGH! Like father, like son! I hope they could shut up for once!

What happened to that clever yet innocent, naughty yet adorable Xuxu I know?

Huo Yunting! You! You tainted my baby! Now he knows all the unnecessary!

Wait till we get Ran Ran back home. I’ll take care of her myself!

“Ma’am!” Greeted the two bodyguards.

“Is everything fine?”

“Everything is fine.”

“Alright,” She smiled sweetly, “Thank you for looking after her.”

The bodyguards shook their head with faint blushes on their face. It was not long when they worked with Huo Li so they were not the best a.s.sa.s.sins Huo Li could ever deploy but it was nothing to look after a baby.

Lu Zhaoyang sprinted to Huo Ran’s incubator and lifted the pinkish cover. She surveyed the sleeping face as her fleshy and cute little feet curling occasionally. As a mother, she could not help but beam at the scene.

WARNING! Tsundere President Chapter 917 - Everything is fine?

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